Looking at a Drop of Dental Anesthetic Drying Under Microscope

Microscopy observations with David Nixon and Shimon Yanowitz

Jul 8, 2023
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David Nixon is an MD from Australia who has conducted numerous microscopy observations and experiments with covid jab substances. His website has a large collection of videos and explanations of his findings here.

David also has a Substack page where you can find more information about his research and experiments:

Nanotechnology in Dental Anaesthetics Part 2
Thank you for the responses to my last post. Please note that I am using a darkfield microscope at either 25x, 100x or 200x magnification. For those of you interested in the detail of this process please check out the 2 hour conversation that I had with Mat Taylor and Shimon Yanowitz that I had last week and have posted on my website…
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Shimon Yanowitz, a researcher from Isr…

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