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Sasha, you are causing me to run out of superlatives. A medical freedom Nobel prize might be appropriate. You are putting into words that can be clearly understood, the genocidal strategies and tactics of the death cult called Big Pharma, and the criminal cartel called government. This is vital and completely necessary in order to destroy these monsters.

You are lifting the veil off the devils disguise, and what is revealed is a monster with no purpose other than death, destruction, and insatiable power. Sending my deepest wishes for your continued robust health and divinely inspired work.

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I love your cogent uncovering of this conversation. Thanks for your great work. You and Katherine are the stars of Galadriel

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Thank you for sharing this. I hope the whole truth will come out someday, about these injections! And by the way.. beautiful painting at the end 💜🙏

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Love the Day’s art!

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The graphene argument is idiotic. Graphene is widely used as a lubricant for low temperature things.

So is the spike protein argument. EM imaging is like using tarot cards to tell what is in an unopened box. Actually, it's worse. It damages cells in the staining process.

The elephant in the room, the proven toxin is the lipid NANOPARTICLES.

In past vaccines, the toxins were formaldehyde, squalene, aluminum, mercury and related goodies.

Vaccines are just a sham to inject people with toxins.

I've not seen one honest study that they work at all.

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Thank you Sasha. Glad we're on the same side in this war!

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some really sad points - why does defense have to collect and distribute vaccines? why is defense called when a train wreck happens? what has defense to do with all this - probably it is their virus, their jab and their mess. Anything involving defense stinks ! Think about the 2 German scientists who died in weird circumstances, who came out with the Graphene story.

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"We have reviewed your request and have determined that Human Coronavirus mRNA vacines ... (blah, blah, blah)... for active immunization to *prevent* Covid19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 in adults 18 years and older meet the criteria for fast track designation. Please note that if the *drug development program* does not continue to meet the criteria for the fast track designation, we may rescind the designation."

Reading this one would think that the fast track designation should be recinded because the "vaccines" do not prevent the disease Covid19 and the CDC has openly admitted that the vaccines do not prevent infection nor transmission.

But, looking closer, it refers to "the program" not meeting the criteria, not the resulting vaccines from the program. So as long as "the program" SAYS that is it's purpose, they can continue.

(I credit Jeff Childers (substack Coffe and Covid) with my new ability to spot the incongruity in some of these statements. )

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This is on a different topic but very critical. New York State Attorney General has filed an appeal to reinstate Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation. AND this same Attorney General is promoting and taking part in a huge danger to our children - a Drag Queen story to cause gender confusion in kids! We’re making a protest on Sunday morning and need people to come and stand up to her horrors. Please see my article and spread it. https://truth613.substack.com/p/evil-plus-evil-new-york-state-attorney

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Thank you for the excellent graphene review. I've been following this metal in terms of its usage in nanovaccinology which is found in the literature. Harms have been reported here: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2053-1583/aa5476. I am trained in live blood analysis and it appears that we have seen some structures that look like GO, but without a chemical breakdown, I cannot say definitively. I do believe heavy metal binders should be taken as a precaution. I think we've all learned how trustworthy the Pharma cartel is.

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Again circumstantial, however nano has been found previously in most major vaccines, as these scientists, who found in the following study https://medcraveonline.com/IJVV/new-quality-control-investigations-on-vaccines-micro--and-nanocontamination.html had their office raided by police

Thanks for putting this together Sasha. It is quite difficult finding info on graphene, other than that video of Dr. Noack circulating around. I wouldn't want that "mesh" in my blood, but for now I still assume we all have it inside us somehow. Why I believe energy medicine, biogeometry (Dr. Karim) prayer is the final frontier in healing.


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Ah. Like Teflon cookware then…

Which sometimes flakes off and you end up eating it.

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The EU is burning unused vials.

I think that's destruction of evidence.

They are making room to buy more because when people allow the pirates to take over, extortion and plunder is what they get.

The question of what was in those vials is important, but also the question of when they started to mass produce that crap. Was it in 2019, 18, or even earlier?

Will the masses ever be told that the products were designed and manufactured before they invented the disease and the virus?

I remember one conjecture that appeared a few months ago: the oldest lots are expired and don't kill people as much as the fresher lots of product.

How long does the LNPs last sitting in those vials?

I have sachets of industrial mayo sauce in the freezer since 2011, Can I sell them on ebay as WMDs or are they completely harmless by now and ebay will refuse to sell a fraud, unlike Queen Ursula and family?

This science of manufacturing the "small jewelry" that are proteins is both impressive and extremely dumb.

Like making plastic jewelry imitations that look better than the very expensive things, but no one wants them and is a complete waste of work and energy.

People should not be killed over junk designed to decorate the stage that backs up the greatest financial heist in history.

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Sasha you are a force to be reckoned with..! a force for clarity and clear Communication of this complex and vitally important subject matter.. Thank you for knocking it out of the park, continuously! Like I said before You are a Bad Rad Momma!

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Graphene Oxide and Graphene Hydroxide. I'd appreciate insights from medical types who wish to weigh in on what they believe about this study of their use in vaccines, and to correct any mistakes I've made in interpreting it. We know from this 2018 study that graphene had already been identified as a promising adjuvant in vaccines prior to CV and OWS. But it had serious safety concerns. That led them to experiment with different types of coatings and sizes that balanced safety and durability. Seems to be a precursor to the Pfizer study above.

Because of the properties of graphene it is able to increase the uptake of a substance into the body. It penetrates blood cells to deliver the drug inside, evade a cell's defenses. It can also be delivered directly to an organ inside the body which acts as a magnet to attract more graphene and build scaffolding there for implants to be created, allowing for novel targeted treatments. But this isn't done without risk of injury. They have been experimenting with ways to use the best properties of graphene for increased pharmaceutical uptake without inducing known injury. They try different coatings to prevent injury, but the coatings make graphene less effective, they pass through the system faster without as much uptake.


"Due to the sharp edges of GO and rGO, hemolytic effects might be expected in vivo, possibly caused by nanomaterial blades disrupting cell membranes, as reported for GO interactions with bacteria.

Feng and colleagues discovered RBC morphological alterations and aggregation above 100 mg mL1 and hemolytic effects

above 10 mg mL1 reaching 96% at 500 mg mL1. Lower hemolytic concentrations have been reported by other groups.

Small GO flakes (few hundreds of nm) seem to be more destructive."

"Hemostasis cascade prevents blood loss from injured tissue and maintains blood fluidity. The final hemostasis is driven by

platelets, which form the clot, a mixture of red blood cells, aggregated platelets, fibrin and other cellular elements (Fig. 3-2b).

If the clot forms abnormally, it can induce thrombosis.

Thrombogenicity is an important feature evaluated in nanomaterial design for in vivo delivery and represents the propensity to induce blood clotting and induce occlusion of a blood vessel by a thrombus."

"Furthermore, nanoparticles engineered to have longer systemic circulation times increase the likelihood of contact with blood components including the coagulation system, with thrombogenicity risks."

"When administered in vivo (250 mg kg1 body weight), 48% of lung vessels were partially occluded after 15 minutes"

"Biodistribution and biosafety of GO: future challenges

The focus of this review is the GO interaction with blood components and BC in light of the future design of GO pharmaceutical delivery systems. Intravenously injected drug delivery systems (DDS) developed so far include PEGylated nanographene sheets for tumor passive targeting, rGO functionalized with chitosan and iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles for the delivery of doxorubicin and epidermal growth factor receptor antibody-conjugated PEGylated nanographene oxide for epirubicin delivery in tumors.

Nanoparticles intended for drug delivery applications are being engineered to reduce their clearance and extend systemic

circulation times and thus increase the opportunity for targeted delivery. However, the disadvantage of prolonged circulation times is the greater chance of interaction with blood components and activation of adverse effects.

Before any nanomaterial translation into clinical therapy, there are biosafety concerns that need to be addressed. We have

seen how GO interacts with blood system components and how BC can influence these interactions, but what is the biodistribution and the toxicity when GO is administered intravenously"

"The early study of Zhang and colleagues determined the distribution and biocompatibility of i.v. injected GO in mice.

The half-life of GO in blood is much longer than in other carbon nanomaterials (B5 hours). Within 48 hours after i.v.

injection, GO is cleared from the bloodstream and distributed throughout various organs with preferred accumulation in the

lungs, liver, and spleen. The lack of pathological changes was reported after 14 days of treatment at a low dose (1 mg kg1

), Fig. 5 Illustration of the short-term effects of GONPs and rGONPs on THP-1 cells, and the long-term effects on THP-1a differentiation from THP-1 cells. GONPs and rGONPs could have induced ROS formation and activated the NF-kB pathway in THP-1 cells. rGONPs could not fully transcript proinflammatory genes due to lack of additional transcription factors but at a higher dose (10 mg kg1), granulomatous lesions, pulmonary edema, inflammatory cell infiltration, and fibrosis throughout the lung were observed. Many studies confirmed that the primary site of GO accumulation and toxicity in vivo is the lungs. It seems that the pathological effects on the lungs are proportional to the degree of dispersion and oxidation of GO."

"A systematic study on GO size, dose and dosing frequency was conducted by Liu and colleagues. Liu intravenously administered two types of GO: small GO flakes (s-GO, average hydrodynamic diameter of B250 nm) and large GO flakes (l-GO, average hydrodynamic diameter of B900 nm) at a single high dose (2.1 mg kg1) or seven repeated low doses (0.3 mg kg1); irrespective of size, the single high-dose administration of GO induced lung damage and infiltration of inflammatory cells. In the lungs, GO accumulated in the macrophages but not in the lymphocytes, which were recruited but were not able to trap GO. In this study, the authors claimed that although oxidative stress is a widely existent phenomenon in cells exposed in vitro to GO, the

protective effect of proteins forming a BC around GO should be considered in vivo.

Interesting size-dependent results were reported for multipledose exposure. The s-GO did not induce renal damage or accumulate in the kidneys since it was quickly eliminated through the glomeruli. Conversely, l-GO failed to be cleared

through kidneys and induced damage. The lungs were damaged only after multiple doses of l-GO. This effect depends on the

aggregation of GO with proteins that induce the blockage of large GO-complexes in the lungs. The hypothesis relies on the

formation of multiple complexes of l-GO and proteins that enter the capillaries and create multiple injury points and inflammatory cell recruitment. s-GO could instead pass through lungs capillaries after each low-dose administration. The kidneys and lungs were more damaged by l-GO, while the s-GO preferentially accumulated in the liver with toxic effects.

At a high single dose, s-GO can also damage the lungs since at high concentration it forms large complexes that reach a similar size to the l-GO protein complex"

"Finally, the degradation of injected GO is an important biosafety concern. Long-term interaction (14 days) of GO with plasma causes reduction and biodegradation with hole formation caused by the action of hydroxyl radicals. Once internalized by the immune cells, biodegradable particles are digested and cleared from the body, while non-biodegradable particles accumulate in cells for extended periods."

FF commentary: There's a lot of chemistry that informs us about the properties of graphene. It is a metal that develops some of the strongest bonds known to man. Graphene bonds in a honeycomb side-by-side coagulation of atoms, one-layer thick (one atom). Virtually indestructible. It's used on high performance brake pads, doesn't wear out. It has a very strong ionic charge that attracts and bonds with other graphene atoms in this configuration. Which makes for the sharpest nanorazor edges possible. An edge of a graphene knife one atom thick can cut through anything. Including blood cells and the inside of necessarily smooth blood vessels and internal organs it eventually embeds itself in. And when other graphene particles and flakes are present they are drawn to each other, growing in size. They become "scaffolding" that builds on itself. And fwiw, scaffolding is a lot like an antenna. For the more conspiratorial readers out there to infer the implications of.

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Sasha I think the story in this article is when you mention not knowing what the vaccine is actually creating in the body.We thought spike protein?? But now it's and unknown substance.God help us!!

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