Jan 21 • 54M

Audio track from my discussion with Jeffrey Prather - a veteran and a former DEA agent.

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Uncovering Fraud in Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing
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Jeffrey Prather is a retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA intelligence collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent. We talk more about bio-chemical-radiological weapons and implications for the victims of the covid-19 injections, which I do not believe is as grim as the theoretical models predict. The important thing is to recognize the danger and stop taking these poisons.

The JASON group that identified the gene products as a bioweapon.

the NIH textbook on bioweapons covers RNA as a bioweapon here (scroll down the page).

More analysis and sources covered in this article:

Due Diligence and Art
mRNA Injections as a Dual-Use Technology – Assessment of Threat of Misuse as Biological and Chemical Weapons.
In politics, diplomacy, and export control, "dual-use" refers to technology that can be used for both peaceful and military aims. mRNA technology, including embodiments as injectable drugs or vaccine products, has been long identified as a dual-use technology. See references…
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