Pfizer Under Microscope - Dr. David Nixon

Ask your doctor WTF they injected into you.


This is an interview I recorded with David Nixon, a physician from Australia who has done incredible work evaluating Pfizer (and some Moderna) vials under a standard optical microscope. While this is not a technique that would characterize these substances fully, or tell us anything about chemical composition, nonetheless, the findings are very significant. The substance is a gel that contains a lot of large unexplained objects. They are very large and not “nano” anything. There are some very characteristic structures. NO, that’s not “cholesterol and salt”. Assembly and dis-assembly is visible when video over multiple hours is sped up. They interact with wifi (is that “smart cholesterol” maybe?) Characteristic “cables” form. They are a frequent feature in the blood of vaccinated people - this is found by many physicians who perform analysis of patients’ blood under the microscope.

More fascinating microscopy can be found on David’s website.

I will skip art for today - David’s images are art in itself, I advise him to make posters and publish a coffee table book of his images.