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Conversation with Dr. Sabine Hazan + my own thoughts on Ralph Baric, FDA and other pathogens

Big picture on "covid" - the microbiome hypothesis

Trigger warnings:

  • Welcome to Gastroenterology! We talk shit!

  • We use the word “virus” (gasp!) - listen to what we mean by that, and read the post below before writing angry comments, which I will ignore anyway.

Learn more about Dr. Hazan, her work, publications and ongoing clinical trials on her web page at ProgenaBiome.

Dr. Hazan is a practicing gastroenterologist and a clinical researcher. Originally from Morocco, she studied medicine and worked in the US and Canada, and has an impressive list of accomplishments and “firsts” in her field. She is one of the leading researchers in microbiome, it’s role in illnesses, including many debilitating chronic conditions, but most importantly - it’s role in health.

Since human microbiome is heavily represented in the digestive tract and elimination processes, a lot of it is found in an unglamorous place - feces, which is subject of many gastroenterology jokes. Dr. Hazan observed how dramatically the microbiome can impact human health by working with patients in her practice and in clinical trials. She observed that gut microbiome was critical in numerous serious chronic conditions which are fractured by the modern medicine into different specialties but in fact, may all have a common underlying problem - unbalanced, injured and suffering microbiome. Patients with Crohn’s, psoriasis, Alzheimer’s, autism, and even cancer improve following improvements in their microbiome.

Note: nothing in our discussion with Dr. Hazan should be construed as medical advice. The post below represents my own thinking about these questions, which are in part informed by Dr. Hazan’s outstanding research.

My Own Evolving Thoughts on Microbiome and Viruses.

I am on the road this week, I drove long distance through jaw droppingly beautiful landscapes. Had a flat tire. Got it fixed. Stopped for pictures, and had time to think. God speaks through nature. His words are all living things, including you and me.

Were you wondering why some people did not get “covid” when taking care of sick family members, or being exposed at work? Same question applies to flu or any other so-called “infectious” disease which never affect any large percentage of the population and always self extinguish. WHY do ivermectin and vitamin protocols work for “covid”? Are microbes dangerous invisible boogeypersons? Do they or don’t they exists at all? Is there a third option? Can viruses be modified in labs and made into biological weapons? When they “leak” from a lab, why do they cross the road and go to the wet market?

Learning about Dr. Hazan’s work was an eye opening experience for me: once you start thinking in terms of microbiome, the virus-no-virus debate turns into a false binary, as it should. That’s because, as typical of these angry debates, they are not based on asking the right questions. Health as absence of illness, and presence of vitality, stability and longevity can be attributed to a vibrant, resilient microbiome which is to your body as good soil is to a well tended garden. It always starts with healthy soil, the terrain!

Microbes are essential for healthy ecosystem functioning and known for beneficial interactions with other microbes and organisms. Human body is an ecosystem too, where numerous microbes live, interact and work together. In fact, there are more microbial cells in the human body than human cells, although by weight they represent only about 1-3% of the human body. The concept that microorganisms exist as single cells began to change as it became increasingly obvious that microbes do not run around as single stalking predators, but occur in communities within complex systems in which species interactions and communication are critical.

Studying the bacteria of the gut by techniques such as DNA sequencing allows to identify the bacteria and find the differences in healthy and diseased states, and also find which nutrients, medicines, or lifestyle interventions can restore the microbiome and make it balanced again.

Here is my own answer based on the conversation with Dr. Hazan and my own reading of literature, both old (~100 years) and more recent. Viruses exist as genetic “signals”, transferring packets of information within our bodies, between them and across our ecosystems. Contrary to propaganda pushed by Netflix and its subsidiary, the CDC, neither bacteria nor viruses can cause “global pandemics”.

Microbiome is part of our bodies’ terrain. Humans cannot function without microbes, nor without viruses. Bacteria and viruses do exist, but they are not scary nor pathogenic in and of themselves, in fact they are vital and necessary for our health. Viruses can be thought of as a communication and messaging protocol/language of microorganisms (and cells in multicellular organisms). Thus, they do not cause an “infection”, but may be involved in cellular miscommunication that accompanies a disease (synonymous to imbalance) state.

Development of sequencing technologies, PCR, and cloning techniques enabled the investigation of microbial communities and their signaling mechanisms. Unfortunately this area of scientific research has been hijacked to the point of destruction and weaponization by the government-corporate mafia cartels in places like NIH and FDA which promote the pathogenic view of viruses and bacteria as disease agents, and prevent any investigation into the true, collaborative, communicative and vitally important role they paly in human health. The FDA is interfering and trying to damage Dr. Hazan’s research. Hm, maybe that’s because the establishment are interested in disease, and NOT interested in health?

Can viruses be modified and turned into a weapon? If you start thinking about it using the communication paradigm, it maybe easier to understand. Psycho-science-paths like Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill can synthetically make false or misleading messages from DNA and RNA by combining and recombining bits and pieces. They can make them in large quantities. They can even make scary messages by adding scary bits! I can tell you stories about vampires - are they going to affect or damage you? That depends.

These artificially made DNA/RNA messages do not “leak” from labs and spread around by themselves because, for one, they do not originate from living bodies, and need to be pushed externally (most effective is when the victims line up for injections of course!) This garbled genetic spam mail can be deployed in the environment and be detected by the PCR techniques. Continuing with my analogy, PCR cannot understand what message you got (make a diagnosis), it can simply detect that there is a message with certain letters in it. That’s how the evildoers created the hoax pandemic: by simply pushing quantities of genetic spam mail and then running the letter detectors in overdrive to detect particular signatures. Simple concept, really.

Another problem Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci have with pushing genetic spam is overcoming numerous God-given natural defenses of our bodies. The most important defense being healthy, diverse and balanced microbiome, that can filter and eliminate viral junk mail in no time. As Dr. Hazan discovered, people with sufficiently high levels of bifidobacteria were not susceptible to the “covid” messages thrown at them. However, those with low or zero levels, i.e. already unbalanced microbiome were open to the viral messages that at certain level of exposure could trigger the illness symptoms. Ivermectin (made from bacteria similar to bifidobacteria) works well because it likely helps restoring the microbiome quickly. Same goes for vitamin C and other supplements. This also explains why seasonal flu symptoms exist: in the winter our vitamin levels are low and bifidobacteria and other microbiome imbalances may be more prevalent.

Now, I wonder how masking, lockdowns, fear, stress and isolation affect healthy bifidobacteria and microbiome in general? Any guesses as to why our abusers in government wanted our defenses lowered when spamming us with with cellular garbage talk that they funded, manufactured and deployed in this war?

Art for today: Pomegranates from My Garden, oil on panel, 6x12 in

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