Sasha.....did you see that now RFK Jr. is on the same page with you and Katherine? https://www.newswars.com/covid-vaccine-a-pentagon-project-says-robert-f-kennedy-jr/

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Hi Sasha,

Excellent interview.

At the very end of the program Jesse speaks to the point that there was no unique viral or biological event whatsoever in Spring 2020 (Rancourt also speaks to this).

You mention that "the repertoire is much wider than virus" which I believe to be true and then go on to say that you believe that they have done is (probably) is applied some sort of toxins probably chemicals in certain areas.

I don't believe this to be the case- beyond the regular mass poisoning that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Do you have any evidence to support this? I have not seen evidence of this anywhere.

You say "select agents were applied in select areas that generated a unique set of symptoms."

The only evidence you cite in that interview is illness and loss of taste and smell which is not unique at all- loss of taste and smell (interconnected) is a symptom for many common illnesses.

The spike in deaths that you speak to geographically and time wise (rapidly up and down) is a direct artifact of the "health protocols" primarily those that took place in the hospitals (but also the impacts of lockdowns) that killed substantial numbers of already fragile and mainly insitutionalized people.

Everybody early in 2020 died all at the same time regardless of region. Only Neglect doesn’t do this, only fear doesn’t do this, only pathogens don’t do this.

What will do this is a nationally coordinated campaign.

Those dying were vulnerable people put at increased risk by curtailed healthcare, social isolation and stress. People were killed en masse via hospital protocols and other measures. There were many tools and techniques used and they were enacted administratively and knowingly.

Unprecedented new health protocols, like intubation accompanied by heavy sedatives and respiratory inhibitors and harsh anti-virals, were rolled out, inappropriate use of DNR orders, starvation and dehydration, deprivation of necessary procedures etc.

The protocols coincide exactly with localized hotspots of excess mortality throughout the world.

These mortality hotspots were centered around healthcare institutions, and included mostly vulnerable, institutionalized people, who were at the frontline of the rollout of virus fear and pandemic protocol.

In fact, the ONLY provable thing to spread around the globe in a month was WHO pandemic protocol and media-driven fear.

There is no need for a purportedly new virus or chemical agent or biological attack any of the other to explain why people were dying in the way they were dying in Spring 2020 in N Italy, NYC, London, Brussels, Madrid, etc. All places were in lockstep with the same protocols.

Any excess deaths in Spring 2020 were from induced mass hysteria, lockdown impacts and mainly medical murder of the already fragile.

Commend you for saying that pandemics don't exist.

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Sasha, you mentioned near the end of the interview that you do not think “SARS-Cov-2” was responsible for the illness and death. Instead, localized toxin releases. I would love to hear more about this.

Also, do you have thoughts on 5G radio frequency mm technology contributing as an attack vector?

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Feb 20Liked by Sasha Latypova

Thanks very much for your insight, Sasha. I believe you are absolutely correct about the spread of toxins/chemicals in select areas. I was quite ill with Covid in Fall 2020. The hypoxia was main symptom that made me think it was some sort of poisoning. Other members of my family, who don’t live near me or in polluted areas, were also very ill (with positive Covid tests) prior to vax rollout.

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Based on Dr David Martin’s patent data our governments and the moneyed elite were investing in the new pharm technology several years prior to our non-pandemic. I suspect similar investments for similar attacks on humanity are on-going. Why stop when the method is working? If they can manage WHO supremacy; global CBDC; and the attendant surveillance passports then there will actually be plenty of demand for the products. It’s just that those products will be forced on people vs an ability to walk away.

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Feb 21Liked by Sasha Latypova

Thanks Sasha for your courage and wonderful insights. I had a 6th sense saying don't do the jab.

The guilty must be bought to justice!!

Kevin in Australia

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Feb 21Liked by Sasha Latypova

Thank you for acknowledging the lack of a 'virus' and where the virus narrative has taken us. Insanity. This is a brilliant, well articulated discussion. I've sent it out to 100 people today!

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Biden just signed us up for the WHO's total control over pandemic declaration and methods of dealing with it so we could have a one world response just like the Davos group is hoping for. All they have to do now is declare an emergency including climate hysteria, & they get to dictate whatever measures they like according to the WHO including lock downs, mandated vaccines, get on a ventilator, take Remdesivir, etc. That should take care of the lack of popularity of the vaccines or anything else. Totalitarianism has just been approved by the Biden administration in a very crafty way to bypass the courts and Senate which are suppose to be our checks on power plays. Silly you thinking that you better watch out for those evil Conservatives-they want to tell you what to do. My sarcasm is due to my severe depression over what the leftists are doing to us while calling us all of the horrible names they can think of and successfully brainwashing anyone listening to the MSM. And yes vaccines will become mandatory like it or not by authority of the WHO. Pharma knows and supports this wonderful business model. Modeled after the CCP methods of governing. Tedros (President of the WHO) is a big fan of the CCP.

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JZ alas spoke too much! Interestingly, here in France, the most damaging virus health-wise was Marseille 4 whose origin was traced to heavily-populated mink farms both in France and Denmark causing millions of these creatures to be culled! The famous Didier Raoult often spoke about this. Also in september 2019, Wuhan experienced one of its worst flu epidemics according to a chinese guide who showed an australian couple around the city. The woman fell sick with breathing problems during their stay and they managed to find a flight back to Australia in order for her to be quickly taken care of. Most folks here have moved on and try to forget the INSANE C-19 lockdowns and confinements, masks, testing, the persecution of the minority of EVIL unvaxxed and things uncomfortably pushed up folks noses:(( The unnecessary confinements distanced huge numbers of old and fragile people from their doctors and appropriate medical treatments. This lack of care and treatment caused many hospitals to be overrun with this category of people, many of whom perished!! Of course, the medias pounced on these deaths and stupidly attributed them ONLY to the terrible Wuhan coronavirus. During this period of PANIC, Agnès Buzin, France's health Minister banned Hydroxychloroquin and Azytromycine which would've rendered null and void the much-vaunted jab cures! Through constant fear and propaganda, the government pushed the NON-CONFORM 'safe' inoculations in France's many vaccinodromes managed by McKinsey. Apparently in 54 other nations too!! All the national Yellow Jacket protests and demonstrations were halted and the government breathed a huge sigh of relief. C-19 statistics were deliberately manipulated to maintain government control and restrictions and the medias constantly pumped their FEARPORN, without which the C-19 story would've died a quick death. Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt are almost completely unheard of in Europe because if it's not talked about by the government and privately financed media empire, it simply doesn't exist. On twitter, I've spread the news of these courageous 2 women to the principal Movers and Shakers only to be greeted by a Deafening Silence. Ignorance REIGNS in oh so many nations and France is no exception. Personally speaking, I feel that those behind this global scandal will NOT be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed. The dice are loaded and the predators will get away with devouring their frightened and brainwashed prey! On TV, we only hear about Ukraine and the contested retirement at 64 reform. C-19 is simply water under the bridge until the next 'crisis' will be thrust upon the Great Unwashed:(( Nothing new under the midnight sun!

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The fact that so many mRNA treatments are already in the pipeline is a testament to this experiment. That 5% batch that killed and maimed people was crucial data necessary to further this technology. “They” saved 10-15 years of trials and billions of dollars by forcing this experiment, not to kill people on purpose, but to refine the tech to make more money and refine the treatments the elite expect so they can live healthily into the 150’s

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Good interviewer and good interview. Every time you do one, you say more.

I got a bit flipped over the "11th of May! "mention...that Biden claims he'll sign something, Sure, whatever. But given the COG behind all this, showing their hand again in the balloon stupendous stupidity, I cannot help but refer to the movie...the book of which I read as a teen...that John Kennedy did a lot to make sure was filmed ...."Seven Days in May".

I've not seen that movie. Think I will tho.

Thanks again to Sasha and Jesse.

Here's a quote from George Orwell:

"All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force. "

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And joining that with the One Health Certificate they are pushing worldwide, we do not seem to stand a chance. Going to the Dr. for annual check up tomorrow...if they ask me about Jab status?

What do you say?

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"What are they investing in?..." Probably Blackrock. Certainly not US.

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Depends on who is demanding the product. We have lots of enemies and haters And lots of government officials and experts. Take the koolaid folks. No do not take. Agape

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Now Canada and large food markets in U.S. are bringing up apps you have to use to buy food. Albertsons is one. Connected to your health and v. status. Not sure about this story but the creep keeps creeping.

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