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Looking at a Drop of Dental Anesthetic Drying Under Microscope

Microscopy observations with David Nixon and Shimon Yanowitz

David Nixon is an MD from Australia who has conducted numerous microscopy observations and experiments with covid jab substances. His website has a large collection of videos and explanations of his findings here.

David also has a Substack page where you can find more information about his research and experiments:

Nanotechnology in Dental Anaesthetics Part 2
Thank you for the responses to my last post. Please note that I am using a darkfield microscope at either 25x, 100x or 200x magnification. For those of you interested in the detail of this process please check out the 2 hour conversation that I had with Mat Taylor and Shimon Yanowitz that I had last week and have posted on my website…
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Shimon Yanowitz, a researcher from Isr…

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