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Discussion with Willem Engel and an excellent Brownstone article by Debbie Lerman about non-investigational EUA Countermeasures

Included slide deck download for paid subscribers.

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I want to draw your attention to this article published on Brownstone 2 days ago, as it has a lot of information related to this video. Katherine Watt and I provided some input for Debbie Lerman who did extensive research, fact checking and analysis. This is part 1 of her series, which I highly recommend to read and share. I am looking forward to future releases.

In the video discussion with Willem I provide a detailed explanation on how the US Government created a pseudo-legal regulatory pathway to deploy illicit drugs on the market, that have no consumer safety protections, nor lawful mechanism of recall, and for which no pharmaceutical regulations of safety, efficacy or Good Manufacturing Practices, or correct labeling apply - EUA Countermeasures under Public Health Emergency.

The slide deck for download below.

Download slide deck used in this video.