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Thank you for your substack. Thank you for being UNCORRUPTED.Thank you for speaking the truth. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Your investigation matches my own analysis and observations:

[1] Here is what most geopolitical experts are missing, in my opinion:



[2] Governments worldwide have committed treason, not only against their own citizens but also against humanity itself:



[3] What we are dealing with is the greatest betrayal of trust that has ever happened in human history. Short overview of what happened, how it happened, and possible directions where things might progress into:


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"China claims to use “traditional vaccines” - if you believe what the Chinese say, I have a bridge to sell you."

IMHO the 'traditional vaccines' are nearly as dangerous; look at the increase in autism cases as these injections get rolled out. I have been waking up to this stuff for over ten years now. Rude awakening for a traditionally 'trained' biologist. *OMG*. "Murder by Injection" by Eustace Mullins was an early one; Dr Suzanne Humphries was another one; Children's Health Defense and "The Real Anthony Pfauci" is recent and documented data; Dr Andrew Wakefield and Mikki Willis' documentaries, and wow...Dr Tom Cowan and some crazy statements that turn out to be true ("the heart is not a pump"...he's correct, and so is Steiner. The heart is not a pump! Look up Gerald Pollack's work with water, and Dr Viktor Schauberger (wow...think about it: how does the water get to the top of a 300 foot tree without a pump???) And read "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime" by Dr Peter Gotzsche. The psychopaths don't want you to know who you really are and what is real!

Wow. And after 50 years of meditation, and a near death experience 40 years ago, I know that everything we are 'taught' is a lie! (& it's getting worse!) The only truth is in your *heart* and *God* put it there!

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Literally sickening.

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Did you do the painting Sasha? It's beautiful!

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Stunning. Yes, if it was just about profit they would have shipped placebos. Of course. It took you to point out this out. Just like “of course. Of course there would be massive problems with large scale production.” But you are literally the only person I’ve read who pointed out this simple truth. I’ll be rereading this a few times. It’s time to get to the heart of the matter. Thank you for taking the time to write all this out.

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Two videos on YT from 2017 that explain the inclinations, dreams, goals, and pursuits of the elitist and "scientific" class:

[1] "The father of mass inoculations suspiciously also wants to engineer death and mass changes through various means, including cancer and RNA manipulation. Jonas Salk describes (in his book 'The Survival of the Wisest', 1972) his Darwinism as a death cult."


[2] "Ghost in the Machine (1967) is a forgotten and overlooked globalist book by Arthur Koestler. In the book Koestler lays out new angles of the diabolical plan to alter and genocide man - through manipulation of RNA, food and water."


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Video of Trump's November 13, 2020 press conference announcing the miracle vax had been created and was ready for deployment. Skip to timestamp 20:49 to see the DoD standing at the center of it all.


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Hi Sasha.

I recently watched an unsettling video about the possible sentience of A.I. from a few months ago.


I'm not prepared to go down the rabbit hole of defining of 'sentience' or exploring the moral ramifications, but it certainly passes the Turing test. And would pass that test for some more easily than others.

But more worrying, as any tool, and as you demonstrated, what can be weaponized, will.

We are forced to play a never ending game of whack-a-mole with the 'dual purpose' STEM toys snatched up by the self-entitled sociopaths in charge.

I am not optimistic the coming year will be a good one.

Despite it all, cheers from Japan, Sasha.


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"Mommy, when I grow up, should I be a Public Health Official? Or an Arms Dealer?"

"Well, dear, it depends on how many lives you want to destroy."


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Great article! My first visit here on your site. God bless you for your research and heart!

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"... the governments (plural)-pharma cartel insists on killing and injuring millions of people, obviously limiting the profit potential by doing so."

Not quite.

There is still plenty of drug profiteering to be made from victims who are (currently) merely injured, and/or permanently disabled, (but not yet dead) from the release of this diabolical program.

Until death does indeed part them from stumped physicians, specialists, and loved ones whose "heads are buried in the sand" or up their asses.

An example: Yet another extended family member's funeral was held this morning, in Italy

My uncle's death was a sudden, tragic and totally unexpected demise, which occurred in hospital.

After 10 days of hospitalization: his 4 children were asked by my uncle's attending physician whether they wanted their father to be "made comfortable with medications", in order to "alleviate his suffering".

My 4 fully jabbed and boosted cousins replied "of COURSE, please DO IT".

(Direct quote from the horse's mouth.)

My uncle expired within 20 minutes of being administered those "medications". I am SERIOUS. No time for his distraught wife to get to the hospital.

One of my cousins watched him draw his final breath. (She is devastated.)

Only 1 of his 4 children were permitted entry to his room because? "HOSPITAL COVID PROTOCOLS". Only 1 family member is permitted to attend to, and give comfort to any loved one in any Italian medical facility.

For a maximum of 30 minutes per day...

My uncle "died of Sepsis". Or he "died of peritonitis"...

Caused by WHAT exactly? And why was his immune system so WEAK? What caused the steady decline in his (formerly) robust health?

Apparently I'm the only one asking questions. On the other side of the globe.

Unsure exactly how many jabs my uncle had received by the time he died, unexpectedly. I am an investigative type, and try to connect dots, even with very little information at my disposal.

Due to his advanced age? I'm guessing 5 or 6 shots had been "recommended" by his government's aggressive persistent health authorities (campaign) between the time of Italy's rollout in January 2021, and the time of his death.

Many more than 3 were undoubtedly duly administered to this elderly but healthy "useless eater". I know this how exactly?

Well... I'm surmising.

During Christmas of 2021, I spoke to his son, my 1st cousin. He told me that was looking forward to recovering from "a mild case of Covid" and to rolling up his own sleeve again for his "scheduled" 3rd shot in January of '22.


We argued back and forth regarding this utter folly but alas, there was simply no getting through to him.

We've had zero communication since because: "the definition of insanity..." until I offered my condolences the other day upon being notified of his father's death.

I was not directly notified by the family. (Of course not. I am "persona non grata". 💔)

You can't fix stupid.

I never spoke to my cousin after December 2021. See: My head already ached from constantly beating it against my own immediate family's brick wall.

My head still aches on a daily basis, as my own family flatly refuses to engage with me in any sort of rational discussion on this subject matter.

(Christmas Eve "family dinner" was a nightmare which I could not decline to attend, as I'd planned to, because my elderly mum had not yet been notified of her beloved brother's death, and it was "all hands on deck" that day...)

I continue to link my immediate family members to any and all relevant data that I have access to, including this article. hoping that a light switch will miraculously be flipped on. (Nope. They immediately "Go Dark" on me.)

Instead of rational discussion? Last night I received several Elton John concert clips...

That's what my sister was watching, and singing along to "Don't go breaking my heart...".(The irony must have been lost on her?)

I sent her a link to what I was watching:


No comment from my sister. She went "dark" again.

This morning? Same sis sent me a silly "shopping" meme.

And my uncle's funeral service updates.

You really CANNOT fix stupid.


Thanks for listening.

Grateful for these Substack echo chambers, my only pressure release outlets. (My head or heart might explode otherwise.)

#NoAmnesty ☠💉

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This made me cry. I tried to call someone's attention last year to a South China Morning Post article on how Fosun Pharmaceuticals had signed an agreement with BioNTech & Pfizer to manufacture Comirnaty injections, but whoever it was I alerted chose to ignore me - after all, I am a nobody, a former corporate legal support worker, I live on a low income, and who cares what I read.

Thank you for revealing this. I also appreciate your language around "the owners" of countries. This is rarely acknowledged by anyone, and even more rarely called out.

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Great stuff, Sasha. Trying to push this outside of SubStack.


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In September 2018, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund (RDIF) acquired an estimated 10% stake in R-Pharm; in 2020, the pair teamed up to produce COVID vaccines (Sputnik V and later AstraZeneca’s shot) and other safe and effective medicines. We recently wrote an article about the gross love triangle between RDIF, R-Pharm and AstraZeneca if you want to learn more about this exciting topic.


War is war, and injections must go forward

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No words....

I only recently came across Sasha’s Substack. Must read! How can we support you?

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