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Thank you so much for this. I’ve watched you speak to this in interviews before, but it is so helpful to read this—and re-read it again. There is so much to digest!

The potential for deception and fraud here is so blatant and underscores the hazards of tinkering with the building blocks of life.

We failed when we tinkered with atoms, but the current hubris somehow thinks it’s going to go differently with mRNA.

I had a discussion with a geneticist back in the 90s. I told him I thought the human genome project should not be completed—it would be better to walk away. He replied that “they haven’t figured out the proteins yet, nothing to worry about”. That’s the kind of short sightedness we are subjected to. Tinkering with the fabric of life, pretending that we understand something, but all we know are little tiny fragments of something that has already found it’s grace without human meddling.

And like splitting the atom, this of course, has again been co-opted by the military for weapons.

More people need to know the extent of the malfeasance. I will be sharing this with others.

Thanks again.

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Sasha...my mouth is open and has dropped to the floor....you really really nailed all the issues with this and the total lack of qualitiy control and the possibility that this could have been a bioweapon under the guise of a therapeutic...the e coli stuff has me scared to death.....and everything you and Jessica point out here needs to be sent to the SEnate Oversight Committee.

A TOTAL failure of our institutions, and of our Deep State.

Without TIME and proper TRIALS, and without the ability to even try and do some of the things necessary to see if they are safe for humans, that they work, and that they don't turn into bioweapons, is an INDICTMENT of our DEEP STATE.

They need to be dismantled first.

I thought I was beyond shocked. I am not.

God Bless you and thank you for your insight on this. Now, we have to get this to our representatives...the ones who are still loyal to our Constitution. And protect them from

being murdered.

I hope everyone who reads this keeps a hard paper copy. If there are 250 million copies, they will have a long slog to kill us all.

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You made this digestible for the layperson. Thank you. Lack of quality control in the mass production of the shots….how could anyone possibly meet the necessary safety standards but few seem to reflect on this.

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Superb painting! I love the colors, the lively atmosphere, the dynamics of movements, the exploration of the field work as a symbol of the continuity of life.

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"...mRNA technology, including embodiments as injectable drugs or vaccine products, has been long identified as a dual-use technology" - What legal framework exists as it relates to the "dual-use mRNA technology" ? What legal safeguards exist that can assure the public that the mRNA technology can only be used as a pharmaceutical product when intended for non-mulitary applications? Comirnaty...not a strange name anymore...

Who was the artist if at all who inspired the lovely and lively painting? I have some artist in mind :)

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Brave Sasha.

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Terrific article!! Your paintings are absolutely beautiful!! I read an article from 2016-2017 regarding a group in Italy that did testing on many of the other vaccines. Apparently pharma has been poisoning people with these for quite a long time.


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Thanks to all of you. Just thanks.

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Thank you so much for this sensible discussion on many of the issues I had grappled with since this tech was announced it was being unleashed ... I have forwarded this substack onto many friends... A very good read, and thoughtfully written... Your work is much appreciated.

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Recall the shelf-life extensions on the vaccines granted by the FDA? Was any testing data in support—asked for, submitted, even done? Interesting that the 1st extension was an amendment to the 1st EUA, which was renewed the same day the BLA was granted. https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/mcm-legal-regulatory-and-policy-framework/expiration-dating-extension#covidvaccines

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Interestingly, C-19 can fit all six of these JASON descriptions:

· Binary biological weapons

(The airborne variant, and the injectable variant.)

· Designer genes

(Bat pathogen given four gene grafts from Indian variant of HIV-1 then serial passaged through humanized ACE2-bearing mice for further human infectiousness optimization.)

· Gene therapy as a weapon

(Pathogen is capable of transfection and DNA modification in both forms.)

· Stealth viruses

(Pathogen gains immunosurveillance stealth from HIV inserts.)

· Host swapping diseases

(Started out in bats, moved through mice, ended up in humans - with considerable help.)

· Designer diseases

(Oh yeah. Very Gucci.)

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hi Sasha

I had just finsihed posting my Average Dumb Guy blog on some theories I wanted to pursue on mRNA degradation, and as soon as I did. I say Jikky has posted yours.

WOW! This is incredible, it answers ALLOT of my questions, but raises even more.....

Would you care to humour me and read mine, as maybe you would want to dive into some of the questions, lines of questioning that I have raised?

You certainly are the one to write the appropriate well researched, and technical response to my simple questions and theories. https://notjason.substack.com/p/some-thoughts-on-mrna-jab-failures?sd=pf

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Thank you Sasha 🙏 Many knew this all along but you articulated it with a scalpel like precision. AND FEARLESS COURAGE!!! 🙏❤ Thank you.

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I am currently developing a post on the supposedly non-military and industrial and bIomedical “progress” uses of recent advances of Crisper, and also the use of genetic engineering in enzyme chemistry. It is billed as the hope of the future and a great achievement. It is none of that and represents giant steps backwards - if not giant steps towards our doom.

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I listened to one of your interviews and you mentioned they could use gene knockout or knockdown technology to induce diseases as everything is basically a crapshoot with these box of chocolates.

I looked at some of the crispr technology articles and apparently the enzymes used can be delivered via adeno virus vector or LNP carriers. You may have seen this before https://www.cell.com/molecular-cell/fulltext/S1097-2765(21)00648-1 , anyway can they identify if any of the Cas type enzymes were in the LNPs or the Adeno Virus vector injections?

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