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Sasha, you are an absolute "WARRIOR" for good... You are an amazing women... Stronger and more braver then any so called men, who are no longer men but Jelly, and that is giving Jelly a bad name... These people will never ever be able to look anybody in the eye for the rest of their Miserable lives.. Its just so hard to believe that all the people in this pipeline, not one had the BRAVERY, knowing they were deploying our DOD against the very Americans who honored them and always " Thanked them For their Service".. When they look in the mirror, they have found the ENEMY, no need to go to any foreign soil.. You all have sold your souls, for less then a penny.. Your reward and punishment will come one day soon, and you will know then, that is was not worth it.. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I cannot believe my friends died for these lousy cowards to do this to all Americans and the world... No more fighting in any wars for these no good cowards and murderers... They can fight their own wars from now on, like they fought against the American people.. A trillion dollar defense budget from our taxes to kill us and the world.. No more tax money for any of them..

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How will the rest of the world view us when they find out it is a DoD operation?

The US already bombed the shit out of the Middle East for at least the last 20+ years.

The US has overthrown democratically elected governments around the world for at least the last 75+ years.

We are no longer the good guys.

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right! Just because the Nazi German government needed a lot of poison gas does not absolve Bayer of its responsibility for manufacturing that gas that killed millions. At least to me and to you it doesn't. But Bayer is still out there, still raking in the bucks doing what pharma companies do, right? So obviously Bayer survived. I believe the CEO was charged and convicted, but served only a few years in prison, then released for "good behavior". Murder millions of people, but let out of prison for "good behavior" :-\

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Dear Sasha, Malicious intent is Screaming from the mountain tops, these planned countermeasure Bioweapons are killing people in broad daylight as the Majority are sleep walking. Thank you wonderful woman for cutting to the chase by saying the truth without compromise.

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I'm horrified by Karen Kingston's behavior and her accusations. She was at it again today on TRUTHSocial. I stood up for you in my newsletter today:


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Sasha, you are a BEAST! But be careful, and I mean that seriously. You're on the forefront (on the good side) of something that levels with James Bond Villainy!

You know what's up, more so than me. I just know what I have to do as a matter of cGMP requirements. And I know that they didn't follow those requirements. So, anything that they claim after that is fraud -- in the literal sense.

Let me tell you what I did.

How me and my family avoided the jab.

I'm 43 years old. Everyone in my household had COVID-19. It was like a mild cold. A little achy a low grade fever for a few days, then we lost taste and smell for a few days. The strangest thing was the loss of taste came after we all had no other symptoms. Then a few days later, taste and smell were back and we were fine.

I don't buy any of the fatality numbers, because my experience was like nothing they are describing. Of course you could say, "You're only one person." That's fair enough, but my two boys and my wife had it as well, we all had it around the same time and we all had the same symptoms.

My experience with COVID-19 was such that I can't see anyone requiring hospitalization. that is unless there was something already badly wrong with you, and you weren't aware of it. If it wasn't for the COVID-19 scare, I would have taken Tylenol and showed up for work as usual. I've been much more sick in the past from, I don't know what. There's absolutely NO WAY that I would consider even a normal vaccine for something so mild. Remember the Vicks 44-D commercials, just take this and get over it!?

My wife worked at a local hospital, and had worked for that hospital system for 15 years. When the vaccine mandates came down. They were allowed to "request" a religious exemption, with a vaccine deadline of November 2021.

I immediately went to work, to slim down our budget so, that my wife would no longer have to work. I tried to get a home refi, to pay off all our debt, but I couldn't because of one late payment within a 12 month period. We owed $96k on our house, and in 2021 it was valued at $285k. There was zero liability for the bank, but because of FHA rules, we were unable to do a refi.

I watched my 401k lose $2k overnight. After that I made a decision. If things keep going the way they are, I'm NEVER going to retire anyway. So, I rolled my 401k into a rollover IRA and drew it all out. I used the money to pay off our house, pay off my wife's school loans, our car, and whatever debt we had left.

This made it so that my wife no longer had to work. A few days after we paid off our debts the hospital came back and said that my wife's religious exemption was accepted. But it didn't matter, my wife retired early! Also, I had read the information on Wikipedia about the failures of mRNA tech on animals. When I went to show my wife the whole thing had changed! Also, on the WayBackMachine for Wikipedia, all of the information for mRNA vaccines was gone -- everything before 2020 was gone. I read about on Wikipedia it in 2017 because of something unrelated.

We took a VERY large tax hit for 2021 and had to do a cash out refi to cover it, but still we are in a much better position than we were having not withdrawn my 401k. The way I see it, we own our house now, and the house is a much better investment than the stock market right now. And, as long as we pay for our local property tax, and insurance, we'll be OK. I can still keep things afloat even if I were to lose my current job.

I have the upmost sincere respect for you. Your kids might not know it now, but you're a hero! There is nearly nobody in a position of authority within the pharma community willing to call a spade a spade and you are. Be careful, and I mean that with the utmost seriousness. These people will stop at nothing. They've passed the point of no return.

I never thought in my lifetime that I would be seeing anything even close to this!

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Thank you for the clarification Sasha! I put a link to this post in Karen Kingston's Substack comments - do you think a discussion between you, Katherine Watt and Karen Kingston would benefit the fight against these criminals? Peace.

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When I was a boy I was proud of America.

I pledged allegiance to the flag. Sang From sea to shining sea.

I watched adults go into shock on JFKs assassination.

I watched Vietnam play on our black and white tv.

I watched men I worked with haunted by Vietnam

I was conflicted and still am.

This is my Country

I am a Patriot

To God Love land and sea

My ancestors bone lie here

This is all I know

My friends my family

My blood kin heart soul

I am literally heartbroken by the undertow

Of how parts of America could become so

We are supposed to be the lights on the hill

We are truth seekers we seek ask soon know

That America is many things

It is and always will

I too am a Patriot to galaxy sings

Make us angels

Make us wings

We are better than what evil has become infiltrating every conceivable position of power

I am a Patriot

This is our country our home our children

Our bread our rivers our dna our bone

I grieve the unnecessary losses

I grieve what has come undone

I am renewed by warriors who carry crosses

With concern for the Truth


Patriots to goodness to freedom to free will

This is my country

I’ll die on this hill

To be forever free

We have all lost our child hood dreams of what america was and can still be

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I greatly appreciate your and Katherine's work on these critical matters. I also appreciate the exceptionally restrained way you have responded to criticism.

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Thank you for your work and respect and admiration for your courage. It is like an irony of life that you were born in Ukraine.

I like very much your paintings. Hopefully- after this madness is gone we can return to discuss about the meaning of art. I suppose the painting with the herd is not posted by chance at this time. It is quite meaningful the term that is used : herd immunity. Intelligence and courage create true human communities, and trust in God brings spiritual immunity, most powerful and inclusive of all others.

Warmest regards from Bucharest, Romania.

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Hunter Biden is connected via Metabiota, which has been milking DOD contracts since 2010.

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First off it’s thrilling to read your narrative as I’ve heard you interviewed, and I understand the world that you are describing to us is a cruel, crazy and dangerous world and, like another reader, I implore you to please safeguard yourself first. You must know the consequences are life or death (Julian Assange or Edward Snowden).

I find I’m quite fond of your art. placing it as a focal point at the end of your writing is also wonderful as a reader! Thank you for that! 😌

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Sasha, et al, what I find interesting is the first slide from Operation Warp Speed was configured in a reverse linear layout. Normal anglo western convention is for a linear sequence to go from left to right or top to bottom in terms of an authority hierarchical chain, but this layout is exactly the opposite. This makes me wonder what the intent of this inverse order is?

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What a nightmare, living a life as a proud American and finding out all of this ... I’m embarrassed and hurt 😢 and whatever else one can add.

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Gates, Schwab, Hararri and many more will be in Davos in a few days to discuss their diabolical agenda of Glow bulization'' and How to deal with an angry people. (I'm sure they will be going over there in electric cars, or by bicycles, canoes and rowboats as they want to set a good example for Climate Change and going green and setting good carbon footprints!

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