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How to Fake the Atomic Bombs

Guest Post by Michael Palmer, MD, PhD

I am still traveling due to a family matter. This is a guest post by my friend in the trenches, Michael Palmer.

Fakery in weapons is a broader topic than “scary scary genetically modified viruses”. Fake does not mean harmless, but we must try to uncover the truth to understand how the evil is being perpetrated, to fight it effectively, and to care for the injured.

You can buy or download the book Michael has written about this topic on his website.

In recent news, I am deeply saddened by the passing of great Dr. Arne Burkhardt, with whom Michael had a close working relationship. We discussed Dr. Burkhardt’s methodology for identifying covid “vaccine” damage in autopsies here.

Dr. Burkhardt’s presentation from the Stockholm conference in January 2023 is


No art today, here is a photo of a starry night:

Due Diligence and Art
Sasha Latypova