Lois Bayliss tells her story

A lawyer from the UK, who worked tirelessly on cases to defend children and vulnerable people from forced vaccinations, many of them pro-bono is being prosecuted by the government.

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Link to Lois’s Go Fund Me campaign.

I don’t do this very often, but I am going to ask you to consider helping Lois. I have met hundreds of people though our collective experience fighting the mass murder machine. Many are good at what they do. Many are impressive in generating big publicity (yes, it can be useful). Some are media stars. Some are good people focused on doing the right thing, all the time. Lois is in that category of quiet doers who do not seek glory for themselves. She is one of the people who indeed will make “our” side win at the end. Without people like her we are all doomed, and you know that I don’t subscribe to doom narratives. That’s because I met Lois and I met many people like her and that’s how I know that evil has no chance.

Lois Bayliss is a solicitor, practicing in England, with a 17-year unblemished record as a medical negligence lawyer. I met her almost exactly 2 years ago in late 2021 through a colleague, and helped as much as I could pulling together early data evidence on deaths and injuries from mRNA injections and lot-to-lot variability. I assisted her and another attorney as part of the group of professionals who reported various crimes relating to the Covid 19 control measures to the Metropolitan Police on 20th December 2021. The Met police pretended to investigate for two months, and then stated that there was no investigation. This was a loud and clear answer from the criminal cartel masquerading as the British government that it was not going to prosecute itself for crimes.

I was struck by Lois’s dedication and professionalism, and her work ethics. We all worked long hours over that Christmas period. Lois was working on numerous cases, helping people who nobody wanted to help or hear from, who were ignored, coerced, forced and left helpless in the face of the massive government machinery intent on killing, injuring and enslaving them. Lois was and remains one of the few lawyers who took the cases that were shunned by everyone else.

She has been acting pro bono in relation to challenging the Covid 19 narrative. In some cases, this has included Lois herself paying barristers fees for those she was representing, because they could not afford to pay. She is now facing regulatory action due to having issued letters in early 2022, warning of the risks to health from the various measures put in place by the UK Government.

She spoke for the helpless and gave countless hours of her time and skills to help defend them. She succeeded in a few cases. She was effective. The government noticed and is waging a lawfare against her, designed to drive her out of business and take away her professional license.

The letters issued in February 2022, are the reason for which the SRA are now taking regulatory action against Lois and she is threatened with a fine and estimated costs of £90,750 and that is even if she defends herself against the allegations of professional misconduct. These costs must be paid even if Lois successfully defends herself against the allegations which have been levelled at her by the SRA. Staggeringly, there are only very limited instances where a solicitor who has successfully defended themselves has not been ordered to pay the costs incurred by the SRA in bringing their case.

PS. The article about FCO 30/1048 documents we briefly discussed. REVEALED: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision

… in line after line, the faceless Whitehall mandarins behind the astonishing briefing paper FCO 30/1048 actively welcome Britain’s decline and Europe’s predominance. 

The briefing paper acknowledges that Britain would in time become little more than a puppet state of Brussels, after ceding judicial and executive powers to the fledgling EU – then called the EEC.

But, instead of sounding alarm bells, the authors of the paper warn ministers to hide the truth from the British public.

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