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I won't get carried away here, but this was poignant:


11:57 in: "So they target people by PCR into the COVID ward and the COVID ward is operated by the federal government and by the military where they literally, you know, murder people by putting them on ventilators, sedating them, dehydrating them, removing food, not giving access to relatives, kidnapping them, and then giving them remdesivir, which shuts down kidneys."


You know these comments could be so much better in a way if we could just put a few things in italics or make bold text....but I really appreciate the transcript and the fact - which can be proven without any doubt - that incentives coupled with ulterior motives were formally established by the hospitals and the medical establishment authorities coupled with their paymasters and this is above and beyond criminal regardless of statutes on the books that don't stand up to Natural Law which I consider essentially equivalent to Common Law. Natural Law and Common Law take precedence over statutes - just like something that ain't Constitutional has no merit in jurisprudence.


Fraud of this scale is unprecedented, but where you have nefarious intent, the level of fraud only can go higher until Lady Libra says definitively - "the scales must be balanced".


Without accountability there can be no forgiveness, because forgiveness without accountability is like 0 $.

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Thankyou for the transcript - there are only so many hours in the day and reading sometimes is easier, and for me, more expedient.

Thanks again Sasha for all you do, all your efforts - they are appreciated by many.

That is known.

None of us know for sure what is gonna happen next, but enough of us know something is amiss, so that gives me hope.


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They Are Not Safe Anymore.

They Got Caught

Creating Imaginary Terror.

You Caught Them.

Every Single One Of You.

They Will Never Be Safe Again.

They Don’t Feel Safe Anymore. Anywhere.

Thank You For That.

And Carry That With You.

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Didn't get the shot and don't regret it.

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👍🏽👍🏿👍 That’s absolutely correct. Several illegitimate, inhuman, criminally-unconstitutional—but legal laws—have been created to end constitutional protections under the guise of “health security” to allow for “Legal Crimes” (genocide & trans-humanization via the “treatment; Vaxx protocals”). Then these illegal, but legal laws killing people are set in stone by courts following and making judgments by these “bogus, but legal rules,” which then creates case law each time they rule against the plaintiffs, therefor preventing future lawsuits and arguments from ever having an opportunity to end this fraud, ever, unless one of two things happen:

We rise up with armed militias and arrest all of our chief law enforcement officers protecting the criminals in government, or…

The legislators admit they are “complicit in genocide” up to this date; recognize these “illegal, but legal laws” and end it.

So what’s the problem? They know they are guilty and don’t want to arrest themselves; be executed for Crimes Against Humanity; mass murder. And so they refuse to change course—both republicans and democrats, Trump and Biden—who work for BlackRock, the pharmaceutical companies, Bill Gates, Musk, Kissinger…who are ALL subordinate to Rockefeller, Rothschild and other oligarchs controlling the entire worldwide, multi-layered, compartmentalization of tens of thousands of kill-box protocols & facilities; region by region; state by state; 15 minute city by 15 min city; prison by prison; FEMA death camp by death camp….

Or do I misunderstand their own publicly spoken words over the decades; their policies to end constitutionality; their New World Order…their hundreds of millions of stockpiled plastic FEMA caskets (just in the U.S.), which they’ve been building up going back two decade prior to the Fraudemic?

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"We have the laws that say that the government is allowed to do all of this."

"By its very nature all governments and authorities can add to society is imoral violence. It’s a prety easy thing to proove if you just pause to think about it.

Do you need a special badge or a politician or an office of authority to defend an inocent person from being attacked? No!

Do you need special permission and authority to help the poor? No!

The only thing you need authority for is permission to do something that everybody would say: "THAT’S BAD!!!" if you didn’t have that permission, which litterally means all the notion of authority does is to give some people permission to do evil stuff, and pretend it isn’t evil."

- Larken Rose -

The fact that laws exist that "legalizes" the crimes you talk about proves that Larken's statement is absolutely correct.

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Thanks Sasha. You did a great job of conveying as much information as possible within the very limited time slots available in the broadcast radio format. I hope a lot of people heard the message and took it to heart.

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Spreading so-called bacterial substances from the air and sea was done in the UK by Porton Down in the 1950s. There’s an interesting report on this on the mindrenewed.com (Christianity in the New World Order) from quite a few years back now, but it will still be available on the website.

I admire your ongoing tenacity Sasha but hope you still find the time to paint.

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Thank you once again Sasha Latypova. Yesterdays interview with Willem Engel was excellent. In that interview you clearly point out that "legal" (illegal) features designed into our former regulatory systems, negate any notion of remedy via Statute courts. As I've been saying for decades, lawsuits are not the way forward...

For those working at the state and county level in the United States. >>> KATHERINE WATT >>> NOV 17, 2023 >>> https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/for-those-working-at-the-state-and

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"It couldn't be more urgent. It couldn't be more diabolical.". @32:20

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Retrospective diagnosis of what made people sick in 2020 is certainly difficult and without toxicology studies it's especially hard to prove poisoning. I took care of loads of "covid" but did not get my FLI until 2021. Being a skeptic I did not bother with testing or specific Rx. But I convalesced normally with rest and supportive measures despite my advanced age (65). Indeed I did not miss much work. My point is that the so called pandemic was nothing I hadn't seen or personally experienced before. I share your belief that modern science can not create an infectious pathogen . But I suspect modern science can modify, distort, pervert or mutate an existing microbe in order to render it more pathogenic . I know for sure that 2020 was a pandemic of fear to the point of hysteria, deliberately amplified by incessant, deafening, global propaganda. That was a poison for sure. That was more than enough to convince me of a scam, and to never accept, prescribe or administer their fraudulent antidote. (the bioweapon kill shot). I enjoy your work and I believe that Veritas is escaping the well where she has been imprisoned. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a1/La_V%C3%A9rit%C3%A9_sortant_du_Puits%2C_E._Debat-Ponsan%2C_1898%2C_Mus%C3%A9e_H%C3%B4tel_Morin_%28retouched%29_%28cropped%29.jpg

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New frequencies from 5g is the toxin causing symptoms in the beginning. Now the quackccine is the main culprit. Covid-19 is a cover for the toxicity of 5g. The quackccines are to uplink humans to the IOT/IOB. mRNA is code for nanotech machines in order to merge man and machine to fulfill the transhumanism agenda. We call them borg.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false", William Casey, Ronald Reagan's CIA director, in the presence of Reagan


What additional information does anyone need to realize that our "government" is a criminal enterprise bent on the destruction of America, and Americans, by any means possible and necessary.

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"Christian principles".:Human Sacrifice Cult/Culture. The Inquisitions. Someone has to die for our "sins", as we ain't about to give up the banksters and their monopoly game!!

Get ready, "jesus". It's that "time of year" again. The Sacrifice of the Son/Sun/Saturn, our "best" and original Sun. Jesus was the best man ever. That's why we murder him on time every year. His example is embarrassing...bare -assing...and dangerous.

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PS Please don't sue Pfizer, folks. Focus on the military. If Pfizer goes bankrupt, too many fine and wonderful people will lose much of their retirement benefits and stock holdings. Not good. Don't sue Pfizer, the poor Pharmas were "drafted" against their will into the Military.

And don't do any serious study of Pharma's/ .....the art of sorcery and black magic using poisons and spells.....history. Okay?

Thanks. Maybe someday I'll be begging on the streets...again...and those folks with nice Pharma incomes for life will throw me a dime or two.

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