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Below, as you know, is what I wrote right after this "Bombshell" was released last night and was posted foolishly on every substack- that PV wouldn't vet this guy is inexcusable and very poor journalism at best.

Don't people vet their sources any more?

That Malone is inserted into the video and then is featured in the following twitter conversation should cause anyone with critical thinkning skills still inteact to raise an eyebrow.

"The verbiage used doesn't add up. Most all of what they were discussing also served to validate the "viral story" about "Covid" and the "pandemic"- further implanting these into peoples brains as verifiable and unassailable assumptions. Using so-called dissenters like Malone as the "expert voice is the easiest way to do this.

It's likely the guy in the PV video is a "crisis actor" trained by a PR firm like Burston-Marstellar and hired by Pfizer for this role.

Be aware people- there are multiple Covid crimes committed that are being put to the back burner because of the "next bombshell" that goes nowhere.

In the twitter discussion on this Tom Fitton stated "we need to stop this GoF so we don't get hit by another pathogen that decimates us"

That is complete nonsense- "we" were hit by vicious hospital protocols and impacts of societal destruction followed by mass poisoning via toxic mRNA injections.

All of these people in that twitter discussion, including Malone again, are reifying the big lie that there was a viral pandemic- there wasn't- it was administrative slaughter. There is no excuse for this at this point."

I will add this:

Well if only we could get the public this engaged in how the poor and elderly were wiped out in hospitals in Spring 2020 and how this was the primary fear mechanism for launching the "Covid" fraud we would be getting somewhere.

"Pfizer wants to do some diabolical shit for money?" That's not news- that's SOP.

Sorry but the likes of Malone and Weinstein are the last people that should be listened to on anything.

This kind of noise and distraction blocks out the truth from being heard.

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I tried my best to steer project veritas towards Aquitas therapeutics in British Columbia six months ago. They produce lipid nano particles for Pfizer. 

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The only thing I would add to Sasha's excellent analysis is that the Project Veritas and other "breaking" news are being circulated to draw public anger away from the DOD-HHS complex, and steer it to Pfizer. Because Pfizer is expendable. The company can be dissolved and then reconstituted under a new corporate name.

DOD, HHS and the US Government can't be rebranded once the public understands the mass murder campaign.

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I also found Malone an interesting choice of scientist to analyze the interview... Malone sure likes to push the scary lab-mutated virus story.

Sasha thank you for putting a down-to-earth spin on this “breaking” story. The only thing it broke for me was my confidence in many of the Substackers who I follow who championed this questionable video.

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How can something mutate that doesn’t exist?


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If they haven't isolated anything, what are they mutating?

No, the virus narrative is the key to spreading fear, while it's all a poisoning of nanotechnology.


Why do people look in the wrong direction instead of looking into the heart of this crime?

Graphene and other nanotechnology poisons and kills people.

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Thanks so much Sasha!!! You gave me a LOL moment this morning with this: "Movie script where "Contagion" meets "Idiocracy". My thought exactly!! I didn't even pay attention to any of this.

I actually don't think there was ever a virus--I think this was a global military psyop from start to finish, a PCR false positive pseudo pandemic. Even on Dr. Mike Yeadon's twitter (which I followed and copied until they disappeared him), he linked to a PCR false positive pseudo-pandemic that happened at Dartmouth Medical Center (back in the early 2000s)--I think it might have been a 2007 NYT write up on what happened. Basically, they thought they had an epidemic of whooping cough, they were using a PCR test, and when the CDC got involved and looked into it, the CDC found that there were NO cases of whooping cough- it was just false positives from the PCR that created the illusion of an epidemic.

Years ago, I looked into the HIV/AIDS scam, so it was easy to see this covid operation (IMO) was basically the same playbook all over again--use the media to create hysteria, use a scientifically fraudulent test (PCR), give people poison disguised as medicine (back then AZT, now poison kill shot bioweapon), claim the deaths from the poison are from the virus.

For anyone who hasn't looked into the HIV/AIDS scam, check out Dr Robert Wilner exposing the fraud back in the 90s. He injected himself with a HIV contaminated needle to prove they were lying. In the video below, he calls out the corruption at NIH and of Fauci.


"In 1993, Dr. Willner stunned Spain by inoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac. This demonstration of devotion to the truth and the Hippocratic Oath he took, nearly 40 years before, was reported on the front page of every major newspaper in Spain. His appearance on Spain's most popular television show envoked a 4 to 1 response by the viewing audience in favor of his position against the "AIDS hypothesis." When asked why he would put his life on the line to make a point, Dr. Willner replied: "I do this to put a stop to the greatest murderous fraud in medical history. By injecting myself with HIV positive blood, I am proving the point as Dr. Walter Reed did to prove the truth about yellow fever. In this way it is my hope to expose the truth about HIV in the interest of all mankind." There are more videos on that Question Everything channel that are worth watching (e.g. House of Numbers), for those who have the time.

I also highly recommend Dr. Tom Cowan's book The Contagion Myth, and Virus Mania with Dr. Sam Bailey and others. Another good one is Janine Roberts' Fear of the Invisible (she was actually a real investigative reporter and sat in on meetings at NIH)--she basically exposed the fraud in polio (DDT was the cause), HIV/AIDS, and virology in general. She even looked into measles--problems there too.

There's lots of good info from doctors speaking out against the medical mafia on whale.to (http://whale.to/a/roberts_b.html). Another good book is Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries--look online for her presentation on DDT and Polio (http://whale.to/b/a/suzanne_humphries.html ) And tons of info here: https://steemit.com/health/@johnblaid/research-summary-and-debunk-regarding-the-existence-of-sars-cov-2-and-covid-19

And since Sasha mentioned the Hollywood production, "Contagion," if you do a search for movies about viruses and contagion, you will see there are tons of them that they have made over the years:


As a clinical psychologist, I'd say this is what you call priming the public mind, laying the propaganda groundwork for the coming psyop.

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Thank you! I only saw this being passed around and my instinct was this isn't anything to be concerned about. Lots of smoke and mirrors. Time to be discerning.

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Great analysis. The US government has supposedly been working on bio weapons for decades- but they seem to have gotten nowhere.

And if Sars Cov 2 was meant to be a deadly bioweapon it was a complete failure- no more effective than the common cold! The lockdowns, protocols, jabs and treatment were the only effective part of the programme in killing people!

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Thank you kindly, Sasha, for this perspective. It is grounding.

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After watching Tucker Carlson's take tonight on the Pfizer guy, I am convinced that PV has put the ball in our court. It doesn't matter right now in terms of what the public thinks about the incompetence of this Pfizer employee and it doesn't matter that what he is claiming is not true about virus mutations or anything else he said because the video's P.R. value is what is going to carry the day. You just know that every member of congress, the White House, the FDA, the CDC, and everyone at Pfizer was watching Carlson tonight and is now vulnerable to the wrath of public opinion. And it will rage at all the players. I imagine even liberals won't be able to handle this video. They're worried and they should be. How can they even begin to respond when there is nothing they can say. Something huge has happened and it's the breakthrough we've needed.

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The timing of this Project Veritas drop is interesting. It comes one day before the WHO is to decide if the globe is still in a pandemic. What a nice distraction. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/who-meeting-decide-covid-emergency-set-jan-27-2023-01-10/

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I now have even less idea about what is real.

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Sasha, I understand what you are saying here but this guy is describing exactly the situation we are seeing at this time. He may not be able to tell the truth as to why it is happening but it is happening.

Governments around the world have told us months in advance when a "variant" will show up. They get that right w/in a few days. This cannot happen w/any real virus. Yet they are "predicting" the appearance of the latest variant w/incredible accuracy. So what does account for their Nostradamus like powers? Something is happening at the time they say it will. I don't know what is causing it and I suspect, as discussed before, it is a neurotoxin of some kind.

Monkeys are doing exactly what humans are doing. There is some kind of transfer happening between people. This was mentioned as a real problem even by Pfizer in their clinical trials. People who didn't take the injection are getting sick around those who do. So he is describing a real event, even if he has been sent to lie about the true cause of that event.

I will make a prediction of my own. The next "variant" is going to be the one which causes severe neurological problems. I've already seen people in my town starting to walk in circles and they are definitely losing cognitive ability. I therefore believe we will be told these are symptoms of a new "variant", maybe the zombie? "variant".

So while I do not think this is the correct or complete explanation, the fact remains that it describes reality. Something is being done by these companies and governments and philanthropic organizations to people and I would like to know what that is. I believe this video can actually start to open up things enough for an investigation to begin.

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Yep...Contagion meets Idiocracy...they are still watering the crops with Gatorade, because it's what plants love.

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Whatever people like Baric and Daszak have been tinkering with in labs for decades now, they are not "viruses." As no alleged "virus" in human history has ever been purified, isolated, and proven to transmit and cause disease in either human or non-human animals, Baric et al. are almost certainly conducting their alchemy primarily with DNA and RNA sequences of various origins—and sequences are not "viruses." Understanding this is crucial to dispelling and dispensing with the gain-of-fiction PSYOP—and the pseudoscience of "contagion" to boot. And until we consign both to the landfill of historical lies, "pandemics" will continue to be weaponized against humanity in service of the globalist predator class's antihuman aspirations.

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