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Livestream recording from the presentations in Swedish Parliament

This meeting is now an official record in Sweden as a meeting in a Parliament building organized by an elected official (Elsa Widding, MP)

Link to video on Rumble

Link to video on Bitchute

This is the raw footage of the video live stream from the meeting. I am told that better quality production will be available in a few weeks.

Approximate time stamps:

  • 0-23 min, Elsa Widding, MP (Sweden) - Introduction

  • 23 min-1:21:30, Michael Palmer, MD, PhD - Mechanisms of toxicity of mRNA vaccines

  • 1:21:40- 2:11:35, Sasha Latypova - Weaponization of health for global population control and enslavement

  • break

  • 2:32:00 - 3:35:00, Pierre Kory, MD - War on ivermectin

  • 2:35:00 - 4:24:00, Phillip Kruse - WHO International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty

  • 4:26:30 - 4:42:27, Renate Holseizen, WHO and European Commission

  • 4:42:27- end, Andrew Bridgen, MP, UK - “pandemic” experience in the UK and evidence of subversion and capture of the democratic institutions to serve the WHO/globalist agenda.

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Photos from the October 1 demonstration against WHO in downtown Stockholm

Due Diligence and Art
Sasha Latypova