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Below, as you know, is what I wrote right after this "Bombshell" was released last night and was posted foolishly on every substack- that PV wouldn't vet this guy is inexcusable and very poor journalism at best.

Don't people vet their sources any more?

That Malone is inserted into the video and then is featured in the following twitter conversation should cause anyone with critical thinkning skills still inteact to raise an eyebrow.

"The verbiage used doesn't add up. Most all of what they were discussing also served to validate the "viral story" about "Covid" and the "pandemic"- further implanting these into peoples brains as verifiable and unassailable assumptions. Using so-called dissenters like Malone as the "expert voice is the easiest way to do this.

It's likely the guy in the PV video is a "crisis actor" trained by a PR firm like Burston-Marstellar and hired by Pfizer for this role.

Be aware people- there are multiple Covid crimes committed that are being put to the back burner because of the "next bombshell" that goes nowhere.

In the twitter discussion on this Tom Fitton stated "we need to stop this GoF so we don't get hit by another pathogen that decimates us"

That is complete nonsense- "we" were hit by vicious hospital protocols and impacts of societal destruction followed by mass poisoning via toxic mRNA injections.

All of these people in that twitter discussion, including Malone again, are reifying the big lie that there was a viral pandemic- there wasn't- it was administrative slaughter. There is no excuse for this at this point."

I will add this:

Well if only we could get the public this engaged in how the poor and elderly were wiped out in hospitals in Spring 2020 and how this was the primary fear mechanism for launching the "Covid" fraud we would be getting somewhere.

"Pfizer wants to do some diabolical shit for money?" That's not news- that's SOP.

Sorry but the likes of Malone and Weinstein are the last people that should be listened to on anything.

This kind of noise and distraction blocks out the truth from being heard.

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Well said. The sooner we address the real crimes of fake pandemic 1. 2. Fake PCR test

3. Demonstrable killing in hospitals 4. Killings in nursing homes 5. Pre meditated genocide with a fake “vaccine” bioweapon aka countermeasure the sooner we can get on with stopping the current culling and prevent the next panic public health button.

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Well said!

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They did vet this guy. What needs to happen know is for most of the medical freedom world to understand that Pfizer is a set of actors given a script. Then it will all makes sense.

What is especially astonishing in Brian O'Shea's background analysis of Walker is the pivot from regular urology doctor with a few publications, none first authored to these high level positions that require marketing, health economics, business degrees and specialization and experience. The mini course in Mandarin language just months before the COVID announcement is a big clue and tell, and is galling. What the PV report accomplishes is some sunshine on these fake roles concocted to look plausible by pharma for willing stooges.

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He didn't complete his urology residency, which takes five years.

They snatched him up for purpose.

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That is a good lead to follow.

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Be careful with George Webb.. real name George Webb Sweigert. He and his brother tried to take down a site that was doing excellent exposure of The Clinton Foundation a few years back. Got friendly with them & then tried to get channel cancelled, tried to implicate them in a bomb hoax and tried to tie them up with lawfare.

I suspect he is a Judas goat.

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I've wanted to believe that Webb is an insightful investigator, but he never seems to follow through on strong leads, or provide any meaningful information. How does he fund his travels and "Reporting?" I'm more skeptical than ever; he seems like a time-wasting distraction, funded by the dark side. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.

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Invaluable! Thanks.

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Thank you.

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Malone's in on it, you can tell. dude has major duper's delight going on. that smirk don't lie

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You are keen on the visual cues like my girlfriend.

For me it's how he speaks, my spider senses go off on people like him. There's this calculated complex AI like way that these narcissists/psychopaths use to sell a lie. Obama did it well. So did Noam Chomsky way back even when he was the left "sweetheart".

They speak emotionally, but perfectly measured. There's no real feeling, it's all dialed in like a recipe. I would guess this is what NLP- Neuro-linguistic programming is.

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Good analysis Rob. Agree.

Mind you I still like Steve Kirsch.

Wonder when I will wake up.

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Malone is souled out and doesn't care that he knows that we know that he knows.

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Woman’s intuition 🧐

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I was starting to agree with you until I saw that line "wikipedia was right" - red flag!! - & sure enough, then you go on to claim there's no such thing as a spike protein, using the backwards logic that because SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated (debatable at any rate) a component part of that virus must not exist either. that makes no sense on any level but then what does one expect from anyone who would utter the statement "wikipedia was right."

anyway, no matter what you think about whether SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated or even exists, the spike protein exists & has turned up in the tissues of a whole lot of bioweapon victims. what do you think exactly is killing people who get vaxxed? magic? you realize your theory lets ghouls like Malone's boys at DARPA off the hook?

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"the spike protein exists & has turned up in the tissues of a whole lot of bioweapon victims. what do you think exactly is killing people who get vaxxed? magic?"

Can you cite those studies?

There are multiple possibilities on what is killing people from the mRNA injections.

Metals, LNP's etc.

Do you have a list of the ingredients that are in the vials?

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this article provides a good overview of how the spike protein can kill (at least a dozen studies linked within) https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/why-is-the-vaccine-killing-our-young

here's Sucharit Bhakdi describing its actions https://prepareforchange.net/2021/06/09/how-covid-vaccines-can-cause-blood-clots-and-more/ (he has done a few studies, article is an overview of his findings)

actual images of spike proteins hanging out in tissue making a mess (https://swprs.org/covid-vaccine-injuries-the-german-pathologists-findings/)

etc - it's pretty easy to find if you look (don't use duckduckgo, they're just as bad as google on this subject)

indeed there are multiple ways the shots can cause injury/death. from what i understand the ingredients in the vials vary dramatically from batch to batch. just because lipid nanoparticles can kill doesn't mean spike can't.

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It's a bit heavy with the study language, you can check "in summary" section, like I do lol

Here's my gist on it, based on my engineering/troubleshooting type of thinking:

When a cell is damaged, you get debris.

The debris looks like spike protein, exosomes, viruses etc.

If you have been poisoned by toxins, you will see a lot of spike protein.

Before con-vid, moderna had huge issues with the lipids.

Why? Because they are hard to eliminate and end up in organs, slowing them down.

This is before the new narrative of the super duper spike protein.

The same nonsense happens with Alzheimer's... They claimed it was amyloid beta. But Chris Exley found aluminum in every Alzheimer's brain, but ended his study once they got big pharma money... But hey let's just blame amyloid beta, cause it sounds cooler. ( Recently they found that a key amyloid beta study was falsified!)

Plus we can sell drugs to treat that symptom instead of addressing the cause of aluminum buildup in the brain! Lol

Modern medicine, find the result and call it the cause of disease.


The Bailey's are much better than Cowan in the science.

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Do you have a link to a study about spike proteins in the blood or tissues of people who took the jab? I've heard that too, about spike proteins don't exist because SARS-CoV-2 doesn't exist. I'm very curious as to how much follow-up has been done on what internal effect those shots have in people (other than antibody titers, which is the only parameter I've seen documented in terms of results of the shots.

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studies show that once vaxxed, the spike protein ends up pretty much everywhere (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1201971221003647). it enters the bloodstream (http://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciab465/6279075) & crosses the blood-brain barrier (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41593-020-00771-8).

a ton of studies linked in this article (https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/why-is-the-vaccine-killing-our-young) describe how spike does its dirty work once it gets everywhere.

keep in mind the main guy saying the spike protein doesn't exist (Cowan) is also saying we don't have immune systems - i'd take anything he says with a planet-sized grain of salt. these people are laughing at us & probably being paid handsomely for it.

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I honestly dont think we will know any of this with certainty until we open up all the docs these monsters have withheld before we condemn them in court. Or elsewhere .

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Your comment came to me- I think you were responding to someone else.

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i was responding to the link you posted - some howlers in there

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Thanks for sharing 👍. Sums up things well. We all need extra widsom from Almighty God and discernment to see through the BS.

Recent micro baby like Brazil for zika was born in December locally to new arrival parents(?). Baby did not make it. Many prenatal are pushed jabs like Tdap, flu, CV, when atleats 2 decades ago meds & jabs were not promoted...no caffeine, no OTC meds...nothing until birth to protect babies in the wombs. Nowadays, they are shockingly drinking,smoking,jabbing, hair dying chemicals, chemical nail products, etc, by very young moms and older. Pesticides also harm fetuses in the womb besides street drugs and alcohol.

Thanks for sharing. I joined the stacks to read more and see more of what mainstream bans on other sites.

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And you never see his eyes, just two black holes.

It reminds me of Biden - big black holes.

I wonder if they have some kind of contact lenses to read a script or whatever they unload in there.

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I can't understand why anyone would listen to Malone. He says he helped invent mRNA technology and in my book that means he knew the dangers of mass marketing this completely untested crap.

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Malone did know the dangers and walked away from it years ago. It was picked up by Merck then sold off, and then in the hands of DOD that went forward with it relentlessly. Out of Malone's control. It helps to read the detailed history that Malone has published in numerous Substacks and videos and to take the time to do it. Malone is doing his damndest to call out the harms and warn people about the corruption and to help people cope and recover. I admire him tremendously, and identify with his grief at having worked diligently at a career where he thought he was helping mankind and making important discoveries. But it turns out much of that was misused, abused and dishonored.

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he didn't walk - check out solari.com- documented where he is currently taking money from and who he is working with- follow the links- Catherine Austin Fitts and Breggin provide them all- we all need to do research- and not just 'believe' in a narrative- it takes a LOT of work and energy and is worth it- otherwise you are just a leaf in someone elses wind!

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I am a Solari subscriber and did check all that out extensively. Catherine is mistaken and I wrote about that detail on Malone's Substack. Catherine did not respond to my follow up questions. She misunderstood federal contracting mechanisms, IDIQ's, and the concept of working to help others land contracts--all of which I have done extensively myself. The dollars I helped investigators and institutions bring in aren't dollars that I personally accrued. This is one of many tragic misreadings of Malone's extensive resume. You assume I did not perform due diligence, but that in fact is my forte.

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I am seeing a lot of ppl spewing out invective re Controlled Opposition, Limited hangout etc etc. viz. Robert Malone, Russell Brand. It feels a bit like the leftist firing squad. I imagine the accusers feel smug because they are so smart and they "know". Maybe they feel like spies, I dunno. It IS dangerous because talk is cheap and we are in the fight of our lives. It feels like the ones outing are snitching and very possibly work for the Death Cult itself. It would be a good way to splinter us. All I can do is watch the actions of those accused. Both RM and RB have not made any bad moves imho

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russsel brand FOR SURE. I am constantly surprised at the AMOUNT of controlled OP.

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You're forte is being paid to infest and derail threads with Malone boosterism. You're the Malone version of Lara Loomer and JoJofromJerz.

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I think thats unfair. I vacillate constantly around Malone. I dont get the feeling Betsy is controlled narrative. Or a shill. Wholly unfair. IMHO>

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Breggin -- that would be the whiner who got all het up because Malone's book is selling WAY better than his, even in pre-pub?! And began maligning and insulting and making shit up about Malone?! Did you not see and hear him squealing and whining and .... I had to turn him off; it was disgusting. It was some interview with Lee Merritt -- whom I thought well of, until she seemed to join into the slam-fest.

I LIKE CAF, but her points of view are sometimes ... odd... It would be NICE to pretend that everyone can be nice and play nice and ... move out to a small mid-West farm when NOT flying to spend time in ... is it the Netherlands and go boating? She's a very very rich person, whom I do not find to be ... in touch with ... people of NORMAL income and resources!

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I've followed Breggin for decades as he was key in helping me escape psychiatry. In listening to him - for decades - I have found that he occasionally spouts opinionated stuff and presents it as fact, even though it's just his belief. Like the Chy-na focus - when the whole world is involved. So - when he blew his mouth at Malone, I was unsurprised (though I did feel like, "Peter! What are you saying and why are you saying it!" and I often have a jaw-drop, "You shouldn't say that! That's gonna bite back!!") - but what did blow me away was the dollar figure on that Malone lawsuit. Breggins aren't rich - so where did that $25 million figure come from? Wouldn't the big man just turn the other cheek? Sticks and stones and all that. As if Breggin truly harmed him?

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This Malone bashing obsession is so weird. It seemed to start when he became just a little too enthusiastic about promoting Desmet's mass formation psychosis. Before that, he was generally well regarded by almost all on 'our side', but since then, he's damned for things he has freely admitted to doing and has expressed regret over, he's damned for not doing things people think he should have done and he's damned for doing things which people claim he's done with little or no evidence to prove it. How very strange. If he's a bad apple then he's a supremely good actor that's all I can say. I'm not totally uncritical of him. I think he was unduly harsh re. Stew Peters and 'Died Suddenly' and he presumed somewhat arrogantly to speak for Steve Kirsch. But none of us are saints and very few are unrelenting sinners. I believe Malone's heart is in the right place though.


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Malone talks a lot but says very little.

He almost never speaks about the actual subject that he is an expert on.

And very few find this odd.

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So, you've never had a security clearance and had MANY areas about which you may NOT speak in public?

WHEN interviewers ASK Malone questions about the actual subjects he is expert on, he generally answers them, as much as he is able. But interviewers ALMOST NEVER ask him those questions! They ask questions that THEY think they (maybe-sorta) understand and they want to provide to their audiences.

He also has to spend part of every interview correcting and explaining the mistakes and foolish things (some) interviewers keep asking. What's odd to me is that the interviewers never seem to have done much HOMEWORK before wasting Malone's time!

Malone "talks a lot" about the most important subjects to him: STOP injecting children (or anyone, but even THAT has had to take a back seat -- as they keep increasing the pressure to poison younger and younger children)!

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he also talks a lot about subjects that are far outside his realms of expertise, like "China is responsible for the virus" and "muh communism"

if he wants people to stop calling his loyalties into question, perhaps he should stop serving the interests of those he claims to be exposing.

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He was still just fine with injecting old people. Cope all you want. 95% of Malone’s screeds are just him congratulating himself over his recent and tenuous ‘Red Pilling’.

Being redpilled is not a badge of honour. It’s a continuous and lifelong process of shedding programming and lies.

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he's also constantly flogging the blame-China narrative. that's the biggest red flag on him IMO- indicates he is still very much working for the Department of Offense

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That's amusing, because Breggin focuses way too much on Chy-na, too.

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This. So much this.

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Malone still has a few (maybe more) NDA's he has to talk around.

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not if he is suing Peter Breggin for $25 million.

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he has always struck

me as odd.

Desmett never used " psychosis". told Malone it is " formation".

Breggins are above reproach. Malone hitting them for $25 million is only to destroy the Breggins.

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Is he really, or is that what you want to believe?

During this Plandemic, we have learned that the PCR test is not a test at all. It is a lab procedure to multiply molecules so that the lab can study them.

No one has isolated any virus. Not a polio virus. Not a measles virus. Not a "crown" virus. (Isn't "corona" an interesting choice of name for a virus that has never been isolated?)

Let's assume that the virus is really important to the pHARMaceutical industry. What would happen to the pHARMaceutical industry if it truly became common knowledge that no virus has ever been isolated? What do you think would happen to the pHARMaceutical industry? Me thinks it would shrivel up and the cucarachas would have to run for cover, just like when you turn on the lights.

The virus myth is the keystone of the pHARMaceutical industry. Without the alleged virus, there is no need for vaccines. Without vaccines, there is no need for the vast majority of the toxic drugs designed to "treat" symptoms. The vaccine industry needs the virus myth to justify their existence. The pHarmaceutical industry needs the vaccine industry to justify their drugs. Can you see profits going pffffft if the virus myth is truly exposed? Do you think the pHARMaceutical industry is going to sit on the sidelines whilst this happens or do you think they will do every dirty trick in the book to protect this cash cow and their immense power over people via this wealth and deceit?

Vaccines are the cash cows. They create profit centers for the pHARMaceutical industry by harming the recipients. Do you think it's fair and just for vaccine manufacturers to have zero accountability and fiduciary responsibility when their products harm people? Or, do you find that acceptable? Just curious.

So, back to Malone. There is so much documentation available about the millions and billions of pHARM money that flowed through Malone's greased palms that it seems a bit curious that he now feigns concern for anyone who is harmed by jabs. He has made it abundantly clear that he is not anti-vaxx. So, does that make him pro vax? Is it okay to harm chosen groups of people to harm, and spare others, or what do you think is fair?

Do you honestly think Malone can participate in that level of graft in a highly controversial industry and suddenly turn on those who made him wealthy, just because he suddenly decided to become an altruistic soul? Or, are you impressed by his handsomeness, his well-groomed appearance, his articulate manner of speaking, or his grandfatherly persona? I would like to know, because I don't find much to like about him and I am wondering if I missed the mark somewhere and you can shed some light on why I should change my mind.

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Blah blah blah. Yes, I know all this stuff. I've skimmed it. I absolutely 100% WILL look into it deeply ONCE WE STOP THE MURDERING!! Now is NOT the time!! I certainly agree with Big Pharma being murderers many times over. I do NOT yet agree there are no viruses. I AM 100% willing to consider it -- BUT. NOT. NOW.!!!

"Without the alleged virus, there is no need for vaccines. Without vaccines..."

JESUS! Don't you GET it?! The vast vast vast majority of humans on this planet have 100% COMPLETELY swallowed the propaganda that vaccines are an unalloyed GOOD! "Oooh, polio, smallpox... vaccines are NECESSARY!" (Shit, even *I* was once/most of my life looking askance at the falsely maligned "anti-vaxxers"! Now, I ARE one!)

You're writing you think you can make ANY sort of headway at getting people to STOP taking this specific poison-vaxx with ALL the death and destruction it's CLEARLY causing by getting them to abandon a "truth" they have been fortified with their entire lives?! DURING the hurricane?!?!

You're wasting time in the middle of the battle. You want to discuss WHY the war began and whose fault it is... instead of raising whatever weapons you have and trying to SAVE LIVES!

We CAN'T even get them to SEE that this specific "NOT-a-vaccine" is murdering millions!! They excuse ALL the deaths, and what little they see of the horrific injuries because "vaccines are an unalloyed good!"

"Do you think it's fair and just"

Since when have "fair and just" ever EVER made a damned bit of difference in a war?! "Fair and just" -- right NOW -- means spending our time and energy SAVING LIVES! Not arguing minutiae over a medical 'problem' -- misunderstanding or intentionally misleading -- DURING THE BATTLE!

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i'm 100% with you.

where were these "no viruses ever existed " people before? with the previous years of vaccine damage ?

i can readily see how there was no real Sars2 Covid-19 virus

causing this " pandemic." but the debate about viruses in general is another

" divide and conquer" time wasting tactic.

FREEDOM remains the essential issue.

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I'm afraid there are these Malone bashers that will take any opportunity to spew their venom. It's getting very boring. Sigh. Malone must be very threatening to them.

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Its a distraction.

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I know I repeat but Have you considered these questions yet?


There are more, it's only the start.

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Malone has bragged on video that he worked in bioweapons development for over 30 years. I hope he doesn't sue me for $25 million.

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Bragged? Bioweapons? He has worked in dual use which meant that he was working in vaccine development and countermeasures to bioweapons that he was led to believe where a major global threat.

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Paid boosters should be honest. The only reason you are ever in any thread us to boost for Malone.

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I am retired. Paid by no one.

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Lmfao, stupid shill for big cock Malone.

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"LittleGreenBot" should be your name. Only the ignorant and evil make accusations without substantiation.

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All bioweapons are "dual use." It's how they get taxpayers to fund them.

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The questions are time-wasters that do little or nothing to advance the goal of ending COVID tyranny and lies. The author can get in line with hundreds of other people who want a piece of Dr. Malone's time. Incidentally, many of the questions could be answered just by reading the doctor's substack posts; some people are just lazy -- which points again to ulterior motives.

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Exactly. Additionally , these " purity tests" are ridiculous .

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Can you point me to where Malone has stated that viruses have never been proven to exist and that he is making that clear to the public? I haven't been able to find that. Thanks.

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ANOTHER distractor, trying to attract eyeballs AWAY from the point! STOP wasting time on "there are no viruses." AFTER we manage to save as much of the planet as we can from this bioweapon, I will be happy -- and very interested -- in the research and discussions on whether or not there are viruses.

Right NOW? The battle is to STOP further intentional death and destruction. When you try to "convince" normies that there are no viruses -- WHETHER OR NOT THERE ARE! -- you're starting a race a qtr mile BEHIND the starting line!! Hell, we're struggling to even get the damned normies to RECOGNIZE this is a POISION shot! Those of us who are deep in this research may be willing to look into "do viruses exist?" BUT. NOT. NOW.!!!

Any why in the hell would you use THAT as a metric for whether or not Malone is worth listening to? Is that the metric you use for the doctors and researchers YOU consider valid? You do realize "viruses don't exist" is still a HYPOTHESUS, and NOT proven, and you're wasting time in the middle of a battle on a topic that is NOT persuasive to the vast majority of both normies and the educated in this field?

FOCUS! We're trying to save lives, NOT work out the underpinnings of medical science! THAT is for after the battle, probably after the WAR, when people are not dying by the many-thousands!!

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How is this guy front and center on anything?

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He's not just front and center, he's always late to realize things. He's an information valve. But no worries, sooner or later he will be obsolete. He's not able to stop the wave of information that most people ignored about past vaccines.

When these limited hangouts and handlers come out, it means that the lying ones are really afraid of being caught. People like him didn't exist during the MMR/autism thing, nobody connected to the industry wanted in on that narrative.

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"He's not able to stop the wave of information that most people ignored about past vaccines."

He's not trying to!! Do you never actually LISTEN to him? He's TRYING to stop our enemies from injecting poison into 6-mos-old INFANTS!!!

And do you not 'get' that the MMR/autism thing is what ALLOWS more people (certainly not enough yet, but it's better!) to 'get in on' the lies? Fight the battle we are IN! Not all the others that also need fighting!!

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Jan 29, 2023·edited Jan 29, 2023

Because he both KNOWS shit and is willing to SPEAK IT out loud! How many pharma employees -- when NOT trying to get into the pants of a PV reporter -- speak truths to anyone? Mike Yeadon? A couple others?

This "guy" is "front and center" on this topic because he is a HANDS-DOWN EXPERT on all this stuff! Would you rather hear from ... pick your uneducated, inexperienced, un-read, emotionally-driven (and we've got a LOT of those!) randos or from the man who has been working in this field his entire career?!?

And if you CAN 'T be bothered to go listen to and read all Malone's MANY explanations of what he knows and how he knows it... then you are just another uneducated -- and emotionally driven rando! You've got LOTS of ... I feel, seems to me, how can you NOT draw connections... on stuff you know NOTHING about that Malone has explained MANY times!!!

And yes, I have listened to and read everything Malone has put out. I'm ex-Navy, and ex-govt subcontractor (in aerospace) -- so. yes, I DO know from personal experience the limits and restrictions having a clearance places on a person. I am not 100% "sure" of Malone, any more than I am 100% "sure" on anyone else! But he has shown, over and over, to be reliable.

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Malone even took 'it' himself. I can't decide whether he's a paid shill or simply a highly indoctrinated and unintelligent person who thinks the world of himself.

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Excellent piece by Diane West. Malone has been in the pharma business obtaining millions in funding, grants from National Security State (military intel/DARPA, CIA, et al).

He's boasted about his connection with the deep intel state. The first clue was his daily writings on topics he simply took the lead subject matter and wrote like it was his own discover.

Whether one believes what this guy is about or not, ignoring can do no harm, and only good. Let him fade away.

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Exactly. He never says anything NEW but repeats and distorts others and he acts as if those were his ideas, revelations, discoveries. And he grabs and takes the lead.

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To quote, Diana West in her superb expose on Dr. Malone (a case study in infiltration):

"... If Malone's ideas hold sway, the answer is a subverted opposition. This is exactly how influence operations work. Groups are subverted from within; operators subtly shift the agenda of one side to match or complement or get out of the way of the agenda of the other side. Are we not watching this process in real time? To be sure, we have seen an internationally active vaccine-developer and mRNA vaccine originator, find his way, Johnny-come-lately, to the fore of the anti-covid-vaccine movement to help "broaden" it into a "we're not anti-vaccine/we're anti-mandate" movement. At the very least, Malone is successfully shaping the narrative to suit his professional and personal legacy."

I think in his haste to recruit popular voices, RFK, Jr. has grabbed onto an infiltrator of the first order. I think there are others in his devoted clan. These may very well sink RFK, Jr.'s mission as he purports to go after criminals like Fauci, et al.

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What a stupid insult!

He took it because his JOB required him to have it. (And just to be clear, since you clearly know nothing about WHY he took it, nor what happened after he was poisoned... He was not mandated, but it WAS required...) He needed to fly to Europe for business: that's what he DOES for a living -- he consults. And, like about 85+% of Americans (or humans?); he TRUSTED vaccines! We ALL trusted vaccines! OOPS!

And, as with so many 'late-comers' to the fray, it wasn't until he was damn-near KILLED by it, that he realized what a mistake he had made!

WHY don't you know this?! You're perfectly happy to slur a man you clearly know little about... What does that say about YOUR decision making?

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Ah, so. You're making clear by repeating your links several times that you have no intention of RESEARCHING the man you are deriding for yourself? Not YOUR opinion based on your own research, but the opinions of others who have persuaded you for whatever reasons they have... so you have joined their attacks?


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Jan 29, 2023·edited Jan 29, 2023

You haven't done your (any?) homework!

Malone invented and described the TECHOLOGY!! Back in the 1980's! Didn't "help invent" -- Invented and filed nine (granted) patents. His theory, work, and invention then got hung up in lawsuits over intellectual property and the pharma co's and labs NOT developing what they had control of for a couple DECADES!! He was not involved SARS-Cov2 and covid. Period.

He is not involved on the mass marketing of ANYthing, except trying to "mass market" "DO NOT TAKE THE SHOTS!" after he took them and was seriously injured by them (still IS trying to recover from the vaxx-injury he suffers).

Try to think this concept through: if he had invented the PENCIL.... would you blame and malign him for what someone bad writes with a pencil nearly 30 years later?!

Those of us who have DONE the homework, (still) listen to Malone because he is truthful -- or truthful enough.

I could also point out that it was NOT "completely untested crap" -- except I do not want to give Big Pharma even the slightest positive note, as I doubt their "testing" was well done... or even done with the intent to prove safety rather than to HIDE the LACK of safety. (A group I hang with named their early tests: "Case: Nightmare Kitty" because it killed the cats. We were HOPING -- but our hopes have been dashed -- that the poison-vaxx would NOT turn out to be Case: Nightmare Kitty. Alas.)

Stop being emotional, going by your feelings, and do your damned homework before posting!

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You obviously have NOT read Dr. Malone's material, and the gleeful gang of character assassins (or maybe just 'bots) here haven't either. He has explained -- in detail -- his disappointment with mRNA development, and why he had to accept the failures of the technology in areas he hoped would succeed. Dr. Malone has an extensive substack collection, and any FAIR person who is interested in his role in this area has a moral obligation to consider his material (ALL of it, not just something plucked out of context) before dumping on him.

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“... ‘we’ were hit by vicious hospital protocols and impacts of societal destruction followed by mass poisoning via toxic mRNA injections” and “[s]orry but the likes of Malone and Weinstein are the last people that should be listened to on anything.”

Great succinct statements!

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Not-great, unsupported comments.

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and an already much jabbed by vaccine population, eating dirty, unhealthy food and not much in the way of taking care of their bodies- or exercising- notice the growing flab, obesity and pale skin and bad hair- all signs of un- health

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and the system is actively telling them to do things that are bad for their health

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Veritas established the identity of the person in the video. This still leaves the possibility that they were set up by Pfizer et al using a real employee who is both drunk and unintelligent to expose alleged criminal, unethical and immoral behaviour at the company which they can then debunk or, for their own twisted purposes, is useful in some way to perpetuate a preferred narrative. I don't quite get the anti-Malone stance. It seems to me that his involvement in anything now is viewed by some people as being a marker of mistrust. If Malone is anywhere near the well, it seems, then the well must be poisoned. That doesn't seem very logical to me. Malone's analysis of the character of Walker (if Walker is not acting) and of the corruption at Pfizer was beautifully expressed and spot on.


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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023Liked by Sasha Latypova

I take a different view.

Malone's characterization on "all things pandemic" are factually incorrect and the underlying theme in all of his work is that the pandemic is real and we just had a "mistaken" response. This is utter bullshit and counter to copious amounts of unassailable data that he wilfully ignores.

He is also a believer in the GoF garbage and pushes on this incessantly. All he is doing is propping up the Bio-Security State in doing so and pimping more fear.

Also his "characterization" on this latest cretin was couched in terms that were naive at best. Gimme a break- that Pharma is loaded with sociopaths is fresh news?

Sorry but in the end Malone is a true believer and has profited handsomely from the Pharma Cartel, he just thinks they have taken some "missteps."

And any information he may convey can be had from any number of sources better than he. I don't take a "stance" on Malone I listen to him and compare what he is saying to the evidence and data. He doesn't know what he is talking about and at best misdirects people.

Project Veritas itself is another issue.

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I agree with your assessment. Malone has to know better; even if he is a true believer.

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Can you just leave Malone out of it? I tune you out when you go there.

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Malone presents well and is enjoyable to listen to, yet are you not at least a little suspicious of his sudden and widespread rise to infamy right out of the cellars of DTRA and right at the critical moment when the vaxx was finally being questioned?

While he appears as a pleasant voice of reason taking "our" side, much like Fauci was for the other side, his actual role here is keeping the sheep inside the viral pandemic bioweapon corral, actively shutting down any discussion related to nano-bioweapons in the hydrogels. There is a reason he is omnipresent, and that reason is misdirection. Sorry to break it to you.

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"sudden and widespread rise to infamy right out of the cellars"

He was 'there' in the background of OUR side for a long time, before he finally stepped out into the spotlight to get shot at.... And it was "right at the critical moment" when they began to head for the children and infants, holding their poison syringes in front of them!

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023

I normally don't speak about this individual- he certainly deserves less press but somehow seems to always be there.

But he is part of this story so of course he would be included. That people were being directed to a public twitter conversation about this (over 17,000 people) right off of this story being released that highlighted Malone should also be noted.

But you think he should be "left out" of the story? That would be called poor journalism.

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Leave out your hatred of the guy, is what I meant. You must be a Breggins fan.

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You might be projecting.

I don't do the hatred thing nor the idolatry thing. This is one of the reasons I am able to analyze these things critically.

I don't do fandom- have no sacred cows.

Please offer some substance from here on out.

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I love them both, Malone and Breggin. And a now an admirer of Latypova. This bashing of people is ill informed and nonconstructive. Focus on the issues not the maligning of people.

The issue of Walker is what he was saying and why did Pfizer pick someone like this to be in such a role and what was he doing really occupying this ridiculous title. And what does his purported resume really mean? All these characters in the story have something to offer as a puzzle piece in this giant mystery.

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It's not hatred, it's that the guy is clearly lying. He's not ignorant, his title alone shows that he did the study to know a lot about the process of making vaccines.

Easy way to tell that he's full of shit, just look at how he flip flopped on whether the vaccine was safe for pregnant or people with autoimmune issues. He's a vaccinologist right? So he knows they don't first test these on pregnant women or people with issues.

He's a straight up liar.

What does it matter whether he's a fan of Breggin or not? How is that not just YOUR bias exposed?

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Why don't you not tell people what they can and can't say? Malone is completely intertwined in this story through his own actions.

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Its not hatred. I started the CO Bernie movement. I ignored warning signs until june 2016. Malone came out late ( with Brett / Darkhouse) compared to the rest of the drs and experts who knew better. He absolutely knew from the beginning but waited more than a year. Many of us like him. But there are red flags.

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He 'stepped out' when he was on Joe Rogan. ANYONE on Joe Rogan would be thrown into the forefront... Audience size mean anything to you?

Don't see you whining about Peter McCullough -- who ALSO did Rogan's show ... McCullough's a DIFFERENT kind of doctor, so he's okay?

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There are drops of truth everywhere.

Yes, it is maddening and wearying, but leave open both possibilities:

- Malone White Hat

- Malone Black Hat

because the dividing line between good and evil runs across each man's heart (to paraphrase Solzhenitzyn)

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There are no white hats or black hats.

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I’m anyway wearing a sombrero right now.

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That is a very good quote. It was once quite possibly my favorite quote of all, although I'm no longer quite so sure it is as useful as I used to think.

And ironically, given this thread, it has been suggested with some reasonable basis (although I don't subscribe to it) that Solzhenitsyn himself was a limited hangout.

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That's a shock to my system, Horace.

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Thank you for the new term!

Gulag Archipelago is real life Dante Inferno

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Jan 27, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023

I keep my mind open. I learned with Bernie its best to never believe anything with certainty. I even listen to those who question Del Bigtree and Kennedy even though I financially support them as a parent of vaccine injured adult kids. I learned that despite hating the thought of something or detesting someone, I try to listen.

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If we can't learn from people we disagree with - then where do we really learn?

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It sounds like you want to keep the. sand in your eyes. Well, then keep it, no one forces you to see.

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Better sand, than a brick. Look to your own eyes!

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Exactly. There was no pandemic! Your first comment is gold.

Denis Rancourt https://denisrancourt.ca/page.php?id=1&name=home

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Did you see RFK's interview of Rancourt?


Below is a snippet from the transcript.

At this point in the interview Kennedy is responding to Rancourt's evidence that viral transmission could not be possible for excess mortality as it has been stated.

Note that RFK postulates a theory as to how the viral spread occurred in N Italy AND "most people" would recommend this:


"Okay, so let me push back on you. Yeah. You know, I think most people are going to recommend here, which is that the reason that you had these huge number of deaths in Paris and New York and for example, in northern Italy, which you did not mention in Tuscany, the same time as earlier, actually, than the spikes that I was mentioning. I'd love to hear your explanation for that. Because that seemed to be I mean, that's where we all got the idea that this virus was galloping through and killing lots and lots of people. And they didn't have remdesivir in Italy at that time, so something was killing people."

The conversation returns to Italy and after Rancourt suggests the deaths there were mainly in hospitals RFK says the following:


"My impression I don't know much about Italy either than the news reports and having been over there and people having the impression..."

Read that again- RFK freely admits he doesn't know much about what happened in Italy but just 23 minutes earlier he used N Italy as an example for his "hypothesis." Also Tuscany is not in N Italy. Tuscany is in western Italy, west of the Apennines, south and west of the actual region which appeared to be heavily impacted,

There are multiple other examples of RFK's lack of coherence. He simply can't or won't come to terms with the fact that there was no pandemic it was administrative slaughter by the Bio-Securty State used to instill fear, force lockdowns, roll out mRNA's and smash the economic order for the Going Direct Great Reset as decided upon by the G7 nations in 2019 at Jackson Hole.

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No, I didn't b/c I am not really interested in what RFK has to say. I am moving on from anyone who still have not critically examined the virus issue.

I try to keep my eye on the ball and RFK and co. are doing everything to distract us, the people!

But I've been following Denis' work. He's excellent and his track record is admirable.

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"I try to keep my eye on the ball"

But OFF the battlefield.... so how are you HELPING!?

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Jun 18, 2023·edited Jun 18, 2023

Im a financial supporter of Bigtree and Kennedy since 2015. However it has disturbed me how Bigtree & Kennedy make reference to but refrain from exposing the lie of the Plandemic ( that there never was a virus except for the flu based on no existence of a covid 19 virus isolate). I think they played the long game on this one. But it raises red flags for me. However the huge number of lawsuits theyve won Is why i continue to support them both as a parent of baxx injured adult children.

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And, why is he going after the Breggins for over $25M. Defamation? Really? Seems to be a more damaging endeavor to the movement at this point.

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Mar 5, 2023·edited Mar 5, 2023

No one asks why Breggin made up shit about Malone. He could have saved HIMSELF by keeping his mouth shut, or providing proof of his dumb accusations.

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Dr. Breggin sometimes suffers a "diarrhoea of opinions" coming out his mouth. Over the decades I've listened to him - at least a dozen times, my jaw has hit the floor with what he's said, and I keep thinking "this gonna bite you - especially if you keep saying it!" I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Breggin's work, but - yes, sometimes keeping his mouth shut might be wise.

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Im curious since you say youve followed Breggin: Do ypu think hes correct this time re Malone???

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Was this in speaking, writing, or both? And where can I find some of this? Thanks.

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Malone has covered it all in his substack.

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You believe there is no such thing as Gain of Function? Even AFTER Fauci-Mengele kinda-sorta admitted to it -- and evidence came out about it? WHY do you feel Gain of Function is garbage? Or is it just sufficient for you to state it and you should be believed?

"that Pharma is loaded with sociopaths is fresh news"

Ever MET any normies?! Ever spoken with them about more than the weather?

And more definitive statements; can you back an of them UP?! You don't take a stance -- and yet you slur the hell out of him? Can you provide THREE examples of him not knowing what he's talking about -- that are GERMANE to the science? (He's still quite annoyingly liberal in too many ways for MY tastes, but all "ex-"liberals have trouble letting go out (idiotic) hopes.)

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Read my measured comment. Im not an idolizer like Aimee but a parent of vaxx injured adult children. I dont think Aimee said she doesnt believe in Gain of function. I believe. But i immediately questioned why Newsweek would publish that article in April 2020. No covid 19 isolate has ever been produced. Numerous Govts have responded to medical FOIAS stating “ we have no covid 19 isolates”. Listened to dr Luc Montagnier in early 2020 during a french news broadcast state that he looked at a “ computer generated model” of the covid 19 virus. This was never about a virus.

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"You believe there is no such thing as Gain of Function? Even AFTER Fauci-Mengele kinda-sorta admitted to it -- and evidence came out about it? WHY do you feel Gain of Function is garbage?"

There's no evidence that "GoF" has ever amounted to anything other than money laundering. If you have that evidence produce it.

"There is no way to “mutate viruses” in a lab in the way they all imply - to artificially make them deadlier and more transmissible at the same time. This is a propaganda fairytale with a very specific goal. You should be very concerned about any person (on “their” side or “ours”) who repeats it with a serious face.

Sure, scientists can experiment with soups of DNA/RNA and grow things in petri dishes. They can design mutations on the computer and try to make concoctions of things. Are those “viruses” that can “leak from the lab” and “infect the world”? No. The proof of this is that while there are 1000 biolabs in the US and Western world playing with viruses. no pandemics or epidemics have resulted from these activities. I assure you, not a single academic lab was ever capable of following basic SOPs, and if there was such a thing as “dangerous virus leak”, we would have them constantly. If there is indeed such a thing and we have had them constantly - that means we are all well adapted to them already! Local clustering of illnesses have been detected, they are likely “deployment tests” vs an actual “leak”. They self extinguish every time."


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Jan 29, 2023·edited Jan 29, 2023

""There is no way to “mutate viruses” in a lab in the way they all imply"

furin cleavage -- NOT possible in bat genes.

TWO instances of HIV genetics

forget the third... but are you suggesting these mutations to SARS-cov2 just "magically" appeared? Or are you back to accusing pangolins?

"dangerous virus leak ...we would have them constantly. "

Haven't done your homework. "We" DO have them constantly!!

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They can make them but nature can, in effect, break them. See the work of neurobiologist JJ Couey from around 4 to 6 months ago. See what you think. He’s at Gigaohm Biologics on Twitch. Hope that’s spelled correctly. Infectious clones, swarms, “gain of purity”.

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Still no evidence.

Do you have just one example where GoF, lab leak etc. has done any significant damage to the human populace?

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Copious amounts of unassailable data proves nothing. Are you saying the virus isn't real? If you don't think so don't respond to this comment.

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I THINK it may be true. (It seems more likely medical science is lying than not ... but THAT it merely jaundice (not the syndrome) and NOT investigation and consideration.)

I don't KNOW, and in the midst of trying to stop our enemies from injecting poison into infants and toddlers... I don't NEED to know!

Do you think censoring (because that's what "don't respond" is -- are you a leftie?) is the right answer?

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I don't totally discount Malone, but I have recently found out that he's filing lawsuits against a number of people who are also part of the health freedom movement. That raised a red flag to me. There are lots of different takes on any number of specifics in the health freedom movement, and some testy back-and-forth between different camps, but he's the only one that I've heard is suing people he takes issue with.

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Again, do your homework! I, too, am unhappy Malone is wasting HIS (lawyer's) time suing Breggin -- but Breggin brought it on himself. And NOT fighting back against really stupid/bad but very public maligning is important. How many people would jump on: "well, Malone is NOT doing anything about it!" to conclude (gleefully?) that where there is a smoke bomb set off by Breggin, there "must" be some fire near Malone?

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Wouldn't a big man just turn the other cheek?

It's a petty man who has to hold someone financially accountable for their words.

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That does seem a bit OTT, I grant you. I haven't looked into the details TBH because I find it all rather boring, so I can't comment in that respect.

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Thank you! A voice of reason: "I don't know, therefore I'm not going to get into the discussion."


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If I remember correctly Malone has said anyone with a college biology degree can make deadly viruses in their garage.

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Spot on.

After putting the Breggins-Malone spat on the back-burner as nit-picking between 'experts', and that was easy as I had my own questions about Desmet ( I bought his book so I can sort out what exactly I don't get from his message).

I was really gob-smacked when the $5M law-suit against the Breggins story came out.

Subsequently Dr Ruby also got a $5M law-suit; I don't know why.

The phrase you mention stuck in my mind... It seems manipulatory some-how.

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I think you meant to write Twenty Five Million - for both lawsuits.

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Yeah, I wasn't sure of the figure...

I was truly shocked by the idea of a law-suit to shut up the opposition.

Thanks for correcting.

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Malone is not suing to shut up the opposition. He's suing because Breggin ENTIRELY lost his composure and began throwing lies, insults, and slurs -- whining and squealing his distress that Malone's book (in pre-pub) was doing better than Breggin's published book. I was SO disgusted by the whining I had to turn it off!

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I learned about Breggins tho and that was a good thing

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Hi James, I don't know what you mean, I see 2 ways of reading your remark:

1." I didn't know about the tiff Malone-Breggins", or

2." I learned something about the Breggins, that I didn't know..."

I think you meant #1 ?

Sorry about being picky...words do matter.

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Let’s hope not. Anyone with a marketing degree can sell a deadly virus. 🤓

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Even without a virus, let's call it selling the brooklyn bridge variant

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V funny never a virus isolated is kinda strange

But it has a furin cleavage

Never a bridge crossed

But it’s safe and effective

Just in case wear a lifesaver and or raft

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honestly, if there even is a virus, which is open for discussion, it was no worse than the common cold or flu, they just weaponized the treatment to be deadly instead of just letting it run its course as in every other flu season that ever was. The treatment was the pandemic

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It's looking like a legit deal - PV did do some checking, and I think today's video where the guy attacked O'Keefe, after getting hysterical, staying hysterical, but thinking to yell out Pfizer is trying to save lives, as his cover. That loss of control rather, cemented that PV had him, and has Pfizer.

What is good, I think, is that while WE know Pfizer is evil, too many people haven't thought about any of this much if at all. The 2 videos will generate talk.

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Here's a dig down on Walker's creds: Who is "Jordon Trishton Walker"? (substack.com)


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This guy doesn't realise that he's been used imo

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Getting too much money, a nice office and an expense account to realize he is being used - I am assuming, perhaps wrongly? that you meant by pfizer.

He sure realizes something, when he threw self-control. Bet it hasn't been any fun the last day vis a vis his employer...

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He might have gotten a bonus.

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Dr. Malone explains his situation in detail, and offers interesting background, in his post at the link below. IMHO, Allen's contempt for Dr. Malone (and Bret Weinstein) is not at all justified. Both men have made valuable contributions to COVID truth, while helping to expose COVID lies.


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This comment is a good example of why I've never prevented you from commenting on my page...because while I disagree with some of what you say, I feel your perspective also often is very valuable to hear.

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Facts are facts doc- there was no pandemic. The data and evidence is conclusive. Those of us who have been involved in these things for years knew the fraud was coming down the tracks in Jan. of 2020. Those who were new to these frauds got caught up in the hysteria and believed that there was some "novel pathogne" and not a massive propaganda campaign.

When you are confronted with this you walk away- you too cling to the false idea that there was a pandemic and refuse to look into the details. That is counter to the spirit of many of your excellent articles.

Why is this?


"Covid" is pure fiction- an artifact of media propaganda. The GoF/Wuhan Lab nonsense is part of the narrative.

Lots of narrative reinforcement going around. Many of us have been around these issues for a few decades and understood the "lab leak" theory was just another aspect of the "Covid" fraud being floated and have been saying so for two years.

Even many "in the know" are still trapped in some version of the Covid merry-go-round. The official narrative of "Covid" is a fiction- all facets of it. There was no "pandemic" and there was no "lab leak."

The Wuhan "lab leak" theory is used to reinforce viral fear porn. Even if the "bioweapon theory" were true we should then be relieved as it was only effective against 80+ year olds with 4+ comorbidities and assorted sickly people crammed into hospitals/nursing homes who were neglected and had loads of toxic crap jammed into their bodies and vents forced on them which blew up their lungs.

The lab-leak theory serves the Deep State agenda in that it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative. This "virus" is not man made in a lab in Wuhan. The "virus" was birthed in the corporate boardrooms of Pharma/Finance and leaked via a memo.

As far as any pandemic there was none whatsoever- the data on this is irrefutable. Those who repeat this lie do a great disservice to everyone by reinforcing this lie. Not only does the "pandemic" narrative serve to cover up the fact that it was mass murder directly attributable to policies mandated by identifiable individuals but it serves as a smokescreen for the entire "Covid" operation that is steamrolling people's lives.

Here are some of the things you have to believe to accept the pandemic narrative and thusly the assorted tentacles such as the “lab leak” theory:

1) The “first wave” of Covid deaths in the US- the 6 week spike- occurred almost exclusively in nursing homes and hospitals- not in the general population. This virus targeted these places and not the rest of the country;

2) The group that was targeted by this virus were the the elderly and sickly. The median age of Covid deaths during this period exceeded normal life expectancies with on average 4 comorbidties. They were also forced into isolation, abandoned and/or given numerous toxic pharmaceuticals beyond their normal medical regimes. This deadly virus was only able to impact those who already had one foot in the grave;

3) During this “initial wave” only 15 out of 51 (DC) states were impacted. Many of these states border one another. These states all had Democrats as governors who enacted the same policies during the very same week. The other 36 states were not impacted during this time. This virus observed borders and political affiliations;

4) During this time those impacted were almost exclusively poor and many were disabled. This GOF virus stayed away from upper middle class and wealthy people;

5) During this time this virus did not enter into Canada observing the world’s longest and one of the if not the most heavily trafficked, commercial and personal, borders;

6) This virus had no lead in time. There was no observable evidence for a coming mass death event caused by a virus. The all-cause death rate leading into Week 14 2020 was negative for the US in 2020 and spiked precisely the week the WHO declared a global pandemic.

7) This "deadly lab-leaked virus” caused no mass death in the original place of the “lab leak”;

8) The “gain of function” hypercharged “virii” migrated to N Italy from Wuhan skipping over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran etc- this virus had telepathic abilities and geopspatial precision;

9) The “virii” did not migrate south once in Italy nor impact other parts of Europe- instead it went to Elmhurst hospital in NY;

10) The “chimeric” virii crossed the Atlantic and hit the US East Coast- it did not cross the Pacific and attack the West Coast;

And so on…

Some ‘establishment’ Covid skeptics have and/or are building cottage industries on the ‘lab leak’ mythology. If the ‘lab leak’ theory is torn apart then their credibility takes a big hit. Specific to “SARS-CoV2” as a lab created virus this story has so many holes in it that it is hard to comprehend that anyone with integrity and critical thinking skills would not walk this back if they had posited this sophistry at some point. The biggest problem as I see it is that the likes of RFK, Bigtree, Malone etc. are not just simply wrong on this matter but their insistence on using the “lab leak” red herring covers up the actual crimes that were committed.

The "lab leak" theory does not hold water and covers up what actually happened which was straight forward mass murder in nursing homes and hospitals. This had nothing whatsoever to do with a viral event and all to do with administrative slaughter and hospicide.

All of the “Covid deaths” are fraudulent and inventions from the Pharma/medical/media cartel.

The vast majority are medical murder.

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A lot of people I've worked with or were close to who have never really gotten sick in their lives got extremely ill with a very unique disease (some of whom nearly died) I had not seen anything like in my career. At this point I've seen nothing besides COVID-19 which could explain what happened to them and I believe unless you work with this issue firsthand it's very easy to get led down logical arguments that claim its a hoax.

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Midwestern, you are jumping from incomplete information to the claim of a solid conclusion. As a doctor, you should know that people get sick for many reasons, most of them related to diet and environment. To attribute a "new illness" to an unproven, unverified and utterly vague "cause" is to be a poor clinician.

If you assume that one thing is the cause, you will dismiss all others, and it seems like that is what you're doing. If you assume a virus, especially one that has never been seen, found, or sequenced, you are failing in your responsibility to do a thorough diagnosis of the patient's situation — which must never presume the cause until all of the facts have been evaluated.

Covid is not a hoax. It is scientific fraud of a kind that has been seen many times, though never revealed on this scale (but it does exist on this scale, particularly the concealment of the lack of any safety studies, and the outright fraudulent safety studies, on the pesticides and herbicides used in your food).

I have two articles for you: one is my letter to Dr. Denis Rancourt, giving the history of the virus issue and of SARS-CoV-2; and the other is my open letter to Dr. Jay Couey, documenting the early history of "covid" and linking into my chronology that documents all of these facts many times over.



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As far as I know, I am the only person on SS with a large platform that spent a lot of time to give a very open minded approach to the no-virus position (as I already agreed with many of the individual arguments you were using and have studied this and related subject for decades). At the end of the day I don't agree with your position and believe it is due to a variety of epistemological errors. I tried to address every single argument I've seen used by your camp because it was taking too long to repeatedly discuss the same points. I did so here and here:



Since the time these were written, I have not seen any points raised that were not addressed in at least one of those articles. Additionally, I have found that those who were curious about the subject found those articles very informative and it addressed their questions while those who were committed to viruses being a hoax generally weren't interested in reading it.

The general observation we have all made is that the minority of people who are committed to this viewpoint will not consider any evidence that is provided if it disproves the position viruses are a hoax. Regardless of what information is presented, they fling insults or accusations of irrationality. There is also now a general consensus many of the people acting that way are doing so as part of an organized operation to fracture the medical freedom movement and have them dump all their time into just debating a topic which makes us look bad to the general public or because they are committed to the position and need to look that way to retain their followers.

This post for example concise breaks down the psyop perspective:


My job is to present information accurately and fully examine both sides of each issue I discuss with my readers. On any given controversial subject I will always have a certain number of readers who disagree with the position I take, but I try to present things in a fair manner, so that number is small and they live with it because they agree with the other messages I put forward.

Something I do not believe any of you are considering is if viruses (like COVID-19) do exist, and I tell readers it does not exist (because that seems like an interesting idea) I am directly responsible for the harm that occurs from those who follow my advice, avoiding early treatment, and then getting very ill. In this regard, my position is very different from any of you, as for all practical purposes, you have no accountability or responsibility for giving bad advice that harms people.

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Thanks, doc. I've stored your links to read -- AFTER -- as I keep harping on here -- we manage to STOP them from poisoning infants and toddlers -- and the rest of humanity! I am open to considering 'there are no viruses' -- but not yet convinced. I am 100% against trying to settle that unimportant topic in the midst ot this battle!

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Your reply is like your stacks, lengthy with little real substance and/or new information!

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While I was in the USAF, working in the medical field, I saw many patients during sick call and beyond. If we could not find any pathogen via a lab culture or other medical diagnostic tool, and it seemed to be just an acute illness, we claimed it was a virus. While this plandemic was being staged and the performance was playing, I realized that we had NO tests for any virus. None. Nada. Zip. We ASSUMED it was a virus and repeated it like little parrots wanting crackers.

I started thinking about this and I realized that I had never seen a virus. No one else has seen a virus. The process for isolating any "virus" is an impossibility. It's akin to studying a rock and determining what kind of life forms it will produce. The entire virus myth requires only a beLIEf system to proliferate.

There is not nor has there every been anything that is misnamed, "COVID". The PTB cobbled together an assortment of symptoms and gave it a new name. Suddenly, every illness under the sun was caused by the "novel" COVID virus. No lab on earth had any isolate of it. No controlled lab tests had ever been conducted to prove it. BUT, people repeated the story as if it were true BECAUSE they believed the authority figures rather than an evidence or lack thereof.

We are controlled through language. All language is functional. Changing definitions of words is necessary if you want to change your influence over the listener. We are trained to trust the authority of the PERSON rather than the authority of the EVIDENCE. Just like my realization that we labeled every instance of illness that we could not determine the cause as a virus because that's how I was trained to do, society labels every illness as a virus or genetic mistake, just like they are trained to do. I, at least, realized that I was a trained monkey and stopped believing in things that could not be verified. I can say that I feel much better now that I am thinking for myself.

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what position don't you agree with? That you should be working harder to find out what people are sick with?

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"you should know that people get sick for many reasons, most of them related to diet and environment."

What suddenly changed in diet and environment that has resulted in MILLIONS of injuries and hundreds of thousands (at least) deaths from multiple causes? WHY did all this not happen in 2019? Or wait till 2025? Propinquity if TIME is a very important factor in identifying a culprit.

Isn't it Ed Down who keeps asking: IF it is not the shots, then identify WHAT has changed to cause this insanely high increase in death and disability payouts! (THOSE numbers, at least, we can sort-of trust!! Those work-insurance firms have to put money on the barrelhead!)

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5G ;-)

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As the Cochran Institute has stated (referred to in this very substantial piece by Dr Mark Bailey), COVID-19 actually does NOT have unique symptoms, can only be "diagnosed" via tests such as the PCR and the antigen tests. The first one tests for the presence of certain gene sequences said to be from SARS-CoV-2, the second for specific proteins which have been deemed to be antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2.


Why Nobody “Had, Caught or Got” COVID-19, Dr Mark Bailey, 10/16/22.

Since SARS-CoV-2 has never been physically isolated and purified, and only exists as an in silico model, assembled via a computer program out of millions and millions of short code sequences corresponding to short genetic sequences found in a brew of patient extracts, monkey kidney cells, antibiotics, bovine fetal serum, and the like, neither the PCR or the antigen tests has ever been primed with an actual physical specimen and are hence meaningless. You might as well test the air pressure in your car's tires by taking a swig of beer or scotch and then putting your lips on the valve.

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Jan 27, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023

No, I do not have the papers at hand but SARS2 has been isolated and grown - not easy to do. The PCRs were deliberate total fabrications and had no SARS2 sequences involved. CDC "test" and licensing - use of it continues because FDA didn't tell CDC "...and you have to pull the licensing, too." THAT PCR was actually testing for influenza A&B, Strep, plant virus and adenovirus and that information is in the EUA application (I apologize I do not have the url for that at hand). They still need that PCR test out there because of the perverse given to hospitals for a positive PCR. Hence all that "died WITH covid" crap that means a false positive fabricated PCR "test." Serology has been much better but SARS2 actually is a clinical diagnosis. HHS/CDC/NIH etc. deliberately scrapped using the SARS tests - which would have worked best, as SARS2 has about 78% of the SARS2 genome.

I caught Wuhan in June 2020 from the hospital after a necessary surgery. I was blessed there was no secondary infection but hoo doggie - 21 days of hell. It was very different and very strange and pretty damn bad.

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"SARS2 has been isolated and grown"

PROVE IT!! 211 health entities from around the world have responded to FOI requests by Canadian Christine Massey, masters in bio statistics, that they do NOT have any evidence for the physical isolation and purification of SARS-CoV-2 and know of no one who does.


And as i pointed out above, Dr Mark Bailey, in his detailed article about the idea of diagnosing "COVID-19," links to the Cochran Institute and others, stating this alleged disease can NOT be diagnosed in any way except via tests. More recent statements from various agencies state that COVID cannot be distinguished from other ailments without a test.


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Please see this comment I just left:


The articles I have written addressed all the points you outlined in your comment.

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You have addressed ZERO. Presenting Igor Chudov as a source is a bad joke. There is no proof this alleged virus exists, or that there has been a "pandemic," or that there is a unique disease called "COVID 19."

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Show me some actual evidence of this. Your statement has no information of value and in fact calls into question even further your ability to assess this.

The mountainous body of evidence that is readily available thoroughly refutes what you are saying.

I'm quite certain that I have FAR more first hand experience in this matter than you doc, your "appeal to expertise" notwithstanding.

I also have far more history on this matter than you- can you admit that this is the first time in your life you have even looked into these issues?

Why not have the discussion in full and in a collegial manner?

I'm certain you will run away from the discussion as you do every time.

There was no pandemic and no unique viral pathogen.

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Have you posted your creds? I am unfamiliar with them.

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"Appeal to expertise"

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I am drawn to conclude that there was no virus to start with, however, the point you are bringing up keeps me from settling the issue in my mind.

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This individual says the same thing- provides no evidence and then runs off when challenged.

But hey they have a substack (and have written some good articles) and claim "doctorhood" so they must know right?

How about having this individual discuss at length their claims with someone like Denis Rancourt, David Rasnick, Leslie Manookian, myself or many others. You would see they are way out of their league and have no reference point for disucssion.

"But hey, I had some friends that were sick like never before..."

Unbelievable sophistry.

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'this individual' most likely is not running off when challenged - it's easy to guess why, but you'll never figure it out, because it takes a different kind of 'knowing'.

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I agree with much of what you say, that the pandemic was a coordinate op. Yet I can't agree with everything - I had I've had asthma/weak chest my whole life and I've had more chest infections and flu-like illnesses than anyone I know (way, way more) - and so I noticed when I got sick in June 2021 that whatever was happening was different to all of the dozens and dozens of chest infections I'd had before. And I was watching very carefully, because actually I wanted to show it was just like every other one, that everyone was overreacting and that there was no specific disease going around.

But three things made me think again. First, it lasted way longer - the tenth day, I could literally barely stand (worst ever) and it was the worst day. Every other I've had my whole life I was recovered and back in work by the 10th day. Second, I got a weird rash/blotches on my ankles and feet - and it was not "psychosomatic", because it was only after I saw these and I googled it that I discovered this was a common symptom of this new disease being referred to in the newspapers, whatever it is. And third, the symptoms (specifically the coughing) were way way way worse than anything I've ever had - I was coughing for weeks, and the hacking sound in the second week resulted in a text from my neighbour asking if I was ok.

All unique to my illness in June 2021 - the first gathering I went to after lockdown, at which a few other people also got similarly ill.

I have several dozen data points. This particular illness was an outlier, a clear outlier, from all the other chest infections I've had. If there is a good explanation for why I got uniquely ill right at the time other people were reporting they also got uniquely ill, I'm all ears.

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I work with the elderly most whom are very compromised and to this day none have been sick with Covid. Some “test” positive and have “cold” symptoms but no one has died of or with Covid. But that nasty vaccine, and all the others, are a disaster. I have 19 years experience in healthcare and I’m confident, albeit it took me a while to get there, that viruses aren’t contagious.

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Jan 28, 2023·edited Jan 29, 2023

Right before the "virus" landed in the north of Italy and exclusively attacked the old and those in carehomes, these same elders all received a flu vaccine!

And as you rightly say the virus did not leave the region!

In the U.K. the average age of "covid death" was >80 yo (82 and 83 men and woman respectively, I believe, but I may be off one or two years) making it above the average life expectancy!

This may be of interest too. Corroborates what you've said.


In the U.K. they administered midazolam with other sedatives to ppl in carehome. There are a tons of evidence.

In France family doctors received a circular with advice to administer midazolam to the elderly, who test or show symptoms of covid.

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In addition to the flu vaccine program you cite as I understand it there was also a campaign to increase the meningococcal vaccines in that region in 2019. Someone who lives there sent me some of the details I will have to double check my notes.

If you have any specifics on these vaxx campaigns in N Italy I would be interested.

Note this study/article which is little more than a Pharma PR piece:


In addition N Italy has become a hub for high tech production and the pollution that comes from that has created particulates that are particularly persistent in the upper respiratory tract. This is why they have been having an ongoing and accelerating "epidemic" of interstitial pneumnoia for the past decade.

The Po River Valley is one of the most polluted places in all of Europe.

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There's an interesting substack I was recently told about. https://carolinecoram.substack.com/

They have a series called 'The Arsenic Files'. I have not read it yet, but I am told it's worth the time.

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Sadly, it's anecdotal, as they say. Friends who live in Bergamo told us that there was a big flu jab campaign. They are in their early 40ies, did not have the flu jab (they never have it), and they had nothing! No Covid.

Yes, I know about the air quality/pollution too.

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"The vast majority are medical murder."

This is certainly true. However, that it IS true does not mean there was NOT a 'not-much-more-dangerous-than-flu 'disease' of some sort. Medical / hospital murder does NOT explain the insanely high and aggressive cancers and heart/blood problems in people vaxxed but never in the hospital.

If covid was not real -- whence cometh many thousands of deaths from blood problems and cancer? (Must it be an either/or?)

"7) This "deadly lab-leaked virus” caused no mass death in the original place of the “lab leak”;"

You believe the Chinese are telling the truth? They have given you valid numbers, all mixed in with propaganda and lies?

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You are talkikng across yourself.

The blood problems and cancer problems are multi factorial including the mRNA injections.

Why is it always some "virus"?

I don't use any sources from China to obtain evidence.

Watch out for the "yellow peril" man. Might want to hide under your bed.

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"Pandemic" is the term used nowadays to refer to the entire operation. However, that virus was very real, and you didn't get it or you would know it was very real. It didn't escape from a lab - that would have caused a local outbreak that would burn out very quickly. What our DOD did was select the lab created virus, brewed it up and distributed it repeatedly. Viruses do not show such fidelity, nor do they go on and on and on around the world.

DOD has the capacity to brew up virus and jabs in very large volumes. Pharma does not have that volume capacity. All the omicrons are constructs as well similarly brewed up where there is capacity and sprinkled. Omicron are made to affect the jabbed - jigsaw puzzle fashion. After omicron infections depending on the variant, we see people and too many kids with accelerated dementia, another on and it's people who were jabbed 18+ months ago suddenly developing the long clots, and so on.

I haven't found the particular papers, but scientists and docs have pointed out how there's a paper published having crafted an omicron that evades the jab "protections" and can get past IVM, and 6 months later, voila, that very construct shows up as the next omicron of note.

It's all about the jabs of course, the culling, killing and extracting remaining wealth from the middle class.

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Well I guess we should be thankful then as "that virus" only potent enough to off the elderly and disabled who already had one foot in the grave (5+ comorbidities) and were crammed into unsanitary conditions and neglected in institutions and hospitals AND given additional toxins, respiratory inhibitors and vents.

But of course had to be "the virus."

If you believe the "Super-Omicron" story you are hopeless.

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