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My interview with James Delingpole

Delingpod Podcast

Link to video on Rumble

This is a substantial discussion covering many topics. James is an excellent interviewer, and has many interesting guests. Please check out his podcast by visiting his website:

James can be also found on Substack

We discussed materials familiar to my regular subscribers:

  • My background and the history of batch variability analysis

  • Motivations behind the covid crime and intentionality

  • All vaccines are poisons, including the so-called traditional ones, and you can recognize vaccine injured in every family that you know

  • What happens when people “wake up”?

  • What happens when an empire collapses? (my experience with the Soviet Union collapse).

  • Do pandemics exist? I provided explanations about several popular notions of historical “pandemics”. They were not pandemics.

  • At ~56 min I provide the explanation that nucleic acid sequences exist and are detectable, but virology is a fake science as it does not follow a scientific method.

  • We discussed covid murder protocols in hospitals, and that the cause of death from “covid” is murder, which is different from some people being ill from likely poisoning with synthetic toxins.

  • At 1 h13m I explain that it is not possible to make viruses in the lab, and that pandemics or epidemics cannot be started by “CBRN viruses leaking from labs” (I will publish more detailed review of Baric’s work in the next few weeks).

  • Chemtrailing - yes this is out of control. I since then visited the UK and the Netherlands, the skies in both places were constantly gridded, milky white haze hung solidly throughout my 2 week trip. This is a photo I took on landing in London, and you can see the gridding going on in the distance, and larger spray lines closer up:

We discussed other topics and even got into the Ancient Greek history for a bit.

Art for today: watercolor sketch from London parks.