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Thank you for citing JJ Couey and identifying the infectious clone as the likely culprit of the events around the world that kicked this mess off. And thanks for the mouse story. I think the virologists believe their own BS, and are quite happy to throw gas on the fire. It was a pandemic of fear and propaganda fueled by PCR tests and manipulated data. The shots are far worse than any virus.

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I love it. They can't keep control of their mice, but they claim to make pandemic viruses that they claim to be able to control?

The empire has no clothes.

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Dearest Sasha

You brought tears of joy to my face. Soooo many remained silent. Sooooo many became CIA controlled opposition deployed to control, confuse, disable...all these years while people were dying, business destroyed, loved ones forced to die alone and/ or to take jabs to keep their employment.

Thank you, you fearless uncorrupted, selfless, brave soul ! May the power remain with you and protect you and your family forever.❤

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Merry Christmas, Sasha!

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Thank you for laying this out so cleanly. Wow!

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Wow! This distinction between “epidemic” and “pandemic” I never noted before! I had somehow been led to believe that they were the same thing, and that every epidemic was chomping at the bit to just race through the entire population!!! I wonder who has been fanning the flames of THIS misconception?

Lately I have been tuning in to Dr. Thomas Cowan and finding out that a lot of things I had been taking for granted as established “Soyyance” are actually unsubstantiated BS when carefully walked back with critical attention. Who knew?

I like your self portrait as St. Joan of Arc. Very appropriate, you are doing fantastic and daring work. You might find the work of Henry Schaeffer-Simmern interesting. He was a painter with a successful career back in Weimar Germany and he suddenly had a realization about the true nature of Art, on the basis of which he declared himself to be a fraud and burnt all his work. Then he started over on the basis of his insight and wrote a book called, I think The Unfolding of the Artistic Capacity in Human Beings” or something like that. He was on the faculty at UC Berkeley for some years but got booted because when Abstract Expressionism became popular he criticized it and everybody else on the faculty joined it so they had to get rid of him! Maybe similar to what happened years later when Christopher Alexander had controversial criticism of the prevailing narrative in architecture and had to sue the place for attempting to suppress his freedom of speech. LOL!

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PCR-Test Plandemic : 2020 - xxxx. When will it be over?

I hope that the history books will refrain from lying that there was a SARS-Cov-2 Plandemic in 2020, because there was NONE. The all-cause mortality in 2020 was less than in 2019 (US) and went ballistic in 2021 and 2022! How could a plandemic result in negative deaths in 2020? This was a global scamdemic to sell bio-weapons masqueraded as quackcines.

 Millions of COVID-19 PCR Test Kits sold in 2017 and 2018



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Clear and concise, and well-reasoned. Aligns very well with observed effects and data.

Initial ‘outbreaks’ of infectious clones in localized areas, burning themselves out, but serve the purpose of fanning the flames of paranoia and fear. Deception and statistical manipulation used to reinforce the fear narrative.

The idea of GoF virions used as rationale for ‘warm base’ manufacturing (promoted by some) exposed as the fear-based myth it needs to be for promoting continued biowarfare research and spending.

The undercurrent of truth: our immune systems are made to work *in cooperation with* nature. No pandemics in nature. Our biology tuned over hundreds of millions of years—the most comprehensive and significant RCT ever—to exist in balance with the incredible ocean of myriad virions and bacteria all around us constantly.

We should have no fear of the virome or the microbiome. We are already bestowed with the most incredible and robust defense imaginable, which in health, exists in balance with nature. Honor the immune system, honor nature, honor creation. It’s in this reverence for life that the future lies.

Thank you, Sasha. Wishing you a holiday season full of beauty.

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This story made me happy, Sasha (despite being a story about abominable things). Merry Christmas! The world is better because you exist.

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Maybe I didn’t read right, but seems not clear mice necessarily escaped, as in born free out into the wild escaped. But if some did it would be interesting if there was any kind of local wild mouse surveillance to see if something spread.

JJ Couey’s infectious clones model is definitely interesting. I think explanatory of the initial behavior then disappearance of the disease, plandemic, or whatever one wants to call it. Been wondering if he’s too pessimistic about rna replication fidelity of the clones though. Not sure there would be rhino/influenza/coronaviruses swarms around for us to talk about if that bad.

Your discussion on RTE was very interesting — that FDA has no jurisdiction on the non pharmaceutical shots especially. Maybe brings new light on meaning of committee unanimous approval votes? Also liked your shrapnel analogy

Have a great Christmas!

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Chaos agents everywhere. It's very hard to sort out. I trust JJ because he admits when he is wrong and keeps refining his thesis. He doesn't claim to have all the answers, but with his background in science he can connect dots that I cannot.

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😹Laughter is the best medicine 😹

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Great story! Thank you. J Couey is a truth warrior! Merry Christmas!

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France erected the statue of the Golden Maid of Orleans in 1972 as a gift to New Orleans, whose namesake, Orléans, was one of the towns Joan of Arc (1412-1431) defended from the English during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453).


‘Each year on January 6th, the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc honors St. Joan and the French heritage of New Orleans with a celebration. “As the first day of the carnival season, that date suggests renewal-the awakened sprite carrying the battle flag from the dead of winter toward the light of Spring. Joan has given us hope. Once more she is called to battle.” -Errol Laborde’

I grew up staring at this statue every time I went to the quarter growing up in New Orleans.


Well, actually I lived in Jefferson Parish, by the lake near to the Causeway Bridge (was longest bridge over water in the world at 28 miles until China built one in 2011).

She was an inspiration to me that it was ok to think differently, to be different. I never fit in growing up. And tbh I guess most of us here could say the same about themselves. From our childhood to adulthood I'd wager we are all misfits.

Thank G*d

Merry 12 days of Christmas. May the light of truth shine forth and defeat the darkness of lies in the years to come.

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Sasha, for what it's worth, you have quickly risen to my highest pantheon of those leading the good fight. And for all the good it will do, will send your post to several 'private' (euphemism for covertly monitored) Fakebook groups.

'Psychopaths' is right. And though Desmet may have coined a phenomenon, I agree with Peter Breggin that just the mere phrasing of 'Mass Formation Psychosis' detracts from the malignant sociopaths leading us to ruin. JMHO, but a more accurate description than Desment of the social dynamics going on can be found in A. Lobaczewski's 'Political Ponerology; The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of the Totalitarian State'.

I wish I had something as inspiring as your art to leave you with, but for now ... I wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Ahh ... just remembered, maybe this will also help. I love it when an old school samurai scientist puts the committee men in their place. Alas, YouTube Japan promptly, predictably, erased the podcast of this meeting. I saved only a few juicy snippets.


Cheers from Japan, Sasha.

I love your style.


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Love it!

Merry Christmas Sasha.

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