"a number of people cannot be vaccinated, like if you have an immune disease, lupus or some other immune condition… or multiple sclerosis, you cannot be vaccinated"

They knew. And yet they coerced people like my mom—who has lupus—to get injected.

Mistakes Were NOT Made

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A reply from a 19 year experienced RN to a recent Dr. David Cartland tweet:




Replying to @CartlandDavid

26 of us from the "covid unit" were fired in '21 for refusing the experimental shot. 6 charge RNs included. Some of the best nurses I've worked with.

We saw what the "pandemic" was (crickets chirping) and what happened after the shot came out (ER exploded with business).

Besides personally knowing a respiratory therapist who got fast growing esophageal cancer out of the blue and died, my friends healthy 20 year old dropped dead and was found by his dorm mate. No conclusions by autopsy. He was an athlete. I'm sure he had an arrhythmia that caused his heart to stop from spike protein damage.

I've been an RN 19 years. I've worked in acute hospital care my entire career. Much of that has been in the float pool, so I see all the adult specialties: cardiac, neuro, surgery, oncology, orthopedics, general medical.

I keep track of all my patients' c-19 Vax history and their hospital presentation. Most have had 2-8 shots at this point. The more shots they've had, the worse off they are, it seems. Many head toward comfort/hospice.

I could recite countless stories of what I've seen over the past three years, but there are hippa laws that prevent me from doing so. It's all the usual stuff: heart attacks, strokes, new onset seizures, brain tumors, uncontrolled afib, cancers coming out of remission and new cancers, vertigo-falls-broken bones(a lot of this), blood clots, super infections, fungal infections, new onset altered mental status and early onset dementia. The stuff you've been hearing about. You probably know someone with one or more of these.

While the pro Vax crowd would call this anecdotal, I know this shot has targeted genetic weakness and accelerated problems that may not have been showing up at all if people's immune systems hadn't been suppressed by the spike protein damage.

I have never seen anything like this in 19 years. Thankfully, I was only off 2 months, but I had to relocate to get a job with exemption. I'm a mole in the system warning my patients and coworkers not to get any more boosters. One person at a time. Aren't nurses one of the most trusted professions? Jenn

Feb 8, 2024 · 7:20 PM UTC


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You wrote: “The CEO of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soirot is on record stating that millions of people in the world cannot be vaccinated by mRNA shots because they have autoimmune conditions and other vulnerabilities. They always knew.”

He was right. Now they’re dead or permanently damaged and on disability. 😓

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Excellent, Sasha. Thank you. This is replete with own goals and impossible things. Comments, having listened to it twice and having read the transcript:

1. For the record, there’s been no pandemic, no public health emergency and in my opinion, not only no new severe acute respiratory syndrome virus, but no respiratory viruses at all. This is all total lies, a psyop augmented by fake clinical diagnostics (PCR), fake serological tests (claiming to be measuring “antibodies to SARS”) and the rest is pure media front run lies.

2. Consequent on 1. there was never a need for antivirals, vaccines, “measures” like lockdowns, masks, mass testing, border restrictions etc. The purpose of this long rehearsed (25 years of tabletop simulations) global deception was to wreck the economy as preparation for The Great Taking (David Rogers Webb), installation of authoritarian regimes and to inject a substantial proportion of the world’s population with intentionally injurious substances.

3. The plan outlined by AZ management could never work, even conceptually. Let’s assume for the demonstration purposes that there really is a SARS-CoV-2 viral pathogen. The narrative has these submicroscopic infectious particles landing inside the airway and infecting the lining called epithelial cells. The pathogen is purported to divide repeatedly in this anatomical environment, causing injury and this is the driver of symptoms and illness. The antibodies referred to by AZ are large molecules, introduced to the body by hypodermic injection, resulting in antibodies circulating in the blood. This circulation is completely separate from the gas exchange side of the lung and antibodies carried in it do not leave the blood vessels. The injected antibodies could never meet the notionally infected airway lumen.

4. The timeline described for clinical development is fantasy. While a Phase I study would yield concentration / time relationships, which would likely scale with dose administered, there would be no therapeutic endpoint available on the basis of which a Phase III could commence in less than at a year. They appear to have done toxicology, Phase I, didn’t mention Phase II (when you first dose patients, and have a chance to observe clinical benefits), leaping into “Phase III” without confirming utility or the crucial dose selection steps. Safety testing always resides in the context of the dose required & since that couldn’t be determined from the outlined steps, it’s a fake clinical trial you were hearing about.

5. Final comment is that the main speaker thanks three people. One of those I believe to be “Mene”, not “Manny”, as in the transcript. Far from easy to distinguish, but I know Sir Menelaus Pangalos, an AZ board member. He once was a colleague at Pfizer Research, where he was a peer Therapeutic Area Head. I had regarded Mene as a very bright and normal colleague. I’m obviously wrong about at least one of those personal attributes.

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Thanks to everyone involved in acquiring this recording. Thank you Sasha, for your perseverance and determination. Thank you, courageous people.

The presenters in this clip are folks who care *not one whit* for humankind ~ instead, they congratulate and celebrate an 'achievement' that maims and murders.

Such hubris and what a self-aggrandising presentation! Speaker #2 was certainly having a one-man circle jerk, wasn't he? (sorry - not sorry - to be grossly blunt)

May they fall by their own swords and arrogance.

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Vaccines as a form of "medicine" has been a psyop for more than a hundred years. JD Rockefeller put that on fast track using the founding of the American Murder Association AMA.

The majority of the public have been fooled into stupidity, thinking anything injectable will enhance their immune system. The public have been herded into a cattle chute, straight to the slaughter house.

The remedies are Nature and Natural foods. Paying attention to the lies, yet recognizing those lies for what they are. Not trusting the Pupeticians or their system. Avoiding doctors and their constant pharmaceutical pushing emails. Declaration of Individual Sovereignty, refusing all the "Claims" the state puts on you, with the guise of "Public Health," your health is Personal not Public. Government has zero Authority in this and many areas of Personal Choice.

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All this murder, mayhem, and global harm -- paid for with MY tax dollars and YOURS -- makes me want to puke (and worse). And now we have WWIII and global annihilation which started years ago and proceeds apace while the sheep continue to march in lockstep.

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"In politics there are no accidents" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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DOD/DARPA countermeasures operation that allowed for an EUA that bypassed all safety checks.

All for the benefit of the people, the big pharma and gooberment people.

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God Bless you Sasha, keep going.

Your article with this audio is going to get a lot of attention from the spooks and government drones, so I will post mine here too - not that I want or need the attention, but that new people need to understand what happened with the US DOD and the Five Eyes intelligence structure in Australia, NZ, the UK and Canada under Operation Warp Speed. Also, that they know we know.


February 3, 2020: US DOD (DTRA) & Aus DSTG did Australia's secret pandemic modelling.

and Australian clandestine operators were running US domestic intelligence in Tampa. That was just the beginning.

Just recently I had someone 'awake' tell me that the US DOD being involved was a 'conspiracy theory.' I cannot understand how to reach these people. I provide the documents and they do not want to see it. I provide the timeline and people ignore it.

Edit: I am starting to think that I am invisible. Just recently I tried to send a link to one of my articles to someone and the telco provider denied the text. I sent a link to a national news article and that went through.

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They cloned and expressed sic the virus sequence that had not existed before.

They took the computer instructions and created a bioweapon, that wasn't in existence until they injexted it into my housemate, and he has lot his mind, but I don't know if that is from before nor after, you have to have something seriously wrong with you to have heard all this shit and still got injexted, sic.

I knew someone who actually got the AZ, which was of course discontinued, but that guy not only got ill, he made the rest of us around him sick too,

He came in wearing two masks. But neither was covering his face.

Well, they scared the hell out a him and he got that first of three shit shots.

My housemate started off with fear, but by the third, he just wanted the piece of paper. Imagine that.

They seem to be winning the war, as long as there still is a medical system.

Worst of all, tis only peripheral, but I am forced to work within it, to my greatest shame. I confess...

But I ain't sticking no prick in no one, and if you asked me, I'd advise to avoid all doctors now at all costs, but of course no one asks.

They did a great job of destroying socalled medicine, which I had already watched kill my mom too, pre scamdemic Harmacide....

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wow! the team worked into the night and surprised him with the results on his birthday! The hubris! Totally full of s$%t, if you ask me.

So, Wuhan was setup as a false flag......

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Trump is bought and paid for also so no need to justify anything he's doing.

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I feel very privileged to becoming aware of this kind of information and am grateful to Sasha and others. The DOD, and its international travelers (MI5, Mossad et al) are in essence the Root of All Evil, no mistake about it. As a sidebar the same defense and intelligence agencies are also the worlds biggest drug dealers, child and human traffickers, arms traders, money launderers and assassins, so a bit of MNRA manipulation is right in their court.

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Only 1 (one) answer to evil tyranny. It ain’t voting…

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Sasha - this is incredible!!! On February 4 there were ELEVEN "cases" of Covid in the U.S. Yet the DOD tells the pharma exec that the virus "poses a national security threat."

This is as close to a smoking gun as I've heard/seen, in terms of the DOD already being in control of the response, letting pharma partners know that it's a "national security threat" which means EUA, PREP etc. (which indeed they announced, and/or back dated, to that very same day).

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

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