The network responsible for all of this is VERY large and centered on Pentagon think tanks, and I've been mapping it out:


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Very cool!

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I had a look at your detective work - it is brilliant! I did zoom in a few times and could not see Bill Gates in there: WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NIH, Fauci, Cambridge University, Wellcome Trust, GAVI, CEPI (are a few I recall) and many other links to people/organizations. You could do one on just him at the center. That would be very interesting.

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I fogot all his "ownerships" of various media outlets too, churning out the official narrative encouraging vaccine uptake and repelling/smearing dissenters. Also founded and funds the agencies that manufacture data and forecasts (professional fear mongerers and truth disguisers).

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OK - I found him in the top right section. Still think a similar chart linking him to virtually everything would be really useful.

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Dec 13, 2022Liked by Sasha Latypova

Excellent presentation, in fact it's so good, Peter McCullough is now going around, months later, presenting the same material, as if it's his own.

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Dec 5, 2022Liked by Sasha Latypova

Trying to get more attention on this in other forums.

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Dec 5, 2022·edited Dec 5, 2022Liked by Sasha Latypova

Very thorough investigation. Trump actually stated a long time ago that there was a collaboration between the Warp Speed project and the military; and the first 100 mil doses were manufactured even before the product was approved. As far as the intent to harm - Sasha, are you saying that because the injections were produced under the auspices of the DOD, that alone makes them a bioweapon? And as such, the intent to harm flows from that?

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Dec 5, 2022·edited Dec 5, 2022Author

It is not only that the injections are produced by DOD. The intent to harm is the totality of evidence: toxicity by design, the specific class of mRNA gene therapy is designated as bioweapon technology by the US Gov, millions of injured and dead already, infertility, and these shots instruct your cells to destroy themselves. They make you more likely to get covid. And the malignant policy of all governments, in concert, pushing for maximum deployments. And yes, these things are owned and produced by the DOD. If anyone is still confused why these should be called bioweapons, they are thoroughly brainwashed, to their detriment I must say.

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Dec 5, 2022·edited Dec 5, 2022Liked by Sasha Latypova

Thank you for elaborating. It could be also that the regulatory requirements were circumvented that could be the additional evidence of the intent to harm? So if there is the intent to harm what could be the motive?

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i have another piece scheduled to come out on Tuesday, Dec 13. Maybe it will provide additional information. I cannot get into the heads of the criminals, and cannot explain all their evil motives however.

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Looking forward to it. It must be human nature - a desire to fill the void to reduce the uncertainty of the world. :)

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The problem is that people are scared and the propaganda has been so strong by our government and media (which is controlled by the White House ) that they use no common sense. Alexandra/Dzvinka

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i have been digging into the origins of this and have found patents registered by the rothschild family.

these governments are spineless cowards who have been overthrown by the rich and powerful.

they only way we can beat this evil is by getting at the shadow government. john mcafee said exactly that before he was murdered. He knew the real enemy and saw the dangers. Very similar to george orwell who worked at the BBC.

The same BBC who are at the front of the military industrial estate and intelligence operations who tell governments what to do and say

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You should write a book on your findings. Most of us cannot spend that long going down all the rabbit holes. I suspected a link but could not find evidence. When you look at who holds the real power in the world this family's name crops up endlessly.

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wow thanks for the inspiration. i could talk for days about this!

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scott - Related to your arguments re: family controls - specifically the Rothchild Family here - I posted this above in a comment but since this is such an old thread, posting this info here too:

What you are mentioning here is only part of the story, however. ICYMI - See this excellent analysis explaining how the "globalist functionaries" work. They couldn't survive & thrive without a generational/millennial control system.

> Uncensored - August 11, 2023 - BLACK NOBILITY 101 - By request!

Frances Leader - https://francesleader.substack.com/p/black-nobility-101

See Franaces' summary: "Black Nobility are NOT Jews or Jesuits, they are atheists and nihilists. They originate from the Roman Senator families which were driven out of Rome to the swamps of northern Italy in 476AD."

Good outline imo of the interconnections among the Black Nobs, wealthy families & govts etc.

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i will look into this thanks. could you explain why so many of the corporate power structures have real zionist jews in charge?

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Frances explains if from the history... J's are the bagmen for the wealthy families. The J's are the bankers, financiers, lawyers etc to control the system FOR the very wealthy peeps. Sure, many J's get rich being bagmen but it's like the mafia... do what they say or get taken out. Banks, Finance, Media, Movies, . We've seen it over the years, right?

Ex: Madoff, Weinstein, Epstein, &, more recently, Sam Bankman-Fried (mockery??)

"Bankman" couldn't be any more obvious to everyone. They are TELLING us scott. etc. etc etc

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Just curious... Scott - can you tell me why the notifications of your likes & responses to to me here came to my email inbox from this substack email below? It's weird.

Shouldn't it be from Scott & not Sage Hana? >

From: reaction@mg1.substack.com

Sage Hana


Edit contact

We are on Sasha's substack so that isn't it. And you're supposedly Scott (not Sage)?

Why is your contact info the same as "Sage Hana"?? Can you explain that to me pls?

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no idea, i never really use this

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It’s the masons, dummy!

In 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded, to infiltrate and control democracy, by freemasons David Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Herbert Hoover, Allen Dulles, Walter Lippmann and Edward M. House. The impressive 10-thousand members list proves the power grab was successful.1 Since 1921, the CFR has chosen every single Secretary of State. Similar mason institutions, most with similar names, were founded in over 100 countries, including Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs and the European Council on Foreign Relations2: practically, there’s no war where the CFR isn’t involved on both sides. 3 Their magazine Foreign Affairs is one way they send orders to all members.

In 2018, Wikileaks proved the CFR controlled all mainstream media.4

Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Bush father and son, Carter, Clinton, Obama 5 ... some argue that, with few exceptions like JFK and Trump, at least since WWII, all US presidents were freemasons and many CFR,. All administrations were filled with thousands of CFR members. 6 The Trump administration was no exception. 7 It’s not a coincidence that Neil M. Gorsuch, CFR Supreme Court Justice appointed by Trump, betrayed conservatives by ruling in favour of homosexual marriage and other New World Order “progressive” agenda.

Another proof of grooming for infiltration: 28 Jun 2019 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t renewed 5 CFR year membership. 8 Because she wouldn’t obey all orders? In 2020, she was still pro-homo-marriage9 and pro-abortion (a basic CFR request) and pro-Biden, but wanted paper ballots, Electoral College, supported Trump in breaking up Big Tech and removing their censorship through section 23010, Glass-Steagall, pro-natalism paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks, less public and defense spending, drug patent breaking, no war.11 That’s probably why she was defamed by Kamala12, Hillary Clinton and mason Mitt Romney.13 In 2021, she questioned Fauci on COVID origin and masks.14 Tulsi was groomed by WEF in the "Forum of Young Global Leaders" but suddenly was disappeared, and not because she turned 38 (41 in 2023), the WEF cut-off limit for “young”, freemason Macron (45) is still in the search results. Fremason Trudeau, 51, isn’t, but is listed in weforum.org15, while Tulsi has been erased from there, in Apr 2022 (she independized from the Democratic party in Oct 2022).16 Maybe this was the drop that filled the cup: she’s against CBDCs and social scoring.17


9/11: 2 planes, 3 towers

Conspiracy litmus test

How was it possible that mainstream media in different countries would cover news with the same scripted template, being the only difference the inclusion of local comments from the same pre-approved pool each time. How was it possible that all dissident scientific and medical voices were ignored and censored?

When there’s no money trail/profits, what else than freemasonry could explain precise coordination in 100+ countries (government agencies, politicians, judges, corporations, media, military, police, secret services)?:

• Why did the freemason President of France and freemason Fauci fund gain-of-function in Wuhan, supposedly being China THE enemy?

• Considering they control almost all listed corporations, they lost trillions with the lockdowns (they don’t care, they forge money).

• Unlike previous PLANdemics, it wasn't about selling billion$ of snake oil to governments, but about shoving it through your veins. This was most obvious with child and pregnancy haccination:

15 Feb 2022. Christofer Cole, FDA Executive Officer of Countermeasures Initiative: “The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies.... so they pay us hundreds of millions dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their product.” “If they can get every person required to get an annual vaccine that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”26

The PLANdemic wasn’t about the rich getting richer but about a global power grab. Only freemasonry can explain infiltration and coordination of all positions of power, especially, where there was no money trail. Why else do they need to be a secret society?

The more you study, the more smoke you can find from the smoking gun, not gun, cannons. Conspiracy-skeptics and cabal-deniers can't explain why those powers are spending billions in de-carbonisation, injected Bluetooth nano-routers, 5G, chemtrails, toxics, war-on-meat, gender ideology, paedophilia, robot-philia, human rights for the non-human persons (animals, AI robots), etc. Even if they admit the de-population progrom, they can’t explain the push for in-vitro fertilization, which contradicts depopulation.

If they just took time to read, they’d find it is proven beyond any doubt that the satanic digi-tatoship wants to murder 95% of mankind while there's no democracy when all parties are under freemasonic orders and pockets (n.b. democrats and RINOs).

A school mate confessed: “Your argument looks all right but if I go that way, I won’t be able to enjoy life.” Some are unwilling to enter the rabbit's hole because they know that they won’t find wonderland at the other end, just nightmare-land, THE end of our world. Just as Cypher in Matrix movie, they’d rather forget all of it and live the good life (good lie) rather than join the resistance in a painful David-Goliath war “doomed to be lost”, as if being in denial would prevent their own extermination: better be a happy self-uninformed skeptic, than a responsible realist.

WARNING ! The next threats and the solution:


I'm about to post something, you'll find nowhere else.

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Prof. Fred Nazar -

What you are mentioning here is only part of the story, however. ICYMI - See this excellent analysis explaining how the "globalist functionaries" work. They couldn't survive & thrive without a generational/millennial control system.

> Uncensored - August 11, 2023 - BLACK NOBILITY 101 - By request!

Frances Leader - https://francesleader.substack.com/p/black-nobility-101

See Franaces' summary: "Black Nobility are NOT Jews or Jesuits, they are atheists and nihilists. They originate from the Roman Senator families which were driven out of Rome to the swamps of northern Italy in 476AD."

The Venetian Empire, which grew from that event, was mainly in shipping, slavery and transport on the Mediterranean until they relocated to Amsterdam and finally to the City of London with William of Orange.

The Black Nobility adopted that name during a period in which they dressed in black to support a Pope they had selected who had been imprisoned for a time. It was, effectively the first 'colour revolution' in its time."


"It should be noted that the first known ghetto was set up in Venice. Created to corral the Jews into one area and limit their influence on the Black Nobility. This method of control was extended all over Europe because it was successful. The Black Nobility created the military arm of Catholicism, i.e., the Jesuits and they have always controlled the Vatican by appointing Popes from among their own ranks."

"One other point I would like you to consider is this:"

"The Banks are staffed by some Jewish families (a frequently stated fact) BUT have you considered who their principle clients might be?

The clients are those who really call the shots because it is their money that the bankers invest."

"If the Jews can be seen to receive benefits from any financial institution - imagine how much more benefit goes to the accounts of the unknown account holders who are wealthy in the trillions!"

"I have written a whole series of articles about the Black Nobility and how they rule the world we live in today. Please note that extra information and links to other investigations can be found as pinned comments which are added as they are found. You can find links to some of those articles below... [at link]"

And, more history here: Frances Leader - Venice - home of the Black Nobility:


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There was a "Black nobility" but if your wikipedia link shows no relation to the theories/legends presented by "Frances leader", who has an obvious agenda against Catholicism and especially, the Pope.

By the way, her theories about the Jesuits are also fact-less. Though there's truth that freemasonry has succeeded in infiltrating near all religions to prepare the implosion into a one world satanic cult, they haven't succeeded in taking over all the Jesuits. For example, the current Pope, who is a Jesuit, was confined alone for over a year in Cordoba (Argentina), because he opposed the Jesuit infiltrators (and was saved by Pope John Paul II). This is a fact. Apparently, the recovery of the Jesuits is starting with Pope Francis and the end of Arrupe.

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Mar 12·edited Mar 12

Fred, No further cites or links to prove that the modern political entities are just the entire story over time? Can you tell me how that works to maintain power/controls?

Does Pope Francis sound like a good "Jesuit" opposing what you call the Jesuit infiltrators (?whoever they are?) in his coded remarks to the world here? He uses all of the NWO-related terms/goals like "reset" & "sustainability" & "global" as his own.

"Pope Francis & King Charles [are] involved w/NWO great global reset’s Klaus Schwab" -

First published Sept 20th, 2022 - .https://www.bitchute.com/video/mRVDnbGcjfPV/

> Can you explain how disparate/political entities survive over centuries w/out BN?? All of the groups & orgs you mention as powerful are only time-bound realities. But what holds a lineage of power, coercion & control over the millenniums? It's the BN.

And the lengthy empires & regimes led by the organized/govt sanctioned churches.

Hundreds of years of ancestry/property right/intermarriage/political controls were deployed by BN/churches & have ruled our modern civilizations since Venetian rule.

You picked out the wiki link that Frances gave but neglected to respond to her facts. Facts, cites, links & sources are all below (& in other of Frances' histories of the BN.

> Uncensored - August 11, 2023 - BLACK NOBILITY 101 - By request!

Frances Leader - https://francesleader.substack.com/p/black-nobility-101

Was hoping to have a good, fruitful exchange on this but guess you're already "done" on this topic (as others are when they've determined any "truth" beforehand).

And there is no Frances agenda against either Catholics or the Catholic Church imo.

Guess you don't subscribe to the science of inquiry in "Scientific Progress" after all. :/

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Could you please provide 1 factual information? just 1.

The absolute proof is that there's no evil lineage that lasts over 4 generations. Check history: Hitler, Vittorio Emmanuel King of Italy, Pol Pot, you name it.

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Mar 13·edited Mar 13

Got any links for ANY of your opinions/statements? You don't seem to post anything printed when you respond to peeps. A good argument provides cites.

BTW... your focus on politicians vs families is a different animal or argument... than the argument re: Black Nobs that either Frances or myself are making here.

For example, who was the Cambodian Dictator & brutal Commie killer Pol Pot? Pol Pot > Son of a wealthy, generational Cambodian family or was he a French educated/trained, left-wing revolutionary communist-influenced operative? > The son of a landowning farmer, Saloth Sar was sent at age five or six to live with an elder brother in Phnom Penh, where he was educated in a French curriculum. A mediocre student, he failed the entrance examinations for high school and so instead studied carpentry for a year at a technical school in Phnom Penh. In 1949 he went to Paris on a scholarship to study radio electronics. There he became involved with the French Communist Party and joined a group of young left-wing Cambodian nationalists who later became his fellow leaders in the Khmer Rouge. In France he spent more time on revolutionary activities than on his studies. His scholarship was cut short after he failed examinations, and he returned to Phnom Penh in 1953. > https://www.britannica.com/biography/Pol-Pot


So.. you deny the Black Nobs while you list politicians & not ancestral families. Some of the ancestral families have lasted for centuries, w/ancestral/home-estates/bases, even as they changed countries through coups, intermarriage &/or name changes. Good example of this is, of course, the UK's "Windsor" family dynasty. See 'wiki's outline of the "Windsor" family lineage as it's the most succinct overview of all those W-S-C generational begats - many, many more than only 4 "family" gens.)

"Windsor" > "cadet" [Catholic cadet] branch or offshoot > UK's House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Wikipedia >


The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-Koháry is a Catholic cadet branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It was founded with the marriage of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, second son of Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, with Princess Maria Antonia Koháry de Csábrág. > Founded in 1826 by Ernest Anton, the sixth duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, it is a cadet branch of the Saxon House of Wettin [which was founded in the 10th century]

Saxon House of Wettin > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Wettin

So...lots longer than 4 generations Fred - want to count up from 10th-21st C.??

Around 4 generations per 100 years or so - or 11 C x 4 = 44 generations overall

(not including the 21st century which is only 24 years in, well, add another gen!)

Evidently you still didn't read any of Frances' historical links to historic families (power families) & their religious/state connections over the many centuries. If you don't look at the links I posted then let's not try to have a discussion. OKAY?

Re: US presidents are "selected" info to share here >

Finally, interesting that most US Presidents have related historical lineage:

> Ancestral background of presidents of the United States


The ancestral background of presidents of the United States has been relatively consistent throughout American history. With the exception of Martin Van Buren and perhaps Dwight D. Eisenhower, every president has ancestors from the British Isles, which in turn makes many of them distantly related to one another. John F. Kennedy was of pure Irish descent, Van Buren was of Dutch lineage; and Eisenhower was of German and Swiss heritage. Wikipedia


Guess you can still wave these facts/proof away but not recognizing our world for what it really is - a controlled inter-connected familial power system w/lots of branches/offshoots of pols/govts/groups/orgs & companies is short-sighted.

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How on earth do we beat this evil @ the highest levels of government, according to the rule of law? How I wish the LORD of heaven & earth would take His broom of destruction; & in one fell swoop, sweep the globe clean of these perps & their corrupt evil deeds.

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Anti-vaxxers and neo-Nazis one in the same these days 🙄

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This is an excellent piece of research. However, I can draw a different conclusion from the facts that you present. An alternative scenario would be something like: The government had a concern to create a framework for a rapid response to a serious biological (or other) threat to national security. When Covid appreared, they put their plan into operation. This was the first such effort, and some mistakes were made. Some of these might include: 1) Covid was not sufficiently serious to warrant the response. 2) The "vaccines" produced don't work very well. 3) The agencies involved were not transparent in what they were doing. ETC.

However, this could be rather positive news. First, I am glad that they have this capability - what if the threat was killing 50% of the infected people? Being able to quickly produce a "countermeasure," vaccine or therapy or other preventive measure, by bypassing the normal regulatory, acquisition, distribution system seems like a good thing. Higher risk solutions would be justified under the circumstance.

I hope that they maintain the capability, but learn from their mistakes. Circumventing the informed consent requirement would require a very much more serious threat, and might not be justified in any case.

Your exposition of the facts is great. It makes for a more believeable picture than the alternative that the regulatory apparatus has been captured by pharma. Thank you.

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