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Thank you for your encouragement at the end.

It is a good thing to tell people to reflect what they want the world to look like.

And also to have confidence in God's work, one of which is the immune system. Clearly, our creator wants us alive and well.

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You are so amazing Sasha. We would love to have you on weaponizednews.com or set up a call with your anointed paralegal.


Geoff @legal🔗

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Like it when you stick to manufacturing and the legal aspects of the DOD operation.

When you start chiming in with the RFK, Jr. folks and say there was a real novel illness called COVID-19 (emphasis on NOVEL) and that HCQ in fact was some sort of remedy for this "novel" illness, I question how you define the novelty of this illness (symptoms never experienced by human before not to mention the never proven SARS-Cov-2 you seem to want to dismiss as unimportant).

HCQ and Ivermectin were introduced much like the lab leak. All keep the "pathogenic virus" story alive. I would like to know exactly the replication and what these products were treating? And how did these "studies" demonstrate those taking HCQ or Ivermectin actually had COVID-19? Did they all get negative results? What was the RT-PCR cycles set at?

Again, I like your analysis of the manufacturing and investigations of the injections. But this notion that we had a "weak" illness that ran across the globe is pure fiction. I suspect you know that.

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Here is just a thought. I’ve heard a lot of attorneys in the last past week say that each direction they try to go in court gets thrown out. I think the only thing that will stick will be to prosecute Donald Trump. His signatures, the natural emergency, operation warp speed, etc. It has Donald Trump's name all over it. You need to leave the DOD and the rest of them alone at this moment and start hitting the people that were involved. There’s no way that a judge can deny that Donald Trump hasnt committed treason. The lockdowns themself are treason.

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I admire your work and your courage to dig deep in the darkest side of this world. We love you!

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What I like about your interviews over time , Sasha, is that each time you give new info and perspective. No two are the same.

The sham, the fraud and the murder are mind boggling, but not unprecedented. The Inquisition was but one precedent; the genocide of the native north american, another; and so many more, ongoing. And believe it or not, ...I did not make this up, it's in the news. The penises are disappearing again. Witch hunts are on the back burner.....

Oh, hey!! I see....that's why I just had to watch Monty Python's "Holy Grail" last night. It's all just "on the road to the Holy Grail".

WEll, if Klaus and Billy are as capable as Monty Python's Arthur and Lance-a-lot, no wonder they need to pay so much for costume artists and myth creators.

I think their "glitch" is that they are neither alive, nor dead. It's weird. They just are, and no one knows what to do with them, least of all themselves.

We need Parvati to wake Krishna up from his meditation, soon.

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Look into Dr.Paul Cottrell . His work says this is a Bio weapon platform, so it will continue until ... Look at his work...

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THANK YOU so much for all the amazing work and research you have done. So many missing pieces

of the puzzle are coming together for me, since I found you on Substack a couple of months ago. Same goes to Katherine Watts.

I still have questions, stupid they may be, but questions they are:

- Did the DoD just use the mRNA shot BioNTec had already developed, or did they ask them to do so?

- How is the production of these shots done, or in other words how is the "concoction" put together?

I understand there are no GMPs and that the lots enormously vary, but is there some sort of "recipe" these contractors are following, but not necessarily abide by since there is no control?

- Everybody talks about the spike protein that apparently is found in all shot recipients. Can that even make sense considering the above?

- Why do so many doctors say that "covid" comes with a different set of symptoms compared to other respiratory infections? Is so, what is really causing that?

- Was there something released locally or injected through regular FLU shots ( Lombardy ) to start the whole plandemic or was it just based on nothing but fear tactics and fraudulent PCR tests?

Thank you so much!

You are truly a blessing.

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Thank you Sasha for your fantastic diligence indeed, in exposing & bringing the manifold evils into the light of truth. Truly appreciated by me.

I've just seen the posts on here by ArtC. That he, she, it, thing, is a troll 100%. Shame on it for polluting your comments sesction.

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Sasha, how do I access your art work? I am very grateful for all the important information you are sharing with the world--but I'd also like to see your art work. :))

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Date above says February 2022. Vague plus inaccurate. Out of 28 days - which one? 2023?

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