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Changing the accepted definition of vocabulary to fit a narrative is one of the most insidious developments that people have just rolled over and accepted

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"Nominalism can be thought of as a “rule of reasoning” governing which pathways our minds use as we move from ignorance to understanding on any topic imaginable.


One can see clearly how this sort of thing can be used to get soft-minded people to support (or at least ignore) the growth of fascism. Since nominalism presumes that a ruling power creates definitions, which substitute for “truth”… then definitions can be changed over time as said ruling class deems those definitions to change. Just think of the very different definitions of “man” or “woman” from a decade ago, to today. If changing definitions are truth… then there is no ontological truth at all, and inversely no such thing as a lie."


Communism, Capitalism and Feudalism: How Nominalism Makes us Fools.


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Yep, soft minded indeed.

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Lately, I've tried to simplify everything to our core behavioral tools - the carrot and the stick. My hunch is that the goal of the Censorship Industrial Complex isn't what most people think it is. I think the goal is to intimidate and silence the critics who otherwise would have the power to "drain the swamp." The treatment ("message") of Julian Assange is a good case study.


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Using words in their original meaning might just kick off the revolution............

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Yes, and English, according to some people, has been weaponised for this exact purpose. It's a merchant language. Those who recognise this are suggesting that Latin be reinstated.

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Communists do this, and erase history. Politically, In science. Against Catholic Church.

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Kinda crazy don’t get that one how quickly they just roll over.

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People sense another tightening. People who were resistant last time are going to get aggressive. I know I am

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You didn't speak of this thing, projection , that is constantly employed by the enemy on to the victim, where the enemy's action are spoken of as being performed by the vixtim

So. Russia is losing, has already lost the war , Ukraine is winning. Lies of projection, when America is the real loser.

When Biden called Putin a killer, I knew something very bad was in the works, now they are claiming the number of dead former Ukrainians as the number of dead Russians....

They projected the role of evil scapegoat onto the filthy unvaxxxxed, kicked me outta the bar, killed my former relations, and made me an outcast. Because they injextwd their bioweapon, but blamed their suffering on my skin....

Now they are gearing up the next scamdemic, their Harmacide will be blamed upon me again, for being too sane, unlike them....

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I think "Climate Emergency" will be the next phase. Run down the list: Nazi Germany, Red Menace, Radical Islam, Pandemic. Climate Emergency is a logical next step and has more public support at this point than Pandemic Response.

Maybe they'll use Climate Emergency as the next excuse for Pandemic? You know, the forest fires caused by global warming drove the pangolins out of the bush and into people's back yards?

"Hey look, a squirrel!" works on most people as long as it's a different squirrel than you used last time.

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Lots of people on general sm sites are very ugly about all this bullshit. They know what's going on to a good degree.

You just don't see them.

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Brilliant essay, Sasha.

*Speaking it makes it real.*

It happens in mental vector space. No additional metaphysical explanation needed.

This illustrates the importance of censorship in the controller's arsenal of weapons.

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"Speaking it" *also* makes it real at the level of consciousness of the speaker. That occult magic has been used extensively by the controllers attests to its value and utility.

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As taken from https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/artificial:

SYNONYMS FOR artificial























Artificial Intelligence most often requires training.

Is the training censored or filtered? Who's doing the training and do they have an agenda?

Garbage in, garbage out - GIGO.

If one takes a little effort to look, not much is hidden anymore, but believing one entity has all the correct answers simply because it can assemble or process tons of information quickly IS dangerous. Many people will fall for the trap that quick means correct. Sounds very much like "safe and effective" at "warp speed" to me.


With respect to "impressive, fast essay creation" based on NLP, like many shows (or people) that start out to hook the opposition by trying to relate, only to turn in time and impose other ideas subliminally or otherwise ... watch out for the hustle.

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Artificial Values, Artificial Morals, Artificial Souls, Artificial Conscience, Artificial World, etc.

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Yes, and we can be thankful that they are not as intelligent in that those with real intelligence can

Ponder on how they get so far.

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And the Con .... Lee Muller

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Positive reply to Lee M !!It was a reply to Lee about how they try to con us , sorry if it was taken wrong . In person is so much better!

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You got synonyms and you have anagrams (https://ingesanagram.com/ ) - which you prefer for the word "artificial"?

~~~~~here some of the words are~~~~~~edited already~~~~~






































5 letters is the cutoff in the word and no proper names accepted in these anagrams.


With that said, does anybody here know what "trifacial" means? Well, I'll look it up:

"of or relating to the trigeminal nerve"

now ain't that ironic.

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I read somewhere that those who curse a lot tend to be truth seekers. This Substack is Fucking! Awesome. Thank you Sasha.

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I curse plenty :)

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Ha! I always referred to my affliction as ‘occupational Tourette’s!’

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That's the funniest one, it ain't gonna get better, so I bid adieu

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Feel free to curse me: it is often cited(*) that the English language has over one million words, and from among which it is difficult to obtain even an approximate number of synonyms for the exclamatory "Awesome!", but here are a few I wish people would consider using instead of "Awesome!", even if only occasionally:





















(*) that's according to OpenAI's ChatGPT version, which is based on the gpt-3.5-turbo language model.

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I felt bad about how much I curse. In fact I get called out for it.

So you approve?

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I've heard plenty of fake cursing, and its probably the main reason why there is a stigma revolving around extreme profanity.

That said, context is key, and those who never express any sort of emotional distress are also quite suspicious.

Instant red flag whenever body language doesn't match the words!

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that is why face-to-face is always best....but communication seems to be improving and it could improve so much....

I remember my Dad one time working on a curtain rod and he was a Navy man and I believe this is what my "childhood" ears heard:


Mother effing schinking schlufen effing fucking FUCKING goddern stinking flucking rod!


Something like that - my Dad...a navy man. I love him.

ps - Schinking is apparently some place in Austria - damn I did not know that, but did you know Austria got some sort of special "exemptions" at the end of WWII and these exemptions have turned out to be in Austria's benefit? Did you know that - it is true. Funny how things unfold sometimes, but my dad a good navy man - he never taught me how to tie "knots", but he taught me so much and he could swear up a storm and God rest his soul.

pss - now off to some music to calm the soul

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holy moly effing mother effer sons of bitches!

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This was an absolutely brilliant article! I happen to own a few dictionaries written in the mid to late 1800's. - Also some more recent publications of the last 60 years. The early dictionaries span over three decades, and were copyrighted by different publishers. The definitions are thorough and exacting, word origins are listed, and synonyms and antonyms are often included in many references. Modern dictionaries are complete rubbish, and the majority of the populace refers to the watered down (and doctored) blather provided within internet "services". >>>

"The merging of human with machine interface is accomplished by “casting spells” on humans that, conveniently, have never been trained in critical thinking, and have never been educated beyond the level of a compliant obedient serf." [Brilliant]

The use of writing adjuncts such as "Grammarly" controls the ability of the user to think in associative abstract. > https://www.grammarly.com/

Try writing a poem using only two letter words...

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For interested persons: > https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/associationist-thought/

See section 4. Associationism as a Theory of Mental Structure...

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I like the Online Etymology Dictionary. https://www.etymonline.com/

I'm not at all concerned about the weaponization of our language given the fact that all higher societies communicate telepathically.

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Keep in mind, the “rulers” of this world and what the word “elites” actually means…

They think so highly of themselves that they are calling themselves the EL-ITES. AKA- the god-ites

The el-ites put it out in the open that they are the bloodline wicked ones... the gods of old.

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EL means god.

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It's interesting that Pfizer's commercial batch numbering started with ELxxxx series.

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Wow! Now that is a fascinating piece of information, Sasha. Thank you for sharing this.

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EL-Shaddai is the original tribal name of the Abrahamic God, prior to "Yaweh", meaning mountain god. Even the Roman Catholic church formally acknowledges this from original Hebrew sources before the common Anglicization of just God

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According to several sources, the Draco reptilians made an agreement with a rogue race of Sirians---whom we know as Anunnaki---to create a half-reptilian ruling class in Sumer. The Anunnaki also tampered with the genetics of African blacks. Because of their genetic tampering, both the Anunnaki and the Draco fraudulently claim ownership rights over the human race. Another reason to stay away from anything that alters your genome! https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/06/15/who-are-the-anunnaki/

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Exactly, and are as dumb as box of rocks.

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In today’s world most lack of awareness is a choice that far too many people make. Lots of distractions. Besides, nobody wants to be a Debbie Downer, right? When I even mildly touch on the many ways we’re all being turned into serfs nobody wants to hear me. Things are still fun! Walls closing? What walls??

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Exactly a choice no one put an instrument of mass distraction to their heads.

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see luca dellanna's observations about mimetic societies https://luca-dellanna.com/mimetic-societies/

my working hypothesis is that the universe is sonic and that we are the logical consequence of the original primordial hymn

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In the beginning was The Word..

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and the word is sound!

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the Word was made flesh...

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"...We are the logical consequence of the original primordial hymn"

Yes precisely. This is what the ancient Hindu mantra 'OM' is about.

We are so far removed from the 'primordial state' of full brain capacity that they say physically humming the sound of the earth/universe is the best way to open the right side, esp. as we move out of the old age. The heart (seat of primordial energy) has to align with the universal hum which helps move the electrical energy up the nadiis or channels to the pineal gland, aka the Eye of God.

It is an electric energy- quite literally- hence ancient OM and modern electrical resistance by Georg OHM.

The esoteric version of Ave Maria is/was written AUM today but in Latin was written AVM.

Same thing- that primordial vibration opens the gates or chakras. An electrical principle all the way. The word of God is electric energy, and feels like love because it affects the heart so wildly.

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Good one nymusicdaily , one giant ponzie scheme... and actually our devices / social media have been used as such .

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pretty much everything we can perceive (or not) is being used as such!

this old one from CAF has been making the rounds - start at about 30:00 for the segment on attacks on us via every available frequency https://audio.solari.com/sr2011/solari_report-2011-08-18.mp3

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Very interesting nymusicdaily, hope others link it .

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Good one ! Tell me your opinion about this https://www.hoover.org/research/americas-new-jacobins

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thanks for that one BNYB, Victor Davis Hanson is prophetic! Think he gives trump a little too much credit, but proof that we are living in a mimetic society!

And he nails how op-bama was first and foremost about identity politics. it's a divide and conquer scheme. Purple hair vs pink hair - you're not pink enough, you can't ride with us

no room for blondes and brown haired peeps in that equation...

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So true… all of what you said . It’s part of the puzzle to mass psychosis. 🐑🧚☠️

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tragically i think a lot of it is mass lobotomy by childhood vax. i feel sorry for these poor lost children with no fertility, no inner lives, no ability to process. toby rogers really opened my eyes to that

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Yes, it all over the place just take into consideration how many have easily ran with the ball it blows your mind just thinking of it.

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I recommend the book, The Music of Time. Preston Nichols claims that this particular universe is based on two movements from Swan Lake! In another book, Encounter in the Pleiades, he explains the mathematics of how planets are created.

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so he thinks tschaikovsky is god?

he's good but i'd put my money on shostakovich

thanks for the tip!

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If you follow the history of music and mind control, you learn that composers can receive their musical ideas from an outside source.

John Whitberg has talked about how he would obtain songs from an off-world source, and would portal to some well known artist, claim to be Satan, and offer him the song in exchange for his soul. But an artist doesn't necessarily have to receive music knowingly: he could just wake up one morning with the music in his mind.

This also applies to scientists and writers. Knowledge of math and science, and interesting works of fiction, can be implanted in a person.

The science is obvious: Preston Nichols was taken off-world at 15 and given a lot of scientific knowledge by the Aryans. Nikola Tesla was an evolved ET, not an original thinker. But there are also novels, like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that are so accurate that the author couldn't have invented them. L. Frank Baum's Oz series depicted many aspects of the occult knowledge and plans of the Luciferians---a hidden world in Kansas, good witches and bad witches, and a child who was transformed from a girl to a boy and back to a girl. https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/09/06/jessie-czebotar-underground-cities/

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all art is co-creation.

then there's the case of rosemary brown... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqE6vq9Ba68

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Australia's indigenous peoples could traverse thousands of miles on foot, anywhere from Yolngu to Anangu, from Wangai to Muruwari tribal lands, all by the song lines. Singing the songs called up the features of the land by which they navigated the continent. All they required for any great journey was knowledge of lore, which they had, and time, which was unlimited.

Then white fella arrived.

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"This explains why the majority of seemingly highly educated classes fell easily for simple word spells cast on them by “authoritative sources”, and cannot extract themselves from the covid enchantment despite a mountain of objective evidence of the criminal hoax. That’s because they are not educated as free people. They are a trained servant class, schooled in certain ritualized behaviors in order to please their masters, nothing more."

Just wow...amazing observation.

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To summarize (quoting another commenter on Substack):

- highly trained circus animals


- wet robots

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Sasha, This is by far the best article that you have written. You start it by stating John Chapter One, Verse One, which sets the stage for the rest of your article. Then you go on to acknowledge that God created everything and upholds everything by his Word. Finally you acknowledge that all truth comes from God. With this frame work you can never fail.

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Wow! So you're telling me that you read this article, and all you got from it was blah blah John Chapter one, blah blah God is so cool! blah blah God blah blah God blah blah blah ...

We couldn't possibly have read the same article, because I read this a few hours ago and am still processing all the fascinating information which, as a minimum, I learned, including stuff like:

- Liberal arts were called Liberal because the words stem from liberty and the term "liberal arts" for an educational curriculum dates back to classical antiquity in the West

- the educational curriculum of classical antiquity comprised seven subjects divided into

- trivium of rhetoric, grammar, and logic - not part of the required curricula in the public schools or universities today, the public education system does not educate free citizens, instead it is a factory for churning out standardized, emotive and obedient cogs

- quadrivium of astronomy, mathematics, geometry, and music

- language-based skills of public speaking, writing and logic were established in Western culture as an attribute of a free person, in contrast to a slave, serf or a servant

- critical thinking is a skill which is driven by the cycle of grammar, logic, and rhetoric

- the purpose of grammar is to bring a consistent order to a body of knowledge

- the purpose of logic is to extract understanding from the body of knowledge

- rhetoric is the cogent explanation of that body of knowledge.

- consecutive cycles of Grammar-Logic-Rhetoric as a comprehensive decision making process

- inability to arrive at truth by a critical thinking process gives way to emoting - intellectually, a lower level space - instead of thinking, which leads to the mind enslavement, passing the operational control from self to others

- accordingly, AI developers concern themselves with language based models

- those who seek to control and dominate start by taking over, controlling and dominating language, starting with political correctness, proceeding to censorship, to rabid woke ideology, then outright criminalization of unpopular or dissenting speech, all aided by AI and surveillance

- introduction of a category of AI training models called Word Vectorization (or Word Embeddings), a technique for natural language processing (NLP) that learns word associations from a large body of text

- a method for representing each word mathematically by a vector of real numbers that captures the location of the word in relation to all other words

- a massively repetitive process produces a map of words in a vector space with their locations

- results in a measure of the similarity between words by using a simple mathematical function

- importantly, Word-to-Vector modeling results in vectors that represent much more complex relationships, and calculation by simple arithmetic equations that yield interesting and intuitive results

- all of us have our own word-vector spaces in our heads

- as we hear words and read text throughout our lives, our own mental representations of the vector space develops, adapts and changes

- common daily speech is auto-generated without much thinking, it only requires some initial prompts - key words from which the autopilot will string the expected phrase of closely-vectored words

- only some of the time the “operator” level thinking intervenes and overrides the auto-pilot

- from antiquity, the theory of dual mind entails the idea that a human is 2 minds + 1 material body (a trinity): the two minds are sometimes considered soul and spirit, and other times intuitive and rational

- this can be summarised as "autopilot" and "operator"; "autopilot", or intuitive mind, controls autonomic functions of the body, and is amenable to control by suggestion when the "operator" is not on guard or is willingly surrendered

- “autopilot” mind contains all information acquired through the lifetime, but not statically - it is constantly shaped, trained and redeveloped through daily experiences of the “operator” or rational mind

- vector-space is different from person to person, but also from the space a year ago, and it also varies by time of day, by ones location, mood, activity and other circumstances

- conversely, computer AI models are static: they age and decay fast and need to be constantly updated

- most people do not know that most of their daily conversations are generated by their own word-vector autopilot

- autopilot is subject to capture and re-training, primarily by the government-corporate cartels that use this for nefarious purposes - censorship, fake social media accounts, better hacking tools, fake news generators, “prebunking narratives” and many other informational warfare methods

- Word-to-Vector is able to represent our verbal understanding of the world and could be used to manipulate people by changing their mental models (or their own internal word-vector spaces)

- this is the nature of the 5th gen wars. The war is waged in the mind and in the word-vector space first

- simple repetition of words and phrases will brainwash most humans if they are not paying active attention or do not have skills to recognize and counteract this attack on their minds

- this is the principle behind Operation Mockingbird - repetition of simple phrases to the audience whose critical thinking skills are dulled or destroyed by bad education, encouraged disorganization, consumerism, addiction to TV, wokeness, bad nutrition, “public health”, the CDC’s childhood poisoning schedule and media propaganda

- the merging of human with machine interface is accomplished by “casting spells” on humans that, conveniently, have never been trained in critical thinking, and have never been educated beyond the level of a compliant obedient serf

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I am starting to think that these psyops are only successful against people who lack creativity and passion for anything else in their life. A great novel or a competitive hockey campaign are infinitely more compelling than panicking over a slight cough or a day with weather that is slightly different than the day before.

But for those who have committed to being socially enlightened, every day the media will have a new cause for you to freak out over.

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Very early on in the fakedemic or PHEICdemic, I asked my sister whether she had read 1984. Of course she indignantly said she had. ‘But I don’t understand then. That book is terrifying, and Newspeak its most despicable weapon. Why is it that you sound like you are a prole singing the Party’s latest ditty?’ We haven’t spoken for two years but I just send her Katherine and Sasha and excess death and miscarriage data. She ignores me, she is unreachable.

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Sasha, you are forgetting the most potent antidote against being mind-controlled by those bastards.

It's beauty.

While truth is the language of God, beauty is His poetry. I'm somewhat surprised that you, of all people, should fail to mention this because I see so much beauty in your art - or perhaps it's so self-evident that you even forget about it?

Those people and their ilk are not just liars, grifters and criminals, they are also extremely vulgar, hard to look at and to listen to. Yuck! But why would anyone want to do that? Just watch the beauty of the natural world and you never want to go back to their sad, grotesque TV reality show.

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beauty = truth

That's why I don't put it as a separate category. I learned some of this by learning to draw human form, there are principles of what makes any design beautiful and they derive from truth to nature.

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I stand corrected. I should know, I'm a sculptor. Shame on me.

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Exactly nature, it will show you the way, to add for those whom ever get stranded in Gods world

Nature a forest as an example

Never fear the good lord will direct his creatures to show you how to Forage they will lead you to water etc, if you listen or will starve.

Have no fear and trust and have faith, weather you are with a stroke of a brush or wondering

In the wilderness the path is the same.

Sasha 😇

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Well I did a "tape job" on my wife's 2010 Toyota Corolla today where there was this plastic piece got loose awhile ago and the last tape job was hanging in by a thread - anyhow, I did the tape job, and now I think it is good to go for another few years.

If not for messing around with tape and artistry over the years, I doubt I could have done the repair job.....I hope it works!

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder - tis it not?


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Function is beauty. I myself am a bailing wire artist.

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Hay, that's cool.

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Oh, what a baleful joke.

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I compose full four-movement symphonies - comprising opening sonata or allegro, an andante, a scherzo, and finally an allegro, rondo, or a sonata - all for spoons. The kitchen tea and table variety.

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I agree that there is beauty in putting something together for functional purpose - I agree. Beauty though remains in the eye of the beholder I reckon.

Per my personal perspective I don't care much for needless aesthetics - what I mostly care about is functionality, but sometimes the two of them go hand-n-hand I think....funny thing is I thought I was somewhere else when I posted this, but here I am at Sasha's place.......her artistry I won't deny impresses me....


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I recall Robert Pirsig saying something related in Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, about genuine beauty (as opposed to "style") being intimately entwined with function. The examples he gave included the shape of a boat (inevitably, in my biased view)!

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I read Robert Pirsig's seminal Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance perhaps twenty years ago, and I can admit without exaggeration that I haven't stopped thinking and meditating over so many of the enlightening notions therein.

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I once viewed a list of mind control patents that was extensive. Also, another substack writer, mejbcart, was looking into this Korean patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/KR20170090373A/en

I'm a legal whistleblower all over the patents and grants to follow the $ if you ever want to collaborate. I also have friends that run decent sized interbrt media outlets. Huge fan of you and Katherine.

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Artificial Intelligence an oxymoron?

AI = weaponized artifice; the enslavement has begun

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AI is from another universe, and it is very effective at destroying species, according to people in the SSP.

Penny Bradley: https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2023/03/02/penny-bradley-explains-black-goo-ai/

John Whitberg: https://youtu.be/GGiShT63PyQ

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