You stated in a recent post regarding Project Veritas that you had contacted them & they had no interest in your story/evidence. I found this deeply disturbing. It actually makes me angry coz it’s a type of gaslighting & censorship of critical information which the public should know & have access to. My opinion of PV has changed considerably because of their refusal to interview you.

Curious to know who else has brushed you aside -- the Stew Peters show, the War Room w/ Steve Bannon, Steve Kirsch, Naomi Wolf, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree show, Glen Beck, the Alex Jones show, the Joe Rogan show, the Charlie Kirk show, Tim Pool, Candace Owens, Ann Vandersteele, Maria Zeee, etc.? (We thank God for Dr. Jane Ruby who has been a fearless & stalwart supporter of you & Katherine Watts work!).

Can you please divulge the names to your readers of all those who’ve refused you consideration so that we your supporters can put pressure on these supposed unbiased truth-tellers/seekers to interview you & KW together?

It’s very telling that your & KW’s findings have not had more traction among certain conservatives, republicans, and members of Congress -- Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, MTG, etc. Where the hell are these so-called firebrands? KW recently stated that she believed the few good guys in our government are lying low & waiting for the right moment to make their move. The ppl of America & the world don’t have time to wait. Got to grab the bull by the horns NOW!

What is currently going on with declining birth rates around the globe is a direct result of the DoDs deployment of a WMD.

I believe that your & KW’s information implicates Trump & so many in the freedom movement are turning a blind eye to you in the same way Trump has turned a blind eye to all the death & carnage that is being caused by the shots. TRUMP KNEW. He was compromised. The truth was made absolutely plain to me intuitively when I saw the Candace Owens interview in Dec. of 2021. Trump’s claim that no one had died from the shots was an outright LIE & he KNEW it. And Candace ought to have held Trump’s feet to the fire but she buckled coz she was probably scared of the potential backlash by his supporters & the “Q” contingent.

With all due respect to Glen Macko, I adamantly disagreed with his attempt to steer & even quash the implications of your narrative. He is IMO very controlling. He tried to deflect any blame on Trump. He cut you off at one point & said something to the effect that ppl had to be careful in ascribing blame or knowledge to another individual (he was, of course, referring to Trump). Can’t exactly remember if this occurred either at the recent press conference or in the group interview with Lara Logan about a month ago. Sorry, but your association with this man will undermine the truth you have to give to the world. Sasha, you’ve been so forthright & strong in every interview but when Mr. Macko interrupted you & sought to douse the audience’s ability to form their OWN opinions you buckled under the weight of his authoritative stance. I say F%#k him! Disassociate yourself from him. TRUTH SHOULD NOT BE COMPROMISED FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING!

Ppl need to stop protecting & making excuses for Trump & casting all blame for the shots to Biden, Fauci, Gates, K. Schwab, etc. Again I say, TRUMP KNEW! He has gaslighted & censored the ppl of the world about the harm & deadliness of the shots. AND his ENTIRE family has been complicit in the evil perpetrated by TRUMP. Liars & grifters, all of them! I voted for the man twice & continued to give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw the Bill O’ Reilly & Candace Owen interviews December before last. There are many questions that should & need to be answered by our former President. I’m not letting him off the hook -- he ought to be held as accountable as Fauci, Birx, Walensky, etc. If Trump didn’t know anything that was going on or failed to perceive or instinctively sense something was wrong then one has to assume that he is the GIOAT (“Greatest Idiot of All Time”). Either way, he has shown he is unfit for another term.

Hoping you’ll reveal who else besides PV expressed no interest in your revelations about the DoD & the vaccine/Pharma theater. Here to support your most valuable contribution to the Truth & our country’s fight for freedom.

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Indeed the truthfulness of the data is questionable. We should remember perhaps the positive impact hospital strikes have on mortality statistics. In some historical instances up to 50% reductions in death. In the case of a 'pandemic' the reduced access or reduced utilisation of operation and disease treatment facilities.


The Karolinska Institutet distributed advisory pamphlets to doctors suggesting patients over 55 having breathing difficulty should be given morphine rather than oxygen. Sweden was the only Scandinavian country to not separate died 'of' and died 'with' a positive PCR test ( 96% false positive rate) for Covid 19 case,deciding instead to lump the lot into one category,Covid death. Autopsies considered unnecessary as the PCR would suffice. This gave Sweden the highest 'apparent' death rates from Covid compared to it's 'hard lockdown' neighbors giving a false indication the lockdown saved lives and that far more people died of Covid.Did anyone died 'of' Covid? How would we know? We have no fully isolated example of the virus, therefore no reference to detect it and are using a scientific test (PCR) rather than diagnostic one to prove it's presence in the human body .

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Beautiful art and wise words - great combination thanks.

It is reprehensible to me a a grandmother that this is not being revealed to the world with more intensity.

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This is a visionary painting here, Sasha. I can feel everything, somehow it's so active. The bulk, the narrow stance and jointed legs, the unheard sound. Literally "captivating". An entry into a world of feeling. A sacramental gift.

Humbling. Blessed Be, Sister.

I hate to say this, but when can we move on and leave them to their chosen horrors? I'm so tired of this. I want to just live, I want to laugh again, I want to trust and love again, and it seems it's been so long ago that this was safe to do and be.

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I love you called them Oreo cows. Have a herd where I live. We always called them

that as kids!

They are officially called Belted Galways, and are a heritage breed.

My favorite was a Brown and white one (sport/cross bred) and she lived a long time.

She really had a good belt of white.

Her calves were not as belted as she was...but I live in hope.

Keep asking farmer to try again...but really, she was just a lovely cross/accident.

I miss seeing her in the field with the Oreos!

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Research AUSTRALIA - re BIRTH RATES declining!!!!

Sweden is a mere drop in the ocean.

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I just ran a fast calc. on 2022.

OECD.stat weekly excess mortality data for 2022 for Sweden suggests weekly excess mortality % change from average is around 12%, SD: 14.

That appears to be in the same ball park as many other countries (ie. NZ mean 13%, SD 10)

As for fertility, OECD data (Children per women aged 15 to 49 years old) runs only to 2021 for Sweden, values, 1.98 - 1.67 (2010 - 2021) declining year on year.

The overall picture is thus quite dire for the long term. Little wonder then they have opted for unfettered immigration?

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Off topic but

I've been thinking of how aggressively people not wanting the vaccine were painted as more or less murderers refusing their civic duty and almost personally infecting innocent victims, practically engaging in Satanic rituals and eating babies.

Now we know the opposite is true, that all those who were coerced and mandated against their wills into poisoning themselves with the vaccine have been in effect raped, beaten and mutilated, including many many children.

The Nazis rounded people up and shipped them off to be gassed in chambers. This was far more subtle.

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Yes, Anna - ALL PLANNED deaths.

UK even gave them meds to quicken the process. and moved older people from hospitals into Nursing homes, as did most of USA states.

It is fact that as you age your Immune System weakens so....

But then,

Jane Halton, Chairwoman of bill gates CEPI (Switzerland) and also employed by the Oz Federal Gov't was Morrisons chairperson of his 6 people (no medical) committee advising him during this PLandemic. A are other family members' and in Victoria in their Health dept

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thanks for shining a light on this, super important.

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Since it is pretty clear from the evidence available that Pfizer submitted fake Western Blots, the so-called vaccines containing mRNA can't produce spike protein. So, what is causing vaccine injuries, deaths and the drop in birthrates?

My first assumption would be that the toxicity of nanoparticles is a problem and then mRNA alternative splicing-for those pieces of mRNA that can still remain intact.

I have not seen any evidence that misfolded proteins can cause serious damaged as our cells misfold proteins all the time...

This is just a hint:

"Identification of alternative splicing-derived cancer neoantigens for mRNA vaccine development"


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Perhaps the controllers are more interested in seeing Swedes don't reproduce than killing the 10 million alive today. They get a different batch of bioweapon.

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Death? And 4x disability? Supply chains anyone ?”Help Wanted” signs going up so fast i cant see thru the windows anymore.

We aint seen nothing yet.

It’s Thank a Trucker Day here in Chinada. Getting out there, wave the flags of freedom purchased with the blood of our dads grand dads and uncles and aunts and grandmas.

38 million people sharing just one asshole. Scare the piss out of him. Let him join Ardern the Wonderful. Meet a Nazi fate.


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This is absolutely tragic. Do you think there is ANY way it could be turned around?

Also, FANTASTIC art! Do you accept commissions?

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Is that painting for sale? I love it. I love those cows and Sonoma, as I’m a California refuge now in Oregon.

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