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Highland Hospital, Rochester NY, Attempted to Kill My Family Member With Covid Protocol in August 2023

Covid murder wards remain operational in key federally funded locations.

Orientation and summary for new readers here.

Link to video on Rumble

Link to video on Bitchute

Shannon Joy is a podcaster and journalist based in Rochester NY (upstate, on Lake Ontario). I used to live in the area and still have family members living there. This interview describes how our elderly relative was treated by a local hospital’s covid ward, how we fought back and what you should know to protect your loved ones.

The step-by-step covid hospital murder protocol is discussed in more detail in the interview video. Here is the summary:

  • Isolation by fear

  • Intentional dehydration

  • Denial to fill other necessary medications in order to worsen condition of patient

  • Gaslighting by “family relations” staff

  • Denial of care (call button consistently “malfunctioning”)

  • Remdesivir to cause kidney failure, attempts to sneak it in against explicit orders not to administer

  • Hiding identities of personnel operating the covid ward

  • Even after discharged from hospital - attempts to discontinue prescription of necessary medications to worsen the patients condition and get them re-admitted!

Highland Hospital is part of the University of Rochester Medical System. In the interview I also discussed this U of R lab working on highly significant SV40 promoter that is used by Pfizer without proper disclosure in its mRNA “vaccine”. The purpose of the SV40 promoter for targeting the cell nucleus with “gene therapies” is discussed in this post.

What you should know: anything operating under HHS PREP Act is a de-facto declared weapons system. This is relevant globally. The PREP-covered weapons systems include not only poisons marketed as “vaccines” and “therapeutics”, but also targeting technologies (mandates for false-positive tests), as well as sophisticated informational weaponry, such as coordinated media lies, propaganda and censorship by the Pentagon/CIA/DHS agencies, affiliates and contractors. The readers in all countries can look up HHS Prep Act declarations to find out which weapons are currently used in this war. Right now they are issued for covid and marburg but the narratives for ebola, zika, avian flu, RSV, monkeypox and many other fear scripts are being tested and optimized via social media campaigns and other methods.

Here is how this works: the PREP Act is used as a liability shield for any organization or individual, regardless of place of employment (military, civilian, government). In a nutshell, it is a re-naming/re-branding exercise in order to lie and gaslight the public and most of the cooperating agents as long as possible so that as many of them as possible run off the cliff and self-exterminate by injections and by poisons such as remdesivir (Veklury), Paxlovid, molnupiravir.

The monsters are not even remotely subtle: Veklury = Valkyrie, a Nordic pagan goddess that decides who lives or dies during war!

Rebrand war as a “public health emergency”, rebrand weapons as “countermeasures”, rebrand killing as “saving lives”. It is that simple.

The declarations of nationwide emergency by Trump and subsequent HHS PREP Act declarations for Covid and Marburg make much more sense if we interpret them as what they really are: a declaration of bio-chemical (with possible extension to radiological-nuclear) war, and subsequent announcement of the use of two specific weapons systems, i.e. Covid and Marburg by HHS. They need those PREP Act declarations in order to provide the same liability coverage to civilians deploying weapons on their fellow countrymen/women/children, and in many cases on themselves, as military would get in a combat zone destroying some poor brown people in a 3rd world country for “freedom” and “democracy”, of course.

The way HHS ensures that the weaponry is properly used is by providing the shield ONLY to those who operate the machinery precisely according to the HHS instructions. If you administer the poisons supplied, as instructed, and lie to/gaslight the targets as instructed, then no matter how many of them you harm and kill, you are a “covered” person under the PREP Act. HHS issued several guidance legal opinion letters on this, some examples below.

HHS advisory letter on PREP Act in 2020

If you follow the orders from HHS, using HHS provided poisons, materials and informational weapons, you are a “covered person”. This pre-empts state laws:

Description of what “covered countermeasures” include:

Description of what a “covered person” is:

And here is my favorite part: description of what constitutes “willful misconduct”, which is the only theoretical limitation of the PREP Act. Behold:

If, as a result of use of a covered countermeasure, death or serious injury is caused, then:

  1. The injured or survivors/family can only bring suit before a three-judge court in the District of Columbia;

  2. Plaintiffs must prove causality of death/injury by the countermeasure AND willful misconduct;

  3. Even if plaintiffs do prove causality of death/injury by the countermeasure, the defendant is not liable under PREP Act if they followed the orders of HHS/DOD, and if the defendant reported the death/injury to HHS/DOD within 7 days!

The above is license to kill with a PREP covered weaponry. Please read the last point again: “you can kill or injure anyone as long as you follow the orders and report the kill to us”, says HHS in this explanatory letter to “healthcare” providers.

HHS advisory letter on PREP Act in 2023 is another missive to clarify who can be considered “program planner” and get coverage by PREP:

Turns out, just about anyone! Anyone, of course, who faithfully complies with HHS’s protocols. Ironically, you can qualify for liability coverage for committing suicide by “vaccine” or “therapeutic” or for killing one of your family members. Just follow the orders, soldier!

Is PREP Act an unconstitutional “license to kill”? Of course it is! A case filed by the family of George Watt, who was killed by Pfizer shot challenges the constitutionality of PREP. More about the case in this post.

Here is The Burning Man as of September 7, 2023, whatever is left of it. I thought this photo and the epic mess it represents went along well with this article.

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