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I was surprised I wasn't a paid subscriber yet. That's been fixed.

Your painted works are stunning. Each leaves me speechless. They all remind me of the great painters in previous centuries. Am inspired to dabble once more, neglectful of an old, distant pastime.... Thank you for these, and everything else you do.

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I'm happy to contribute. I think you are one of the good ones.

Thank you for leaving your posts open to the public. That's generous.

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I just subscribed and I'm glad you enabled this. Thank you for everything you do for us and for giving us hope. I love you.

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I upgraded! Thanks Sasha. It's content and comments from you like this one that keep me coming back: "Nope. I am against "unity" and for individual/small group effort. Try to get millions of us doing our own thing behind every blade of grass. Lol. That's how every monolith "united" big centralized government has been defeated, every time. And that's why they will never win. Learn from history"

Your artwork is excellent too. Thanks for all your hard work and honesty.


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Dear Sasha, I'm so impressed by your work and beyond grateful to you for doing it. I also agree that your paintings are splendid. Thank you for enabling us to support you in this way. Many blessings to you.

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Happy to be an ongoing paid subscriber. I am saving money aside to buy a painting in the future. Your work gives so much encouragement and empowerment to us. You have great skills making these abstruse, complex issues easier for us to understand via breaking it down for us. Bless you & Thank you!

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Signed up. Easy decision. Thanks for all you do.

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Sasha Sasha Sasha. You have taken the darkest most complicated yet elegant of deadly conspiracies (yes this is a conspiracy) and deconvoluted it more than anyone. I am in awe. Seriously. I knew almost 3 years ago that these injectables could not be what they said that they were. I knew 💯 that cuz I know what it takes to do development and manufacturing development , scale up etc. But also the quality control systems can not be figured out in their timeline. But you figured out how they did it.

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The Truth

When you hear the truth something happens and it can not be undone.

There will be those who do not accept the truth and refuse it.

To get to today vast numbers (Myself) , must been have been trying to find the smoking gun in a field of smoking guns. Suing an agency to get public records and other absurdities

My Father had a label for people " Those with mischievous intentions" & it was all he had to know before he would have nothing to do with them. The SWAMP name had not been invented

Now many years latter these miscreants have coalesced into these nasty clot formations in the veins of most every governing body.

I don't know when the SWAMP became self aware, However they are not going to repent and do the right thing, This is war and you are not on their side. Neither are they but that is the nature of delusion.

This theater and performance art ( Thank you Sasha) that is the governing body is hard to appreciate until someone Like the “ Team Sasha and Katherine” rip a nice big hole in it for me, so the light of truth can shine in.

Now as I imagine the task of separating Good from Evil, Truth from Lies, Right from Wrong I realize the War we are in has but two sides and always had.

As the pandemic took hold in the audience I was alone but for these fires of light here and there in the darkness, these voices saying don't drink from that cup, see but for the grace of God go I.

I ramble

Jesus Christ is the POWER, the Glory, the TRUTH & the LIGHT, We can do all things through him that strengthens us.

I am so thank full for all the people who see the truth and speak the truth, they shall be blessed.

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Sasha, I just read your appeal to UK supporters and posted a reply to you on that site. No one is talking about this in the US and it is not too late, we should be able to write to our representatives to this same meeting unless it is a done deal in the US. I thought it was designed as an Executive Order. If only CDC, FDA reps and other agencies are voting, this is also medical tyranny, treason, and suicide by design by the WHO. Can we do anything now in the US? We have plenty of platforms and thousands of people would participate if we got the word out. This is death for all humanity!! All each country has to do is NOT comply, but it doesn’t need to get to that point.

Incredulous!!! Donna Patrice Barnett.

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So I chose to be a "Founding Member" of this Substack place and I put my money where my mouth is. As a "Founding Member" I don't think I got any special rights to say this or that and nor do I think my sentiment ought be treated with deference - If I say something wrong I want to know.

But, I think the author here at this place has courage and is fearless and is living a life of principle and that is something I can get behind and that is why I have chosen to be a "Founding Member". I'm at liberty to make contributions of this nature, but I am not a rich man in the least - I am a peasant and a proud one at that most stubborn but learning day-by-day.

There - I said my piece about this and I'll try not to repeat myself and above and beyond all that I think communities forming in these formative days are going to be most important for all of us to get where we hope to go with ideas that resonate but also are like sprouts.

It is truly an exciting time to be alive and I'm hopeful for the future and I hope you are as well.

Dear Ms. Latypova - as the Irish say - "may the wind be at your back"!


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http://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2018APS..MARY40003F/abstract Harvard study:demons in graphene. No wonder it's in the vaccine. Infection through injection. I kind of like this phrase. 🤔😎👍

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Hello Mrs. Latypova, I reposted your article (Don't Rent or Buy an Electrical Vehicle) on my website: investingforeternity.com I included a link to your substack. Probably should have asked permission first. May I have permission to repost some of your posts? If not, I'll remove that post. Thank you. Don Krumm

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hi Sasha, others can also restack your important work to further support you

wish to share today

our “alternative media” press release for your viewers:

“trumpet the good news from Alberta - home of Canada Freedom Convoy"

judge rules "all orders from chief medical office of Alberta were illegal"

we continue to "kick ass" in alberta

big win in the provincial courthouse recently

attorneys Rath and Grey give you a blow by blow description of the unprecedented legal ruling in attached video link

editor note: begin viewing attached at third minute 3:00 ... please let us know should you have difficulty opening link


social media announcement / Chris and Kerry Show

The BIGGEST , most AWESOME news for FREEDOM!

They did it! They showed that our rights and freedoms were violated, and the court ruled in favour of our Charter Rights. WOW!
Chris & Kerry with lawyers Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath about their landmark case in which the Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s Health (CMOH) Orders were ruled unconstitutional and illegal. And the implications of the ruling going forwarrd.
July 31, 2023

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You mentioned on your recent post about speaking at the Swedish Parliament that Substack was limiting and removing subscribers. Why would and how does Substack do that? This is extremely concerning as I am a writer on this platform and thought Substack was one of the last bastions of free speech.

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