Sitemap - 2023 - Due Diligence and Art

Discussion with Willem Engel and an excellent Brownstone article by Debbie Lerman about non-investigational EUA Countermeasures

Florida Surgeon General Noticed Plasmid DNA "Contaminants" in mRNA Poison-19 Juice

Lived experience with AI

AG of Texas, Ken Paxton files a complaint against Pfizer's deceptive marketing

Call to action: please sign the petition and consider attending the protest

EUA Countermeasures are neither investigational nor experimental!

Model Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act: Tennessee HB726

Podcast Discussion with Bruce de Torres on TNT Radio

Animal vaccines Part 3

Our Lifestyle and Travel correspondent bravely visits San Francisco. So you don't have to...

Weaponization of Disease Agents

Icelandic Government Quietly (Very Quietly) Removes Covid Vaccines. For now.

Discussion with Mathew Crawford on Rounding the Earth Podcast

You can't inject your bioweapon and have it too!

Documentary "The Kill Shot" by Shannon Joy

Don't Rent (or Buy) an Electric Vehicle

FDA "Approval" for Covid-19 Vaccines Was Fake - based non-investigational use of a non-experimental unapproved substance (a poison)

Washington County, Idaho, Signed the Resolution to Advise AGAINST Genetic Covid-19 "Vaccines" on Child Schedule

Do C-19 Vax Manufacturers Violate cGxP?

Genetic Vaccines in Animals and Food Supply - Part 2

Process to Approach Lesser Magistrates

Washington County, Idaho, Resolution to Advise AGAINST Use of Genetic Biologic “Vaccine” Platform Technology On the Child Vaccine Schedule

Good News: Your Local CDC Commissars are Unhappy

Genetic Vaccines in Animals/Food Supply, Part 1 - Merck Sequivity

OMG, SV40! Can We Sue Pfizer NOW?

David Webb, The Great Taking

ACTION NEEDED: EPA Abandons Science, Regulatory Requirements for a Novel RNA-Based Class of Pesticides

Breaking: Pfizer is going under the bus...

Myocardial Injury Demonstrated in Asymptomatic Vaccinated Population

Slide Deck Used in the Presentations in Sweden and Iceland

Israeli government "found" lost Pfizer agreements!

Photo-report from Sweden and Iceland

Announcement: I will be speaking at the Weston Price Foundation Annual Conference

Putin endorses New World Order by pretend-hating on Klaus Schwab

The "Pandemic" Legal Cage

Livestream recording from the presentations in Swedish Parliament

Curious history of a Nobel laureate Katalin Kariko, alias Zsolt Lengyel

Link to Livestream from Iceland, Today, Oct 4 Starting at 6:30pm GMT (2:30pm Eastern US)

Discussing NYC Health Department "Misinformation" List with Christine Dolan

Transcript of My Interview for the Epoch Times

Announcement: I will be speaking at the Swedish Parliament Today. Live Stream Available.

Discussion with Henry Ealy on America Out Loud Radio, start at 18 min

My Friend Dr. Lindsay Talked to an FDA Official About Plasmid DNA and SV40 in Vax Vials

Comments from a reader about The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Lahaina Incident: In-Depth Discussion on Possible Weaponization of GIS

Why I Dismiss the "Internet of Bodies"...

Mat Taylor Provides Summary of Microscopy and EMF Findings from His Experimental Work

Quick FAQ About Upcoming Events in Scandinavia

Last minute opportunity!!! If you can come please do! 26 amazing speakers with 2 days of workshops

Update on CHD Lawsuit Challenging Government's License to Kill (PREP Act)

Journalissimus Maximus

Talking to Dr. Jane Ruby about Hospital Covid Murder Protocol and PREP Act

Knowing v Believing: Systematic Poisoning by Vaccination Must End.

Announcement - Symposium in Sweden (and on Livestream), September 30th

A Heads-Up, especially for New Yorkers

Highland Hospital, Rochester NY, Attempted to Kill My Family Member With Covid Protocol in August 2023

Memo Sent to Sen Johnson and His Staff in December 2022

Announcement for My Readers in Iceland

More on Peculiarities of Lahaina Fire

The Real Purpose of the SV40 Promoter in Covid Injections

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal's Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics

Was weaponized GIS used in Lahaina?

Chief of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense of the Russian Federation Lt General Igor Kirillov speaks about U.S. bioweapons activity

Discussion with Dr. Meryl Nass about the insanity of the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Recording from Rofim International Mega Event: Have You Stopped Trusting Yet?

On Mind Control, Part 2: Word-to-Vector

Announcement - Zoom Meeting Sunday, August 20, 2023 at 1pm Eastern Time.

Are you programmable? Mind Control-Part 1

If you want to help families affected by Lahaina, Maui fire directly...

Maui - Plans for A High Tech Prison Island?

Limitations of AI

Breaking News: Finally The Truth is Spoken in Congress...

Big Picture Interview by James Patrick

Book Review: "mRNA Vaccine Toxicity"

My Presentation and Q&A About Global Criminal Collusion of Pharma, Gov, Military Deploying Covid Weapons

Link to the Idaho Testimony Evidence Package

Idaho Southwest District Health Board Testimony

mRNA/Gene Therapy Technology: Futile, Deadly, but Hugely Profitable - Part 2

mRNA/Gene Therapy Technology: Futile, Deadly, but Hugely Profitable - Part 1

Population Control Policy

Persistent Damage to the Gut Microbiome After Covid-19 mRNA Injection

What I Find Odd About Stanford University President's Resignation

Prather Point Interview

Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons?

A new low for vax depravity in Russia

Thoughts on the BRICs Currency

If you believe that China does not use mRNA on its citizens...

More on the Issue of "Placebo" Batches

Interview with Dr. Greer on Health Care Channel

Looking at a Drop of Dental Anesthetic Drying Under Microscope

Was it 30% placebo?

On Censorship: to stop building our own cage we must first learn how it works

Another sign that tide of covert war is turning will be pharmacies that refuse to take delivery of DoD biochemical weapons and pharmacists who refuse to use them on targets.

US Biolabs in Georgia - An Investigative Documentary

BARDA Subverts Licensed Regulated Pharmacy Distribution for Covid Countermeasures and 70+ Other Products

Summary of Everything and Quick Links

Elon Musk, Can You Please Buy San Francisco?

Verified on a government watchlist, at last!

Invite your friends to read Due Diligence and Art

Declaration of Peter "Pretzel" Marks

Interview for the Epoch Times American Thought Leaders Program with Jan Jekielek

Willful Misconduct: Video Recording From CHD TV

Announcement: CHD Show Friday, June 16, 10am EST

Breaking: A Win In Washington County, Idaho

Moderna History Part 2 - The Lead Investors

When a philanthropist gifts you a toilet, run.

How to Kill Your Brother Completely Legally

$30 Trillion Questions

Family of 24-Year-Old Who Died From COVID Vaccine Sues the DOD

How to Fake the Atomic Bombs

Conversation With April Moss

Covid and Marburg Weapons Systems

Why are they doing it? Eugenics to Pandemics Documentary

We the People 50 Recall the Shots Initiative Testimony in Idaho, Washington County

Moderna History, Part 1: The Co-Founders

Is it Murder? Is it Premeditated?

After Talk with Dr. Ruby - Discussion about Vax Lot Variability Data and What it Means

Twitter is Launching "Twitter for Writers"

Re-reading an FD&C Act citation from Pfizer contract with a conspiracy in mind

Shannon Joy Show

“We the People 50, Recall the Shots” Initiative

Full Video of the Discussion with Steve Kirsch, VSRF, May 11, 2023

Texas Wants to Create a Gold and Silver-Backed Currency

Announcement - Thursday, May 11 VSRF call 7pm Eastern

Analysis of mRNA Injections Lot-to-Lot

Interesting data on the "Spanish Flu" is published by accident...

Friday Good News

Interview with Andrija Klaric, Slobodni podcast + recording of my presentation from Norway

Pax­ton Launch­es Inves­ti­ga­tion into Gain-of-Func­tion Research and Mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tions by Covid-19 Vac­cine Manufacturers

Announcement: Shannon Joy Show Today 5pm Eastern

Part 2 Moderna Contracts

Interview with Peter Imanuelsen (aka Peter Sweden)

Christine Lagarde must be reading my stack...

My Favorite Episode of Tucker Carlson

Katherine Watt and I discuss Brook Jackson v Ventavia Case Dismissal

FDA "un-authorized" the *emergency use* of the military prototype countermeasure monovalent shots.

Join me on Notes

Moderna contracts - Part 1

Updates on the Dollar Death Spiral

Danish lot-to-lot variability data published as a letter in European Journal of Clinical Investigations

Design of a Weapon: Targeting the Human Microbiome

More on Pfizer Lot # FL8095 Targeted at Children

Moderna Lot 041L20A

Brook Jackson's case dismissed by Judge Truncale.

The Ballistics Report Is In: Pfizer Lot# FL8095 Murdered 2 and Injured 1262 Children.

My Discussion With Taylor Hudak for The Last American Vagabond

On US Dollar and Debt

Kevin McKernan Reports on #Plasmidgate

Announcement: "Big Picture" Conference in Stavanger, Norway on April 15, 2023

Conversation with Dr. Sabine Hazan + my own thoughts on Ralph Baric, FDA and other pathogens

Video from Dr. Drew and Dr. Victory show

Announcement: Wednesday, March 22 at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific with Drs. Drew and Victory.

Breaking: Candid Camera Recording of Bill Gates and Tony Fauci Discussing Evil Plans

Regarding recently circulated "Pfizer evidence of graphene oxide" in the injections

FL Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo is Getting Closer to the Truth

Robert Kennedy Jr. Podcast: Militarized Healthcare

I talked to Vera Sharav today...

As predicted, CDC and FDA call Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Ladapo, a "misinformation spreader".

The Waiting-for-Pandemic Cult of Biodefense

Clarification of My Message on the Global Mass Murder Campaign

Part 2 of "Contracts for Crimes" - Pfizer's ATI-MCDC Technical Direction Letter

Discussion with Dr. Peter Breggin on his Brighteon TV show.

1922 Revision of the International Sanitary Convention of 1912

The Epoch Times Reporting on Brook Jackson's Case v Pfizer Under False Claims Act

TNT Radio - Bruce de Torres Show

Clinical Trials in the UK are Down by 44% Primarily Due to Lack of Participants

Asking Microsoft Bing AI about suing Pharma under False Claims Act vs Comments from a Reader

You cannot contract for a crime, but you CAN write a contract for it! Ask me how.

Deliberate Deployment of Bio-Chemical Agents Is Now OK to Call "Lab Leak" on Social Media

AUG 11, 2022: Robert Kennedy, Jr's Podcast where we discussed Moderna's fraudulent animal studies for Spikevax

Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova speak with Sean Morgan, American Media Periscope

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo Found VAERS Safety Signal. Now What?

TNT Radio - Discussion with Jesse Zurawell, February 14, 2023

Responding to Criticism Regarding My Statements on Pfizer's DOD Contract

Vials of Pfizer and Moderna are contaminated with large RNA fragments and antibiotic resistant genes for kanamycin and neomycin

"Pandemic Preparedness" - a Government Protection Racket

Judicial Watch: Records Show U.S. and UK ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ Tied to Vaccine Adverse Events

When "Mutated Lab Made Viruses" Are Used on Captive Monkeys...

Spam on Substack

Note for Legal Cases in Europe: on EU Provisions for Medical Countermeasures

Ways to Support My Work

Letters from the Underworld

My Talk from Lakaruppropet Conference, Stockholm, January 21, 2023

How the US Government Built a Shadow Structure that Enabled COVID Vax ‘Bioterrorism’

On the Question of Social Security as "Entitlement"

Quick note on the monetary issues...

Why Are They Doing It?

Do Governments Track the Injury and Kill Rates from Biowarfare Agents Deployed as mRNA/DNA "Vaccines"?

Broken Bioweapon

The Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable

Another Quick Post on "PfizerMutatingVirusGate"


D4CE Symposium 5, Session III: Getting Away From the Control Grid

Press Conference Announcement: Tue, January 24, 2023 2:30pm EST

Terminal Incompetence or Fraud?

Audio track from my discussion with Jeffrey Prather - a veteran and a former DEA agent.

Message to a Nice Swedish Man

Christine Dolan, Katherine Watt, Sasha Latypova on CD Media

"After Talk" with Dr. Jane Ruby - continued from previous interview

I was interviewed by Kim Iversen (at 44 min).

Conversation with Dr. Jane Ruby

Pfizer Under Microscope - Dr. David Nixon

Announcement for Swedish/European Readers

Reviewing the DOD Contracts for Covid "Countermeasures"

Fake Western Blots Submitted by Pfizer to Several Regulatory Agencies.

Dying Fast and Slow - Part 2

Dying Fast and Slow - Part 1

I was interviewed by Clayton Morris, Redacted

It Doesn't Add Up!

Recording from TNT Radio Live Show Wednesday January 4, 1-2pm New York Time

Maria Gutschi, PharmD, on Lack of Manufacturing Quality of mRNA Injections

Did Pfizer Perform Safety Testing for its Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine in Preclinical Studies?