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My son just woke up two of his best, thrice jabbed friends and it’s mostly due to both of you. He’s so happy to have broken through. Thank you.

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I have to say it cause it's amazing. Decades ago, a dear friend and famed author, teacher, and midwife herbalist was in court fighting her ex over vaccines. I had a dream of a courtroom she was in, so was I , and the three justices at the bench were female, and the chief justice invoked a prayer to the Blessed Mother to begin the session. She was tall, dark haired and had thick glasses.

You'll never convince me it was not Katherine Watt. It's kind of blowing my mind, but there it is.

"I know I've dreamed you, seeing ain't a lie. " Wild Horses

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Doesn’t get better than that. Thank you both so much!

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A much appreciated update, Sasha and Katherine, and the Trial Site News interviewer was excellent as well. And onward we go...a peaceful rest of the weekend to everyone.

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I agree that ultimately it is the Court of Public Opinion that rules the roost. The global criminals are loosing the narrative and they know it. What desperate measures can we expect from them in the coming months?

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Youtube already transcribed it

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This was helpful to me. I need to understand more clearly the apparent fact that the U.S. Government, Department of Defense is in charge of the the whole "COVID vaccine drug trials" process, and is the "client of Pfizer." That fact supports my focus on the PLANdemic nature of the entire false event program.

All of this planning started many years ago, possibly as far back as the early 2000s

Today I have watched two videos, including this one, and read one Substack posting that all dealt with the same dominant theme: constant big lies being served up to we the people.

Here is the Substack posting.


Is mRNA Evil/Flawed/Garbage?

Tom Renz

Apr 22


Here is the other video.


MIKE YEADON - The Only Thing We Need to Fear is Fear Itself


I cling to the teachings of my faith to understand our miserable modern world.


The Miserable Modern World by Bishop Sanborn (Traditional Catholic Sermon)

19:21 video runtime

Guns Motorcycles Faith


And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.

Matthew 28:18

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My conclusion here is that we are now just basically on our own.

All medical interventions must now be reviewed carefully.

Old tried and true medications with long track records are preferable over anything newly approved, because the approvals are now suspect.

Sad, but this appears to be the case.

Most telling: Neither "party" appears to be willing to grapple with or thoroughly investigate this debacle... except for just a few members... Ron Johnson in particular.

This also highlights the value of medical practitioners that were willing to step out of the box in favor of themselves and their patients. There are some few of those, some with publicity and retribution, and some without, and you are lucky if you have found one.

One thing to remember: Truth always wins. It make take time, sometimes a long time, and effort, sometimes a lot of effort, but truth fosters life, and lies generally foster the reverse.

Best wishes to all in difficult times.

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While I could understand the judgement as the strict letter of the contract reading, I finally resolved what made me uneasy. In NJ this would be a clear violation of consumer protection laws. The substitution of DOD sourced vaccines for a Pharma product, represented to the public as a product manufactured with strict controls, at least as good as a blister pack of SUDAFED at CVS, is a bait-and-switch. It is called an “affirmative misrepresentation” that is punished by any judge in NJ with triple damages at the slightest whiff of fraud. VERY strict. I asked the PA DOH for a copy of the VIS. If this switch was not divulged in an FDA approved document then the violation of consumer law has occurred. I’m guessing the consumer protection laws in PA are similar, as contractors frequently do business across the state line. We can be pretty certain the VIS will not mention it. Why this could not be prosecuted under state law would be my question. If a person is said to be immune from murder under Federal law, states can negate so serious a violation of their own Constitution.

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Thank you Sasha & Katherine. One day the world will recognise both of your contributions to Truth, Ethics & Morality.

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"after doing all this research and analysis it became very clear that ... suing pharmaceutical manufacturers under the false claims act was...a fool's errand" @5:30

Yes! This is a genocide.

We don't need to talk so much anymore about how their weapons work.

We need to talk about how to end the genocide.

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Ms. Mohamed did an excellent job of conducting this interview. I searched for more information regarding her activities, and here is an example of Ms. Mohamed's clarity of thought regarding the World Health Organizations ongoing racketeering operations. >

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed on the WHO and the Way Forward


Ms. Mohamed is also executive director and chapter coordinator of Children’s Health Defense Africa, as a steering committee member of World Council for Health.

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I have no idea under what circumstances they could dismiss Brook Jackson’s case as as a person who has been involved in DoD testing back in the early and mid 60’s and as a participant and subject over the years with Pharma companies her information was to my experience true and correct.

Reading the information she had was similar to many occasions where the statistics and the rabbit holes that should have been explored and would have kept many of the SAE’s from occurring.

This won’t stop until people rise up and stop donating $$ to the politicians and decide to be critical thinkers about the information that the media and Pharma put out. Read the data and look at the statistics.

Even those that lack a lot of statistics exposure should be able to ask does this really add up? Does it really sound right? Does it sound as fishy as it feels?

Yes it is, Brook and the many who helped investigating the Pfizer data and hopefully Moderna as well, verify the work they all have done and for the people who have brought the info forward to Substack.

Don’t let them off the hook - politicians who have bought and paid for and as well the alphabet government groups and their leaders. Total baloney and BS has been the last three years.

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Thank you Sasha for all of your hard work and due diligence in explaining how the entire Covid plandemic and the history of how the toxic covid shots came about. More people are understanding what happened and what's still happening, that the governments in the US and worldwide are still trying to cover up the crime scenes. But, there's no way to continue to try and hide the bodies. Once we see the light there's no way we can undo that. Keep up the great work and I will continue to share your pieces.

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Very informative! Also the moderation is unusually and noticeably smart - looks like repression of critical thinking leads immediately to steep declines in active intelligence among the so-brutalized.

"a criminal enterprise presenting itself as the US govmt,

& the judicial system became the enforcer of injustice." WELL SAID!

Which raises the question who this criminal enterprise consists of (other than the Gates-gang) - here I recommend 2 articles I found quite informative: 1) (Is based on your & Kath's work without acknowledging you though, sadly): https://brownstone.org/articles/governments-national-security-arm-led-the-covid-response/

2) https://www.academia.edu/83912119/Wall_Street_the_Nazis_and_the_Crimes_of_the_Deep_State (David Hughes).

So basically the US-NS-state has come out of the closet since a few years to run things directly, and this is also the forum of influence of the US oligarchs (Hughes).

Obviously they try to massively widen censorship to shut everyone up, e.g. see what happened yesterday.

We're in uncharted territory.

Good luck to everybody.

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A fascinating and important discussion, thank you.

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